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Secret Revealed???

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Will they blurt out the answer?? Will they find out their secrets!!???

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"That's kind of odd though don't you think?" Theresa asked, still not brushing the thought off.

Archie turned stiffly to face Jay's gaze. They both moved their mouths without speaking.

What are you going to say?

I don't know, you come up with something smarty!

Me! She's asking you!

She's not asking she's just wondering.

She's suspicious is what she is!


"You know what Jay. Last time I was on the computer I was searching on google for information for our science project and when I came back from the mall it was my journal..." Theresa's mind clicked as she looked up from her work suspiciously.

Jay grinded his teeth.
Archie knew they were going to be busted and wondered how Jay was going to explain and them out of it.

She's waiting for an answer. Archie shrugged and played with his pencil.

Theresa turned around. Archie gave a big cheesy smile. Theresa raised a small thin golden brow.

"What?" Archie asked innocently.

Theresa looked up and down him and back at Jay.

"Maybe you accidentally clicked your journal button or something. Thought it was the power button.

"Yeah...I think your right." Theresa was being gullible.

Jay silently sighed.

"Hey" Theresa quickly piped back up.

Jay snapped back into place.

"Are you making this up? Cause that's a pretty good explanation." She gave a flirty smile.

"Well, what other explanation is there?" Jay tried to sound serious.

"Unless Neil went in my room and disturbed my privacy!"

Archie and Jay weren't expecting her to go against Neil, yet why wouldn't she suspect him?

"Hey, it was Jay's and Archie's idea!"

"What!" Theresa stood up.

Atlanta overheard and joined Theresa.

"What did you just say?" She showed a fist at Archie.

"I'm sorry!" Archie wailed.

Atlanta gave wide-eyes. It was a test. She had also had a hack into her computer and was wondering about that. But the guys never actually did confess they went into her room, until, now Archie gave it away.

"He, he, Atlanta...?" He slowly backed away realizing what he blurted out.

Everyone in the class starred and gave grins at them.

The same thing was going in everyone in the classroom's mind.

Archie's busted!!!

"You! Traitor! Hacker! Invasion of Privacy!!!" Archie slowly back away trying to explain everything but Atlanta just kept yelling at him and pointing her vicious finger at him.

"Jay!" Theresa wouldn't let him slide of their subject.

"Whoa, whoa Theresa! Hold on!" Jay started backing away himself.

This was very entertaining for their classmates.

Herry and Odie watched amazingly. Neil just gave a toothy smile, almost laughing.

"Shut it Neil!"

" too Neil." Theresa gave him the nasty look of her green eyes.

Neil's smile fell and turned upside down.

The class was ready to spread some rumors wherever this was going. The teacher was still not in the classroom and hoped he'd stay away long enough to see what was going on between them.

"Odie was part of it too!!!" Neil pointed to him.

Odie looked mad at Neil. Cassie smiled at him. He gulped his adam's apple and smiled back at her.

"Odie!" Atlanta yelled back as Archie rammed into the wall.

"They asked me to hack into it!"

"Me too!" Neil tried to sound innocent.

"And you listened?" Atlanta and Theresa said at the same time quite annoyed.

"Archie! You better give a good explanation why you were hacking into my computer!"

He opened his mouth but couldn't find any words; he was speechless because he wouldn't dare say the truth.

"You too Jay!" She put her hands on her hips.

Neil put an arm around his shoulders.

"Well, duhhh, to see your online journal!"

"Heard of privacy? I can't believe you did that Jay! Like you'd never do something like that!" She was mad.

Odie budged in. "We dared him to."

Jay nodded quickly.

"Why!" Theresa and Atlanta wanted an answer.

"Well for Jay...he's never a daredevil. And Archie..." He couldn't think of a good reason for him.

Archie waved his arms in the air waiting for an answer.

Atlanta starred at Odie waiting for one too.

She put the center of her thumb and index finger circling her waist acting impatiently.

Odie shrugged. " know who Archie is..."

Atlanta turned around and lowered her eyes at Archie.

He gave her a big bright smile in return.

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