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Day Late

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Same story, just second chapter

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Chapter 2 Day Late

Daria woke up early to the sound of music. It wasn't bad but wasn't what she normally listened to. She got up and rubbed her eyes. Looking around she thought she was lost until she remembered she had moved here. Getting use to a new room might take longer then Daria thought. Daria went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth in the small cramped bathroom. Getting done she walked out and ran into a sleepy Lindsey. "Sorry Lindsey." Daria helped her up off the floor.

"It's ok mom. What are you doing? Shouldn't you be at work?" Lindsey yawned hitting Daria with a full blast of morning breath.

"Wake up Lindsey." Daria went around Lindsey to get out of the range of her morning breath. Lindsey rubbed her eyes shaking her head.

"What? Oh, Daria, sorry." Daria wanted to correct her but stopped figuring it was to early for that. Going back to her room she could still hear the music playing. Daria got dressed and decided to wait for Lindsey to finish in the bathroom before going out. She heard the shower going so went out to the living room to get a drink of water. The sink worked, but no glasses. No fridge or microwave either, things Daria would have to buy with her college fund money. She looked for a remote for the TV before she found no TV.

"I guess this is what I get for not making it into Bromwell." Daria went back to her room to get a pen and piece of paper to make a list of things to buy. When she finished she heard the shower turn off and decided to see if there was anything Lindsey needed. Knocking on the door she could here a blow dryer going. Daria knocked harder trying to get Lindsey's attention.

"What?" The blow dryer turned off.

"I'm making a list of things we need. I have TV, Microwave, Refrigerator, and either a couch or two chairs. Anything you can think of?"

"No Daria. Do you have enough for all that? We could just go and eat in the cafeteria."

"Think about it, you buy food over time from the cafeteria or buy a fridge and a microwave, you save money with cooking your own food since it doesn't cost five dollars for a sandwich or a can of soda. I'll pay for everything then tell you what your half is."

"What if I don't want a refrigerator or microwave? I don't want you buying them if I'm not going to use them. It costs too much."

"I'm going into Boston; they have to have a pawn shop or something where I can get them cheap. If I get a mini fridge and a small TV I should be able to keep it under a thousand."

"No. If you want to spend your money on those things go ahead but I will only pay for half the TV or a chair, and make sure you don't spend too much on them Miss Money Bags." Lindsey said the last part in a harsh voice.

"Fine." Things were not going well this morning. Daria left the dorm building and walked through the campus. It was nice out, a little chilly, but nice enough. Daria got to her car and headed out for Boston. She had never been in Boston, closest was on her trip with Tom, but figured it couldn't be that bad. She drove the five minutes it took to get to Boston then started to look for stores. Dega Street had everything back in Lawndale, but Boston was so much bigger. Daria drove around for almost an hour before finding a Pawn Shop. She walked in and started looking for the things on her list.

"Miss you need any help?" The man must have been a Boston native, his speech impediment, or Boston Accent, gave him away.

"Uh I am looking for a few things I need." She read off her list and the guy pointed out most of the items she asked for.

"Let's see, small fridge, 27" TV, and two lawn chairs, that will be $187.00." Daria got her bank card out and handed it over. "You one of them college girls isn't you? Which one you going to?" He handed the card back to her and a receipt. "No reason to give you that, no refunds. If you feel like selling 'em back you can but no refunds."

"Raft. I would like the receipt though; me and my roommate are splitting the cost and need it so she knows what she owes." Daria loaded the fridge, then the TV, then the lawn chairs. Going back into the Pawn Shop one last time she asked about a microwave.

"Sorry but we don't get them, not that I would want one used, seen the things people stick in 'em? Saw one that had a Peep blown up inside made the place smell like burnt sugar for a week."

"Know a place I can buy one?" Daria stuck the receipt in her pocket.

"Well you go down that way past the light then take a right at the Goodware Store then drive till you get to Homeward Hardware. They should sell 'em." Daria left the store and got into the Tracker. Following the directions she got the microwave and headed back to Raft. Driving around Boston for a bit after getting lost she found her way and got back before lunch. Daria grabbed the lawn chairs and went to the dorm room. Daria had forgotten her keys so had to knock on the door and wait for Lindsey to open it.

"Who's there?"

"It's me, I forgot my key, can you open the door?"

Lindsey did and Daria handed her a lawn chair. "There you go, a seat. I have the other things back in my Tracker, could you help me with the fridge and TV? They are kind of heavy." Lindsey set her lawn chair down then crossed her arms.

"How much do I owe? I don't have that much on me right now."

"Well since you only want to pay for the chair and half the TV you owe $65.00." Daria sat her chair down and led Lindsey to her car. "Just grab that end of the TV and I'll get this end. If you need to take a break tell me so we can set it down. I'm not in a hurry and this TV is heavy."

"You couldn't have gotten a smaller TV? Had to go with a monster one?" Lindsey and Daria carried it back only needing one break. "Well do you want it in the living room or your room?"

"The living room. You are paying for half of it so you should be able to use it when you want."

"But why did you have to get such a big TV? Weren't there any smaller, less expensive TVs?"

"There was a 15" one but I didn't want to waste my money on a paperweight."

"So you are wasting mine on that one."

"Look Lindsey I don't see what the big deal is. I got lawn chairs to keep the cost down and even if you aren't going to pay for them you can use the microwave and refrigerator." Lindsey sat the TV down.

"I don't need your charity Miss Money Bags." Lindsey went to her room and slammed the door shut.

"What the hell was that about?" Dari pushed the TV against a wall plugging it into the nearest outlet. Setting her lawn chair up Daria turned the TV on. Flipping through the channels to see what kind of reception the TV got she found Sick Sad World.

"Catholic Priests and Boy Scouts end up on the same cruise ship, Improper Love Boat next on Sick Sad World."

"Repeat." Daria turned off the TV lying back in the lawn chair. It was cheap but comfortable enough. Daria got up and went over to the phone calling Jane.

"Hello?" It was Trent.

"It's only 2pm, what are you doing up?"

"Practice started late, or early, whatever. Jesse kept us practicing until we got his song done, Workaholic."

"Ok, is Jane there?"

"Yeah. Do you know who Andrea is?"

"Uh yeah, she was the goth chick we went to school with. Why?"

"She called last night and then Jane left. Didn't know you were friends with her."

"Uh not really, just someone we knew from school. Can you get Jane on the phone Trent?" Daria heard the phone move and then Trent calling for Jane. A few seconds later she heard her best friends' voice.


"Hi Jane, sorry I didn't call you yesterday. Well, I did but no one answered."

"Sorry about that Daria, Andrea came over and we went out to one of her friends gig." Daria heard weird noises. "Oh Andrea says 'Tell Daria I said Hi for me."

"She's there?"

"No I am talking to her with my jedi mind tricks."

"Ok Jane, besides making a new best friend how is everything else?"

"Daria you've been gone for less then a day, do you miss Lawndale? Aww..." Daria heard two voices on the last part,

"Yes I just miss everything about it. From the dictator at school to the Fashion Fiends and of course that hunk Kevin." Daria heard some laughing. "What?"

"Speaking of dictators and Kevin, Ms. Li is in trouble. It appears Ms. Li was rigging Kevin's grades to make him eligible for Football and then rigged them to keep him back a year so she could keep Kevin playing for the Lawndale Lions. Her defense is she didn't rig the grades to keep him behind he did that on his own. We believe her right Andrea?" Daria heard more laughing.

"Well I could see it. If Ms. Li is found guilty does Kevin graduate? Or do they keep him to play for Lawndale Lions then graduate him when the football season is over?" Daria heard Jane telling Andrea what she just said.

"Have you met your roommate yet Daria?"



"Right now she is in her room mad at me for buying a microwave and refrigerator. Why I'm not sure since I told her she didn't have to pay anything for them, just half for the TV and one of the chairs."

"Strange." Daria heard mumbling through the phone. "Andrea wants to know if you said anything to her to make her mad. You have to realize Daria that she is smart enough to go to college so she will know when you are being sarcastic unlike our good friends Kevin and Brittany."

"I didn't say anything Jane she just got mad and went to her room. Now I have a microwave and refrigerator I need to get across campus from the parking lot and up the stairs and down the hall by myself."

"Why not use your womanly charms and get a guy to do it for you?"

"I sold those to Upchuck. Maybe I can get help, at least with the refrigerator. The microwave I can carry by myself. If I act like a senior maybe I can get some sorority pledge to do it for me."

"Now you're thinking Daria." Daria heard more laughing then some screaming that sounded like 'tickle war'. "Are you ok Jane?" A few seconds later Daria heard an out of breath Jane.

"Yeah just Andrea found my ticklish spot."

"That's strange. I didn't know you two were such good friends."

"Don't worry you'll always be number one in my book. Well, number four, the first three are Pizza King, Arts and Crass, and some number I don't remember. I started talking to her when you and Tom were, you know, first getting together and I wanted to force feed you my paint."

"Oh sorry. Well I need to get my other things in and should probably unpack the stuff I didn't, bye Jane." Daria heard Jane talk to Andrea. "Hey I didn't say bye to her."

"Did too Ms. Morgendorffer, you just forgot you said it. Bye Daria." The phone clicked and Daria set her phone down. Daria heard a door open and looked over to see Lindsey walk out with a tear stained shirt.

"Look Lindsey I'm sorry for whatever it was I said." Lindsey shook her head and sat down on the floor.

"I'm sorry Daria I shouldn't have yelled at you. I am acting like such an idiot and took it out on you, here." Lindsey handed Daria $75.00. "For the TV and the chair, if you want I could pay my part for the other things." Daria shook her head and put the money in her pocket.

"Hey you told me not to buy them and I did anyways so don't worry about it. You feeling homesick, it's ok if you are I have to admit I already miss my friend and parts of Lawndale, maybe a family member or two." Daria tried to smile to show no hard feelings but failed, smiling wasn't her thing.

"I guess I haven't been away from my mom or my kitties before. I thought the pictures would help..." She stopped.

"Well you can call them if you want, your mother anyways." Daria picked up the phone and tried handing it to Lindsey.

"It's ok I need to get use to this right?" Lindsey stood up going to her room to change her shirt. Coming back out Lindsey had a smile on her face and rubbed her hands together. "Now we have what, the fridge and the microwave to get right?"

Halfway back to the dorm building Daria and Lindsey were taking another break. Daria had help from the store owner to load the fridge and hoped it wouldn't be too hard with Lindsey helping but found it worse then she thought it would be. With the microwave on top Daria had hoped to make it in one trip. "You need any help?" Daria turned around seeing a rather large guy walk towards them.

"Mental, physical, or emotional?"

"Well we'll start with physical. I can help carry those if you show me where to go." Lindsey accepted the guy's help before Daria could say anything. "Ok here goes nothing." The guy picked up the fridge and put it on one shoulder then picked up the microwave and put it on the other. "Not that heavy, can't even be 300lbs altogether." He smiled at the both of them and followed. Getting to the door of the dorm building the guy handed Lindsey the microwave so he could fit through the door after repositioning the refrigerator. "Please tell me this is your floor." Lindsey went up the stairs as the guy followed until they got to the door leading to their floor. Following behind the guy carried the refrigerator the rest of the way setting it down with ease. Lindsey shook the guy's hand thanking him for the help. "No problem have to put this body to good use somehow, the names Skaz." Daria raised an eyebrow not shaking his extended hand. "It's not my real name but it sucks so I go by Skaz." He put his hand down when Daria still didn't shake it. Lindsey opened the door so Skaz could carry the fridge inside.

"Thanks again Skaz, my name's Lindsey, this is my roomy Daria." Skaz looked around the apartment.

"Hey your living room is bigger then mine that is so unfair." Lindsey chuckled at the joke.

"What grade are you in Skaz?"

"Freshman I'm guessing you are too." Lindsey nodded putting the microwave on a shelf. "Nice meeting you two but I need to go and do, uh, something." Skaz left quickly closing the door behind him.

"He was nice wasn't he Daria?" Lindsey plugged the refrigerator in then pushed against it to try and make it go up against the wall. "Maybe we should have asked him to stay a little longer." Daria went up and pushed the refrigerator back into the wall.

"No we shouldn't have. We could have done this ourselves, didn't need him to show off like that."

"Oh come on Daria he was just being nice, if he hadn't helped us we would still be out there trying to lug the fridge to the building let alone getting it up the stairs." Lindsey opened it up looking inside an empty fridge reminding Daria of Jane's refrigerator. "I think we need some food and drinks to put in here. Since you paid for this I could buy the food and stuff this time Daria. You'll need to drive me though since I don't know what you like." Daria and Lindsey left the dorm room to get some food and drinks to fill their new refrigerator.

An hour later the two got back and loaded their groceries into the refrigerator. "I can't believe food is so expensive here, back in Lawndale Phiz Cola is only $3.00 for a twelve pack." Daria put away the non-brand cola Lindsey told her to get.

"That stuffs good but Quick Mart Cola is so much cheaper. May not taste as good but you get what you can afford." Lindsey put the groceries in her bag away after Daria put her bag away. "I'll have to teach you how to shop smart Daria, yes you may not be eating brand name foods but you'll have more money at the end of the week..." Lindsey stopped talking and closed the refrigerator door.

"I have to unpack the rest of my things ok Lindsey? If you need something just yell or something." Lindsey nodded opening her can of Quick Mart Cola and handing another to Daria. "Thanks." Daria opened it and took a sip, wasn't that bad, but wasn't that good either. Maybe she should have gone grocery shopping with her dad before she left, the price of food she took for granted was more then she imagined, a lesson she learned one day too late.

A/N You'll notice I made some references to the show, like a store called Arts and Crass, or Jane talking about the time she 'wanted to force feed you paint" because of Daria and Tom. Also, when I have the Lawndale Lions in italics it is because Jane is doing it in the voice of Ms. Li. I just love how she says it, just puts that emphasis on Lawndale, anyways... ENJOY!!!!!
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