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Rendezvous in the Woods

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The guys hear about Archie's past, while Atlanta wanders.

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"Very well," Hera said tiredly. "Did Archie ever tell you anything about his past?"

Each of the titans shook their heads, "He may have told something to Atlanta but to the rest of us no he hadn't" Jay replied.

"Archie's childhood was very unique. His birth parents abused him and his 'wonky' ankle was because as a child he got it stuck in a filter in a swimming pool. Which I believe contributed to his fear of water; his parents left him there until he was almost drowned and the life guard got to him. He was then given to foster family after foster family. The young blonde was a girl who lived at his last foster family. Archie had enough of all of this. His marks in regular school dropped and he got in to fights."

Ares scowled and left.

Neil yawned. "What does that have to do with what happened today? And why Archie left the team?"

Everyone looked at him. He did have a point.

"Archie was found by Hermes and brought here as the descendant of Achilles. When he did he left a few people behind."

Hera sighed and began to pet one of the numerous peacocks that ran free through her solarium.

"He needed to go back. And that's all I can tell you now and forever. Archie asked me not to tell you anything more. I already told you too much." Her eyes met Jay's, "I'm sorry I know that didn't answer your question but I cant tell you anymore."

Everyone was frustrated. They didn't understand the reason of the winged horses, they didn't understand the small hints that Archie was at the fight, and they were frustrated with the lack of answers. Jay scowled at his mentor and left. Theresa and Neil followed him. Herry punched a column and left with Odie.

Hera sat down at her desk and just felt defeated. She knew deep inside that everything would work out but she did not know when.


Back at Brownstone the subdued heroes sat in the living room quietly. Odie was slumped in the single chair. Neil sat on the couch beside Jay and Herry. Theresa lay on the ground staring at the ceiling. Neil's phone began to ring.

"Neil here" he said as he took out his mirror checking his reflection. Everyone else groaned.

"I am late?" the phone call continued. "I forgot about the stunt today. Sorry I wasn't allowed to go right away. Wait a modeling agent was there?! I am leaving now don't let them leave!!!!!"

He walked quickly out of the room; he bumped in to a silent Atlanta. She walked in to the kitchen where Athena was making dinner.

"Hey Atlanta, dinner will be in 5," Athena told her as she turned towards the stove.

"I'm not that hungry thanks. Ill come down later if I am. If the guys ask for me I am in my room upstairs ok?" Atlanta grabbed a power bar from the cupboard and went to her room.

She collapsed on to her bed, staring at her dark blue ceiling. Her walls were a deep indigo color. Her curtains were a brighter indigo. Her dark forest green kayak with the dark silver trim was hanging by her door from the ceiling. Her black snowboard was leaning against the door. Her black and red roller blades sat on the floor right beside the snowboard. Her bed wasn't made, her desk messy and shiny hardwood floors peaked out between the small number of clothes, sports equipment on her floor.

Her mind drifted to her 'run' home in the forest.

"Archie?" she said as she cautiously walked through the woods

All of her senses were alert. She knew it was folly for her to do this alone. No it wasn't folly it was stupid. Here she was completely alone in the woods after an obvious attack on them by Cronos going after a whim.

She paused. She could call the guys and see if Theresa could come pick her up. As soon as she paused she heard it. A foot stepping on some dried leaves. Her senses screamed as she leapt and landed in a perfect fighter's stance, her arm extended in front of her. Her back was against a tree.

"Whose is there?" she said her eyes scanning the forest. "Show yourself. I have a weapon and I will use it."

There was another little bit of movement on her left. She let a laser fly.

"Put it down alright? I haven't hurt you..." a familiar voice grumbled as he stepped forwards.

"Archie? What? Why?" Atlanta was at a lost of words for the first time when the two of them were talking.

His facial expression was what silenced her. He looked the way he did when he was checking the parameter when Theresa and she had first met. It was cool and calculating.

He stepped forward again, his brace creaking slightly. His gray eyes never leaving her's. She was still tense. She wasn't sure what was going on.

They were centimeters apart.

"Archie I...." he covered her mouth with his hand.

"Atlanta don't say a word about this to anyone you hear me?" He stared at her until finally she blinked and nodded. He removed his hand and just watched her.

"Archie? What is going on? You can tell me." Atlanta said after a few moments of silence.

He sighed.

"Its....nothing" Archie turned to leave but Atlanta caught his hand.

"Tell me" her voice was chilled and it cut straight to his heart. When turned back around she released his hand.

"Its family issues and I need to get to the bottom of them." His eyes flicked back to her face. "Ill be back..."

"You can't stay away from a fight." She replied

"I just walked by and saw you guys then realized you may need some help." He said quietly a smirk upon his face. "There is something about you your acting a little out of character..."

"What....No I'm not." Atlanta said thankful the dark woods hid the heat flushing her cheeks ever so slightly.

Archie nodded and looked over her one more time. And walked away.

"Arch? Where did you get my bolas?" she asked as he vanished through the trees.

"Herry's truck you had a set left in there."

And that was it. For some reason it felt special. And it felt like Archie was hiding something.
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