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Remembrance Day

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As Archie realizes that better warriors then them have fallen, He knows that the prophecy must be for filled a part of him is nervous. Archie must learn to deal with the history. AxA,JxT with a co...

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~Author's Note: I do not own any of the characters except for Cassie and Becky. This is a story I wrote for someone who requested that I write a Class of the Titans fanfiction for them. They had read my Harry Potter ones and I hapily obliged. I have offically watched all of the episodes so if I got something wrong please just leave me a review and I'll check it out. Enjoy! The title may change soon as well. I wasnt sure sure.~

Jay, Theresa, Odie and Atlanta sat watching television in the dorm. Neil was out on another one of his modeling stunts; Herry was out visiting his granny. Archie was wondering the streets. It was November 11, Remembrance day. It was the weekend, the group had gone to a presentation earlier in remembrance of World War 1 and World war 2. Archie had felt uncomfortable all day.

They were all warriors. Jay and Odie had both already died, and Herry had been close to dying. Who would be the first of them to die? Atlanta's accident with the seeper made Archie's blood still run cold. He may have released a little more hope in to the world, had the cure not been found her blood would have stained his hands.

Archie was a runaway, his past was something he would like to forget. The team had become his family. But he had feelings for Atlanta. None of them knew the truth...

He sighed and sat down on a bench in the park. So much had happened in the park. His hand subconsciously rubbed his gold heel, ankle brace. His serious eyes were watching the sight before him as his thoughts wandered.

His PMR began to ring. He knew before he picked up that it was Jay.

"Archie here," he said. He stood and began walking towards the dorms.

"Hey Archie its Jay." The voice on the other end replied.

"Let me guess Cronos is up to trouble and we need to go beat him?" Archie replied sighing heavily.

"Actually no, Hera wants you at the school. There are some girls here who wish to see you."

Archie paused staring at the PMR in his hands.

"Archie? Arch you there?" Jay asked after a few moments have passed.

"Yeah, I heard you. I'm on my way, Archie out."


Atlanta, Jay and Odie were in the waiting room just outside of Ms. Hera's office at Olympia High waiting for Archie to arrive.

Archie poked his head in and Atlanta gave him a smile.

"They are inside Archie," Jay said standing beside the door.

Archie nodded and entered his hand resting at his hip.

Atlanta grinned knowing that he carried his weapon in his right hip pocket.

The door to Ms. Hera's office opened.

"Archie!" A tall girl with brunette hair bounded out to throw her arms around Archie's neck.

"Becky?" he asked standing back to look her over. He had his typical facial expression on his face; the one which gave nothing away about his true feelings.

Atlanta could only stare as the two teens looked each other over. She didn't know she was scowling. Jay grabbed her arm and with Odie's help pulled her out of the room.

Hera entered as Archie began to scowl.

"What are you doing here Becky?" he demanded his hands tucked in his hoodie pocket.

"Archie what's wrong with you?" Becky stared at him in shock.

"Listen Beck, whats going on?" Archie said his voice chilled.

A 4 year old blonde girl poked her head out of Hera's office.

"Cassie?" Archie turned to look at her.

Cassie was someone very special to him... and Becky was a girl he fooled around with before he ran away and Hermes found him. His past had already come back to haunt him.


Atlanta was pacing around in the living room of Bromstone.

Herry and Jay were playing fusball, Odie was playing a virtual reality game ignoring Atlanta.

"Who were they?" she heard herself ask.

"Listen Atlanta, we would all like to know." Jay said his eyes fixed on the game. "He will tell us if and when he wants."

Just as Herry had scored, Archie walked in.

"Jay? Can I have a word?" Archie asked not meeting anyone's eyes.

Jay nodded and led him up to his room. He sat down on the bed as Archie looked around. Time passed.

"Archie, Im not asking to know anything." Jay began but Archie cut him off.

"Jay look, the girls.....One was I guess you can say an ex-girlfriend. The little one is someone who means a lot to me."

Jay went silent and waited for him to continue.

Archie finally met Jay's eyes. Jay realized that they were slightly red and his hood was up. He gave Jay a slight smile.

"Jay I'm off the team. Don't try and convince me to stay. I need to leave to do something and I need to do it alone. I just wanted to're a great leader and that I just want to ask a favor of you..."

Jay nodded.

"Look after Atlanta for me?"

"Yeah Archie, I will." He replied with a smile.

Archie nodded once, turned on his heel and left.

Archie was packing up when Atlanta stood in the doorway of his room.

"Hey Atlanta, don't try and tell me to stay." Archie said with out looking at her or letting her knock on his door.

"Archie what is going on?"

He sat down with a sigh.

"Look Atlanta it's nothing alright." His voice harsh.

"Whatever Archie you can tell me you know" her voice had a bite of sting as well.

He smirked at her.

"Listen junior, just take care of the team, I have shown you how..."

"As if we need a dork like you...." She walked out of the room and slammed the door.

Archie picked up his backpack and left heading back towards Olympia High.

Days passed without news of Cronos or Archie.

Jay watched the team with his leader's eyes. Atlanta poured herself in to her field hockey and sports. Theresa was quieter, waiting for a vision. Herry, Odie and Neil we not as different but each seemed wary.

The team had been broken. Cronos would soon hear about this. And when he did, Jay wasn't sure whether the team was whole enough to defeat him.
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