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What are they gonna do in the dark??!! Plus will Jay and Archie evr find who is Callie anyways??

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"Oh my gosh!!! What happened??" Atlanta screamed.

"The lights went out!"

They heard a couple of screams from children and from some other people.

"What are we going to do?" Theresa asked.

"Okay, okay...let's stay calm. Let's wait for security to come...maybe they'll bring flashlights for everyone..."

"'s dark in here...Atlanta where are you anyway?" Theresa put her hand out beside her trying to find Atlanta's arm.

"Right here." Atlanta put out her hand. They both held each other's hands and stuck close together.

They heard some voices just a bit up ahead. Security guards.

"Everyone remain calm." They shone flaslights.

"There is an exit out the mall in the East Wing everyone can get out of." That was the only side of the mall they didn't have automatic doors.

They saw a bit of light. The officers were handing everyone flashlights. They just hoped they had enough for them.

"Please grab a flashlight and head towards the East Wing and there will be another officer that will show you directions out of the building." One of the officers said while handing out the flashlights to each group.

Once they finally got to Theresa and Atlanta. The officers shone to bright sharp light in their face. Theresa could barely see, but she manage to reach out and grab a flashlight.

"Well let's follow the crowd." Atlanta said looking at Theresa.

Theresa switched it on and followed the other shoppers to the East Wing


"NO! Great! Now I'll never know if Theresa went on that chatline!!!" Jay grumbled.

Neil let out a huge shriek when lightening thundered.

Jay laughed.

"It reminds me of my angry Socials teacher in 8th grade..." Neil whined.

"What happened?" Jay asked.

"I was late..."


"Well I was two hours late..."


"I took the wrong bus....and the wrong bus coming back..."

"Boy...that explains it..." Jay put his hands on his forehead.

The thunder roared once more through the dark sky.

"AHHH!!!" Neil screamed like a girl and jumped on Jay's lap.



"AH!" Archie jumped.

"Whoa..." Odie said.

"Damn! It messed up the computer! Now I'll never know if Atlanta's been on that chatline!!!"

"Don't worry we can try again later..." Odie said. His glasses flashed in the dark.

"So..." Archie whistled.

"Who's this Callie chick?"

"Wha? Oh man!!!" Odie slapped himself in the forehead. He thought they forget about the whole Callie thing.

Archie chuckled and took a seat, leaning back, ready to enjoy bugging Odie about his "secret crush".


Theresa and Atlanta continued walking towards the East Wing of the mall.

"So...uhh, Theresa..."


"I have a friend...her name's..." Atlanta tried to come up with a name.

"Her name's Tina, and she has this crush on a guy...she won't tell me though. But she asked how'd she get them to like her. I told her I had no clue but I know you're an expert so I told her I'd ask you." She lied.


Atlanta popped her head up.

"Tell your yourself...a guy likes that...and he would like you...for being you..."

"Yeah... and?"

"Is she trying to get him to ask her out? Or just totally crush on her?"

"I don't know...I guess both...but he has to totally fall in love with her, and until they both like each other so much. They will start dating, he has to make the first move...uh, that's what SHE said..."

"Well...flirting is good...but not to not THAT kind if know what I mean?"


"Yeah well...and then she should totally be cool wit him after she knows him. Find out if he likes funny girls...shy girls...and she should try to be a bit more of that person...but still herself."

Atlanta nodded.

"That way the guy will totally fall for her. Your friend can even make the first move herself...she can even kiss him on the cheek if she thinks he's being sweet...she can-"

"haha, like you did to Jay on Valentine's Day?" Atlanta giggled a bit.

Theresa blushed. "Hey! I's not like that Atlanta..." Theresa tried to show a straighjt face.

"Okay, whatever you say..." Atlanta didn't believe it.

Theresa was relieved.

"Anyway, back to what you were saying..."

"That's just pretty much it...sooner or later the guy will become crazy about her! Hey, maybe he even liked her BEFORE she even tried to become friends with him."

Atlanta looked up at her confusingly.

"What?!" Theresa asked as she saw Atlanta's face through the dim light from the flashlight gave.

"Nothing..." Atlanta looked down and away.


"Let's go find Odie and Archie okay?" Jay said trying to search for a flashlight in Theresa's room.

"Hey! I want the flashlight!"

"Fine..." Jay handed it to him.

"This is like a movie! Us...trapped in darkness!" Neil pointed the light under his chin as he sarcasticly described the darkness.

"Maybe witches and goblins...OR! This could be the work of Dracula!!!"

"Neil...oh forget it..." Jay walked passed him openingh the door. He looked down the dark hallway.

"Archie? Odie?" Jay called out.


"Hey Jay's calling us." Odie ignored the subject on Callie and opened the door. He was greeted by light and Neil's annoying voice and Jay.

"We need to find more flashlights." Odie said.

"Found two." Archie took one from Atlanta's room.

"Can I see that...thanks." Neil took one from Archie.

Archie scowled.

"Neil can you get some candles from your room." Jay took one of the flashlights from Neil.

"Heyy...fine..." He walked off.

"Archie can you find a lighter?"

"Sure thing, be right back." He ran off with his flashlight.


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