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Winged Horses Attack

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Cronos attacks

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A week had passed.

Jay was watching the news as something came up as a large monster found in an area just north of New Olympia.

"Guys, Jay here, meet up at the school. Something has come up."

"Something as in Cronos?" Odie asked

"Yes, North of the City." Jay replied, "Odie I want you to lock on it. Everyone meet up in Hera's library when we are ready in 15."

"But I have a modeling stunt in half an hour," Neil whined over the PMRs

"Neil we need to deal with this, we will be ready soon"

"Jay I sense confusion, something that isn't right." Theresa replied

"Listen guys we will figure out what will happen when we meet up."

Jay walked through the door to see everyone waiting for him. Everyone minus Archie, it felt strange not to see his face.

"Lets go guys, Odie you got a lock on it?"

"Yeah Jay but on another news channel it looks like winged horses...."

Everyone stopped in their tracks

Hera looked at Odie and Theresa. "Are you sure? Winged horses like Pegasus? They aren't normally violent" she demanded

Theresa nodded, "I had a vision of many, anger and confusion."

Jay began to think. "Ok here is the plan, try not to hurt the horses. Odie we should use a net to get them. Herry I want you to go to Ares and get a few rope lassos; if it is a rampaging herd of winged horses we may need them. We will meet you at your truck."

The group met up at Herry's truck instantly. Herry handed out lassos to each of the titans.

They drove north and towards the coast.

After 15 minutes of very quiet driving the group saw them.

The usually white horses were black as soot. Their eyes red and each wore a gold crest.

Herry parked his truck a little ways away and each piled out wary.

"Here little ponies" Herry called as his lasso twirled in the air. It landed neatly around the neck of one of the horses. That set them off. It turned to utter chaos.

Herry's horse leapt in to the air as the others stampeded towards them.

"Go for the legs" Atlanta called as her and Theresa's lassos caught a leg each on the same animal. Theresa threw her end towards Atlanta as she raced around the horse; forcing it to crash to the ground.

"Nice work Atlanta," Odie called as he tried to use his PMR to stun them. One came at him fast as Herry came crashing down on top of him. Odie and Herry flinched almost waiting for the feel of hooves pounding their body. The feeling never came. They looked around noticing that a Pegasus lay only two feet away from them, his legs tangled in bolas.

"Hey Atlanta," Herry said staring down at it. "Did you bring your bolas?"

"Nope, they break too easily. I switched to my crossbow for good."

Odie and Herry exchanged glances.

Odie looked at the crest noticing a picture of Cronos.

"Get their crests off them!" He called over the fray.

Theresa hit the crest of the one attacking her with her numb chucks denting the metal. With Jay's help they were able to pull of the crest. They paused as the creature turned white and collapsed on the sand.

Atlanta's had cornered her against the edge of where the sand dunes met the forest. She was using her laser to try and confuse it or at least get it to back down enough for her to use her speed to get out of the way.

"Ugh!" she screamed as the horse's mouth opened revealing canines. She shot a laser down its throat but that only angered it.

She stared at it, thinking until movement caught the corner of her eye and a streak of silver whipped her attacker in the face, cutting through the crest. She knew that chain whip any where; it was Archie's Hephaestus whip. She looked around and pulled the cut crest off the horse staring at the darkened patch of trees that it had retreated too. Her gray eyes surveyed the area.

All the horses had collapsed as each of the heroes were slightly breathless.

"Uh Guys....something weird happened..."She told them handing Odie a piece of the crest.

"How'd you cut it?" Odie asked examining the cut metal. "The only thing we would have had that could do damage like this would be...."

"Archie," Atlanta interrupted. "It was his whip I swear it."

Jay shook his head and ran his fingers through his sweaty hair.

"Atlanta he left the team remember?"

"Yes but...."

"Odie and I found something weird too," Herry added handing Jay the bolas.

"Those look like the ones I used to have..." Atlanta said taking them back from Jay.

"Let's head back to the school and give them to Ares, to see if they are the same ones Atlanta used to use." Odie suggested, bringing a chunk of the metal that each crest was made of in to Herry's truck.

Atlanta stared off in to the woods.

"Guys I feel like a run I'll meet you back at school." She raced off.


They waited as Ares, and Hera to finish examining the bolas.

"These are not fairly similar to what Atlanta used to carry. They are the exact same ones but if none of you brought them to the fight how did they get there?" Hera asked finally.

Herry and Odie explained what had happened out there, and Theresa showed them the metal crest piece while Jay explained what had happened with Atlanta.

"That's my boy, he can't stay away from a fight" Ares said gruffly but Hera silenced him with a look.

"Hera we need to know what is going on with Archie. Did he just leave temporarily or did he leave completely never to come back?" Jay asked.
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