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The Way Out

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Theresa and Atlanta needa find out a way out and Jay and the guys?

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Okay yes i changed the title and added on more so go back to where i cut it off and read on!!

The girls walked behind the crowded people.

"Wow, this is gonna take awhile..."

"Yeah especially since we're in the dark and there'sbunch of people here it's hard to see and they're in the way...wonder what the guys are doing..."


Neil came back with the candles that smelt like sweet strawberries and watermelon from his rooma nd Archie came back with the lighter.

They all set it up around the house.

"Ah, That's better!" Jay said looking at their work.

Neil took a seat smelling his fresh aroma candles.

"Ahhh, that's gooood" Neil said.

"Wonder where Theresa, Atlanta, herry are right now and what situation they're in..."

"Hey Odie...." Neil raised his brows up and down.

Odie gulped.

"We didn't finish talking about let's see...Cassie." He said Cassie with a hint of sarcacism.

"Ahh man! Come on guys! Fine then i'll questionyou about Theresa and Atlanta! And Neil! I'll- man! You're too busy to notice yourself instead of real good looking girls."

"Ohhh trust me i notice them, but eventually they'll just get annoying...and I know my looks will always be around...and this gorgeous face. And neither of them are royal pains!"

"Oh, you want to talk about annoying!!!" Archie said. jay held him.

"Take it easy Archieee"

"Oh! This girl Uhli...erg! She would up to you and call you a pussy-wussy that freaked me out!" Neil shivered.
he couldn't believe he went out with that girl.

They guys snickered.
"Oh boy...and she asked me if she could comb my 'shiny silky blonde golden strings' I'm like this fabulous hair isn't strings! And if you ever yelled at her she would take you buy the ear and dragh you around the school!" Neil threw his arms up in the air.

They gusy laughed even more.

"And once she made me where a fluffy pink and red shirt with a gaint red ugly heart! I was like I'm sooo not wearing that, such a tacky logo man...and she burst into flames!!!"

The guys giggled but backed away, neil didn't even noticed they snuck away into the kitchen.

"Okay guys." jay said still laughing a bit. "let's go find the girls at the mall."


The girls were getting near to the door.

"Theresa! Let's go!!!!" Atlanta shouted.

The two girls started running.

They tried pushing passed people. They couldn't wait to get out.

Suddenly Theresa dropped one of her bags. She stopped to pick it up.

She tried searching for it with her flashlight. Atlanta was already at the door.

"yes, now let's...Theresa?" Atlanta said looking behind her.

She lost Theresa!!!

She tried getting back in there. But the people were pushing against her and now she was no where near the door.

"Theresa!!!" Atlanta yelled out.

Theresa seemed to have lost her bag.

"Great! I spent fifty bucks to whatever is in that bag!" Theresa said to herself.

She wondered if someone had picked it up and took it...or it was lost under one of the clothing hangers.

And now...she lost Atlanta. She was in a bad situation here.

She went to go find an officer.

She looked around.

One of the officers were coming her way.

" must-"

Theresa cut him off.

"Sir, I lost my bag...I have paid 50 bucks on it and I'm not going to loose it."

He sighed.

"Okay what does it look like?"

"It's an American Eagle bag. It's not that's blue..."

"What's your name miss?"


"If we do find it, we need you rname and address or number if you wish to return it back to you."

Theresa didn't want to give too much information, since she was living in New Olympia because of a deranged demented greek god...she couldn't trust much people.

She used Jay's last name.


She would use her cellphone number.

"My number's 812-0993"

"Okay, now may you please tell me what's inside the bag?"

"I got a pink scarf...and a green says 19 seventy-six on the back...or wasthat seventy-nine..."

"And...just those two items costed 5o bucks, miss?"

"Oh...well I had my friend's things in there as well..."


"A black winter jacket, a long blue sleeved shirt with colourful writing and jeans."

"uh huh..." He scratched his head.

"Okay thank you I need you to leave the building immediately." He pushed her to the direction out the door.


He just cut her off.


Atlanta waited beside the door away from the pouring lines of people waiting to see if Theresa was there.

What if she had already come out? Atlanta thought. That wouldn't be good.

Atlanta started panicking. She didn't bring her PMR either.

Only Theresa had hers AND her cellphone.

Atlanta had her old jacket on and theresa carried the bag with her brand new one. This one was all torn up. And it was raining and freezing cold out.

All Atlanta could do was wait.


The boys soon got to the mall in Herry's truck.

"Look...there's lots of people coming out from that direction. He pointed to The East End of the mall.

It took them awhile to get there because the street lights didn't have was raining and there was thunder.

When Herry got there he found lots of empty car spots. Many people were racing out of the mall.

"Look! Atlanta!" Archie yelled out and quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and ran out of the door not bothering to close it. Archie only wised Neil was there so he could slam it in his face.

Archie ran across the parking lot to where Atlanta was standing.

"Atlanta!" The others raced behind him.

"You must be cold!" Archie took his jacket off and put it on her. All he had on was his sweatshirt.

"Weren't you suppose to get a new jacket?" He asked.

"Yeah but Theresa has the bag...and thanks." She punched his shoulder lightly.

"Where's Theresa?" Jay said once he and the rest of the boys caught up with Archie.

"She still inside!! I lost her!" Atlanta had a panicking sound in her voice.

"I'm going in." Jay said. Sounding heroic like.

But as usual...everytime he tried to go after her she just suddenly showed up.

This time with the officer.

"Are you with them?" The officer asked Theresa.

"Yes but-"

"Sorry miss." he cut Theresa off. She was the last to get out of the mall. he shut the door in her face. As was left that they saw of the officer was the dim light from his flashlight.

"Hey you guys...Lan I lost the bag..."

"Oh no!"

Theresa looked down.

"Yeah...I'm sorry..."

Atlanta he;ld her shoulder.

"Hey don't feel bad...did you ask the officer to find it?"

"Yes...but that rude guy just shoved me out!!"

Atlanta gave a light smile.

"I'm sure he'll find it..." Jay said.

Theresa smiled at him.

"Well do you ot your jacket?" Jay asked her.

"Yeah...thanks for asking." She put on her blue jacket.

"Good...well you'll need an umbrella." He kindly offered to share one with her.

"Thank you."

Archie shared one with Atlanta and Odie and Herry had their own.

It had been a long day for them...and it was time to go home with no electricity...

When they got home...Neil was still talking.

"What dd you guys do? Put some ancient voo-doo on him so he could stay like that until you were gone?" Atlanta asked smirking.

"You'll be surprised to see how MUCh he really CAN talk..." Archjie said back.

They all giggled lightlyt and went to bed waiting for tomorrow to come.

The boys looked at each other wondering if tomorrow the girls would check their computers and when the power would come back...

That they would have to find out tomorrow.


There hope u like it!!!

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