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Daria is going to College, will life be like it was at Lawndale, or worse?

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Daria: College Pains
Author James the Lesser/ The Bunny Man
This is Not Approved By the Makers Of Daria
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A/N Since they are going to college, will have to bring OC in since the other students of Lawndale High (done in a Ms. Li voice) are going to other schools, or staying. (Fashion Fiends, Kevin held back, Trent at home, so forth) Not sure how to make the new characters though, I don't want to make new Upchucks or new Kevin's/Brittany's or whatever. I want new college like students. Although my 2 month foray into college world before I dropped out showed that Daria isn't that far off from the real world. Don't worry, I quit because they weren't teaching me anything new and went with a cheaper online program to get my Associates Degree in Agronomy/Food Science

Chapter 1 Moving Out

Daria had just packed the last of her things in her new car, new to her anyways. The Tracker was a graduation present paid for by the college fund her parents had raised over the years. With her scholarship though she didn't need it to pay for college so her parents bought a used car with part of it and put the rest into her own bank account. "I wonder if they will allow me to put padding on the walls in my dorm room."

"What was that Daria?"

"Nothing Mom." Daria closed the back door of the Tracker. "I guess I'm ready Mom."

"Oh Daria you don't have to leave now, you could wait until tomorrow." Helen wringed her hands together laughing nervously.

"I want to get there as soon as possible so I can get use to the campus. My first tour wasn't exactly extensive." Remembering the tour of Raft with Tom Daria went over to Helen. "Don't worry Mom I will call when I get there unless Quinn is tying up the line with her friends."

"Don't worry Daria I will make sure no one uses the phone until you call." Helen stopped wringing her hands when Daria got closer.

"Don't worry Mom Boston isn't that far away. I could come back for Thanksgiving and Christmas and maybe a weekend or two. Make sure you haven't sold Quinn to the circus and make sure Dad hasn't had another heart attack from reading Quinn's shopping bill." Daria did a half smile at her mother opening her arms. "I will make sure I call Mom." Helen hugged Daria back not wanting to let her girl go. Daria pulled away after a minute and went to her car. "I'm going to Jane's first so if something important comes up in the next five minutes you can call there." Daria gets into her car. "Bye Mom."

"Bye Daria." Daria pulls out of the driveway and heads towards Jane's. Helen goes inside before she starts crying. Helen was use to having Daria around and now she was going away for college. Her little girl was becoming an adult, or at least her age was going to match her brain. Daria had always been an adult even when she was young which did cause problems but Helen still loved her daughter even after all the trips to the principals office.

Daria got to Jane's house a few minutes later going up to the door. Before she could knock the door flew open and Jane threw her arms around Daria. "Whoa Jane what's going on?"

"You are Daria. You are leaving into the big wide world." Jane let Daria in trying to hide her face.

"Boston isn't that far away Jane and you will be going to BFAC in January, so it's not like I'm leaving forever."

"But what will I do until then? Everyone will be gone soon for whatever college they got into." Jane opened her arms in surrender.

"Well Jane you think this is going to be easy for me too? You are my best friend, really my only friend. Sure I talked to Jodie and Mack, or Tom, but you were always there for me. I am going to miss you Jane, but that's what phones and the internet are for. Besides if you get really bored I'm sure Kevin could keep you company. I heard he's looking for a girlfriend now that Brittany left for college yesterday." Jane turned the TV on flipping through the channels.

"I'm not that desperate. Trent said he was going to say bye but since you are leaving before noon I will just have to give you a hug for him."

"Well you already gave me a hug so guess you did your part." Daria stood up going to the kitchen. "Is it still safe to drink the water here?" Daria filled her glass up and went back to the living room. "Jane, I have to leave soon..." Jane got up and went to Daria hugging her again.

"I know Daria but don't forget the people who supported you before you became a big famous author."

"As long as you don't forget who supported you before you became a big famous artist." Daria hugged Jane back.

"Well Daria call me when you get there alright? It's a long drive; remember what happened when you tried driving to the Cove a few months ago?" Daria nodded remembering her little incident. At least her first car accident wasn't that big a deal, just spun off onto the shoulder. "Make sure you make another friend when you get there Ms. Morgendorffer. You will have a roommate, at least be on better terms with her then you are with Quinn." Jane hugged Daria again, hard, not wanting to let her best friend go.

"Alright Jane I will call you when I get there. After I call my Mom, already told her I would call her when I got there. I swear make me think I am going to Jupiter or something."

"Well you are going to New England. Although not sure what is so new about it, it lost that 'New Country Scent' a long time ago." Jane showed Daria the door waving Daria off on her trip to Boston.

Daria arrived nearly eight hours later on the campus of Raft. Only a week until classes started and it was already busy. Daria tried finding her dorm getting lost on the campus. If she had had a real tour before she might have known where she was going. Daria finally got tired of walking around and stopped another student. "Where are the dorm rooms for Freshmen?"

"What numbers?" The girl spoke with a high pitched squeak reminiscent of a certain blonde cheerleader Daria knew.

"Uh, 217?" Daria got out her paper making sure that was the right number. "217, Dorm Building C." She showed the girl

"Uh that building is over there, I think. I was there last year." Her squeaking was getting on Daria's nerves.

"Thanks." Daria took her paper back and walked towards where the girl pointed. She had passed the building twice without knowing it. Maybe she should have realized a sign saying "Dorm C" was a clue. Walking in she went up the stairs until she got to a door saying '156-234' and went in. Walking down the hall way she counted the doors, not that she had to since they had the numbers on them, until she got to room 217. Daria knocked on the door in case her roommate had already gotten there. The door opened before Daria could get her key out and saw a smiling redhead who then asked if she was her roommate. "If this is 217 then yes I am, could I come in?" The redhead let her in.

"I'm Lindsey, nice to meet you..." She stuck a hand out waiting for Daria to respond.

"Daria, nice to meet you too." Daria didn't shake her hand as she looked around the room. "Where's my bedroom?"

"Well I put some of my things in that room." She points towards a door. "But if you want it you can have it, I was just looking for a place to put them."

"It's ok I'll take whatever is left." Daria went to a second door which opened up to a small bathroom, sink, toilet, and shower stall. She closed it and went to the last door, her new room. It was smaller then her room back home but only had one window, a plus to Daria. The bed was smaller then her old one too, but there would be enough room for all the things Daria brought with her. Now she just needed to go back and get her things and drag them through the campus and up the stairs. Closing her door she turned around and ran into her new roommate.

"Sorry I was just wondering if your room was different from mine. I was so busy moving all my things in I didn't look. I've never had a sister before, or a brother, just me and my mom, what about you?"

"I have a sister, my parents, don't get too excited. We have to share a bathroom which you aren't use to are you?" She shook her head. "How much time do you usually spend in the bathroom?" She shrugged her shoulders.

"I never kept track of that. I didn't really need to. I promise I won't spend too much time in there Dareha."

"It's Daria."

"Sorry." She walked away to the first room, the 'living room' if you could call an 8x12 square with a sink a living room and grabbed some more bags to carry into her room.

"Lindsey, if I help you with your things can you help me with mine? That way it is only one trip instead of two?"

"Sure! Why don't your parents help you?"

"I came here on my own."

"Oh, you can drive? Cool! My mom let me get my license but we didn't have the money for another..." She stopped there and continued grabbing countless bags and taking them into her room. "I may have brought too much, Daria could I put some in your room until I get it put away?" Daria nodded not caring grabbing the last two small bags and taking them to her room. "Thanks Daria."

Half an hour later they had dragged Daria's suitcase and duffle bags into her room. "Thanks Lindsey." Daria opened her suitcase getting her toothbrush and other bathroom essentials out. "Is it ok if I take a shower now? I had a long drive and want to get to bed soon." Lindsey nodded and went to her room to put her clothes and other things away.

Daria had to get use to a tiny shower stall compared to the bathtub/shower at home getting the sweat from the drive and carrying her stuff off. Getting out she put clean clothes on and started to go to her room. "Daria?" She stopped. "I didn't want to go into your room without your permission; could I get my things out from there?" Daria let her get the few bags out.

Daria lay down on her new bed, smaller, but not as lumpy, as her old bed. The ceiling was new too; something to look at since she hadn't brought a TV and her radio was still in her suitcase. She sat up remembering her promise to her Mom and Jane. "Lindsey, do we have a phone?"

"Yes, it's in the living room."

Daria ran out of her room and quickly called her house. The phone rang a few times before someone picked it up.

"Jamie? I can't talk now have to wait for my sister to call. I know it is so unfair like us popular people..."

Her sister had answered the phone. "No Quinn, where's Mom?"

"Oh hi Daria, I'll get Mom." Daria could hear Quinn yell "Mo-om" and then the phone clicked.

"Daria? I was so worried, are you ok? Why did it take you so long? Did you make it? You're not in the hospital are you? I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Mom calm down. I wanted to get my things in and a shower first." Not to mention she had forgotten. "Just letting you know I made it and everything is fine."

"Ok Daria, did you meet your roommate yet?"

"Yes Mom, He's really nice."

"What!? He!? Daria you can't be serious!"

"Don't worry Mom I told him he can't sleep in my bed, it's too small."

"Very funny Daria making your Mother worry like that. Try to be nice to her alright? I know you and Quinn aren't the closest but think of her as a new sister."

"So I'm allowed to hit her when she annoys me?"

"Daria you know what I mean. Are you sure you will be alright? You can unpack your things and come back home."

"Yes Mom I need to go now and help my roomy ok?"

"Alright Daria, love you."

"Love you too Mom." Daria put the phone down and dialed Jane's number. The phone rang again and again but no one answered. "She must be busy, or asleep, probably out running." Daria put the phone back down and went to Lindsey's room. "Need any help?" She did tell her Mom she was going to help her roomy.

"No thanks Daria. I just need more places to put my pictures." Daria looked around the room and saw dozens of pictures already set up.

"Wow, you taking photography or something?" Lindsey nodded. Daria looked at some of the pictures seeing cats, an older man, an older woman, some pictures lightning, most very well done. "These are really good, who are they?" Daria pointed to a picture with two cats curled up together.

"Those are Hannah and Keogh, my kitties. I couldn't take them with me so I made sure I took as many pictures of them as possible. They are sisters, I think. They were in the same box when I found them on the side of the road." Daria looked over some others. "Do you have any pets?"

"No. Who's this?" She pointed to a picture of the older man and woman hugging.

"My mom and dad when they were still..." She stopped and grabbed the picture out of Daria's hand. Daria figured she had done enough and went back to her bedroom. It was barley ten o'clock but she needed to sleep. The long drive took a lot out of her and now she just needed to sleep.
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