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Science class

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It's the next day...seems like Theresa and Atlanta didn't find out about the hackings...but what will happen during science class?? You get to pick... A) The girls go up to the boys asking th...

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There was only one class the 7 titans had a class all together in.

And that was Science...

"WOW!!! Check out this cell I found!!!" Neil exclaimed out loud. They were experimenting through microscopes.

Neil nodded Jay.


Jay took a glance to see what type of cell it was. Jay knew lots of kind of cells. His mother was a scientist.

But Odie knew even the latest cells scientists had just found...Jay had no clue how Odie knew.

Jay peeked through the eyeglass.

He smiled, but the smile dropped down.

He lifted his head back up.

"Well...?" Neil said excited, "What type of cell did I find? Is it Prokaryotic cell? Plant cell? Animal? Eukaryotic cell? A-"

Jay looked at his bright gray-blue wide eyes.

He didn't know how to break it to him but managed to.

"Uh Neil..."


"That's a water droplet..."

"Oh..." He looked down.

He looked up at Jay and did a cheesy smile.

Jay smiled back.

The classroom wasn't very big. There were four rows of four seats on either side of the room.

Neil, Jay, Archie and Theresa sat on the left side. Atlanta, Herry and Odie sat on the right side.

They were all in the front row.

Like this:

Neil Jay SINK Theresa Archie HALF OF ROOM Atlanta Herry SINK Odie

Between two of them was a sink and a gas handle.

The first day of school Atlanta wanted help from Odie because she knew he was smart. Archie wanted to sit next to him too and of course Atlanta...but Atlanta suggested Herry because you know.... he's not so bright.
So Archie sat at the edge close to Atlanta on the other half of the room.

Nobody wanted to sit next to Neil because of his annoying self.
So Theresa begged Jay with the hamster/kitty/bunny eyes and puppy dog pout to sit on the other side of the sink.

Jay looked back at Theresa. He watched that silky strawberry blonde hair fall off her delicate shoulder.

She looked good in blue. She was wearing her blue tube top with the assembled skirt. The dazzling gold earrings were stunning bringing out her eye color and the guess jeans looked amazing with the black flats.

He watched her look into the microscope with her long beautiful eyelashes glance in them. She opened her mouth slightly as he starred at them wanting to kiss them.

Archie peeked over. She gave a smile. He walked over and punched him a bit hard.

Jay snapped in place. Theresa looked over her shoulder to find Jay glaring at Archie. Jay and Archie gave a cheesy smile when he saw Theresa giggling at them.

Odie was taking good notes on his microscope project. As usual he never really needed a partner...his brain was already two smart heads put together.

Herry and Atlanta kept trying to cheat and glance at his ideas. Odie kept trying to cover up his work. Whenever Odie would look over at them Herry and Atlanta would act natural and pretend to whistle or sit awkward.

This really bugged the classmates behind them.
Herry and Atlanta had accomplished little.
Their teacher (Dionysus) was very easy-going. During projects he would let the students talk and walk around a bit.

Neil was partnered with Jay. Archie and Theresa. Atlanta and Herry.

Archie wished he were with Atlanta, same with Jay. But Mr. Dion (Dionysus) had assigned partners for them.

Archie starred at Atlanta who was having fun teasing Odie. Atlanta too looked good in her tube top. She liked her American Eagle jeans. She looked pretty much the same as Theresa but Atlanta always came to his eyes.

Theresa was a bit cold. She asked Mr. Dion if she could go grab her sweater from her locker.

He nodded.

Jay couldn't stand but be near Theresa all the time. Jay asked if he could go to the bathroom.

He nodded.

Jay followed Theresa down the hall. Her graceful figure walking down the hall. Her locker was in B section right next to the library.

Jay walked over; there was a washroom right next to the library thankfully.

Theresa dropped her books along with her sweater. Her locker was a bit messy, but usually thing didn't fall out. This time it did.

Jay saw this and picked up her sweater.

Theresa saw a hand grab it.

"Oh thank...u...Jay?"

"Oh yeah, sorry I just asked to go to the washroom when I saw you drop your things." He blushed a bit.

"Oh, why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

"Oh, I don't- know..." he blushed some more.

Theresa giggled. "Okay"

"Well thanks, can I have my sweater?"

Jay was holding it for her.

"OH! YES!!!"

Theresa smiled, as he got surprised. She turned around which only meant she wanted him to put it on for him.

Jay blushed like two round rosy tomatoes.

He put it on for her slowly, the green gave a nice tone for her skin and it matched her eyes.

"Thanks Jay."

"Welcome." He tried to hold back the blushing.

Theresa smiled at the pink color.

Jay ran off to the washroom.

Jay came back to find Theresa smiling at him. She swirled her hair to the side.

Jay looked away, he remembered last time he ran into one of his classmates with a bucket of water when he got distracted by her.

He sat next to Neil looking at the other direction.

"You know how ugly Cronus is right?"

"Neil shhhhh"

"Well I'm just saying...I know a really good burn!"

"Uh huh..."

"I'd go up to him and ask. Have you seen the abdominal snowman yet? Oh wait sorry you see him every morning in the mirror!!!" Neil started bursting into tears with laughter.

"Good one Neil..." Jay rolled his eyes and faced towards Theresa.

She gave him the light smile again.

He started melting into a pool of chocolate and caramel swirls.

Archie blue eyes were smiling wide at Atlanta's shiny hazel ones.
He could taste them...the delicious hazelnut flavor. That yellow-like brown color always caught his attention.

"So Jay, the weirdest thing happened."

"Oh yeah?"

"After when the power came back, my compute screen came to my online diary. Weird heh?"


"Maybe I forgot to shut it off...but I'm sure I did...oh well."
Theresa shrugged it off.


Hope ya liked it!! PLZ RATE AND RVEIW!!! Theresa's giving the puppy pout and hamster eyes!!
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