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Pictures and Visions

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Atlanta and Jay have a slight standoff while Theresa realizes that Atlanta doesnt want to tell them something. Theresa, Jay, Odie, Neil and Herry take things in to their own hands

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A few moments after Atlanta had her flashback a knock sounded at her door.

"Atlanta it's us... Can we come in?" It was Jay's voice.

She opened the door and the 4 other teens wandered in. Herry took her single chair, Odie took her chair at her desk; Theresa took the last chair beside her door. Atlanta ended up on her bed with Jay pacing.

The silence became unbearable for her and she broke it against her better judgment.

"What's up? I wasn't hungry for dinner..."

Jay paused as Atlanta glowed red as each pair of eyes turned towards her.

"What?" her voice trailed off.

"That was irresponsible of you to run home after a battle with Cronos first of all." Jay began. "You could have run in to him in the woods and I know you can take care of yourself Atlanta but even without even your PMR?"

"My PMR?" she reached for her Capri pant pocket only to realize it wasn't there. "Umm Sorry?"

Jay took a PMR out of his pocket and handed it to her. "You should have taken one of us with you..." After he said that everyone realized, the one person Atlanta would have defiantly brought with her was Archie...

Atlanta paled slightly; shook her head and looked at Jay.

"Listen Jay, he he is our team mate and part of the family we have created here. Everything that happened today has his name on it and the fact that you al left not caring whether or not it was him. I know it was dumb but please... Don't scold me."

Jay nodded and sat down beside her on the bed.

Everyone was silent. Theresa's eyes were fixed on Atlanta holding her PMR

"You saw him, in the woods didn't you?" She leapt up and grabbed Atlanta's hand sitting between her and her eyes fixed on Atlanta's.

"No I didn't," Atlanta yanked her hand out of Theresa's glaring at her friend. Her PMR was held possessively in her arms before she shoved it out of sight.

Her eyes scanned Atlanta's. And stood abruptly.

"Sorry Atlanta. Come on guys lets go eat dinner..."

And with that Herry led them eagerly led them downstairs.

Jay stopped her outside of his room.

"You saw a vision didn't you? Theresa tell me." Jay whispered.

She nodded and pulled him in to his room.

"Yes I saw a vision, of her and Archie in the woods. They were talking..." Her eyes wandered around his room.

Jay realized what she was looking at and blushed, "it's themed after Jason and the Golden fleece... Did Archie threaten her in anyway?"

Theresa looked around again, "Jay you are a great leader. I can't tell if Archie threatened her." Her eyes met his as face moved and her lips brushed his cheek.

"Don't worry we will figure this out later, come on lets go eat dinner"

Jay paused watching her walk away, as she turned the corner her orange hair flicked around the door.

He entered the dining room to see the 2 of them eating quietly, Herry was noisy like usual. As Jay got his plate Neil wandered in.

"That was a short shoot Neil," Jay said as he tucked himself to eat

"Well I just went to meet up with some people my agent wanted to set me up with." He quickly flicked open his mirror to check his reflection before grabbing a plate of food. Herry was asking for seconds.

They all headed down to Odie's technical room to discuss what they were going to do.

"I vote we head to the woods see if we can see anything." Theresa said.

Odie pulled up a map. "They could have met up anywhere..."

"Well it has to be between the Brownstone and the fight zone. We check the woods in a little while. Herry boot up your truck, Neil..."

"But I need my beauty sleep..." Neil whined trying to look for a way out.

"Neil that's what I want you to do, cover for us if Atlanta or wonders what we are up too."

Neil nodded and headed upstairs.

Theresa ran up to change in to her clothes. She changed in to her sweatpants and her blue top. She grabbed a black zipper hoodie and quietly knocked on Atlanta's door. There was no response.

"Atlanta?" she said quietly then realized her friend was curled up on her bed fast asleep, an open scrapbook on the bed beside her.

Theresa walked in and looked down with a smile on her face. She then realized that the scrapbook should have been open on her knee or on the floor shut the way Atlanta fell asleep. Her window was open and Atlanta was well covered up.

Theresa quietly grabbed the scrapbook and began to flip through it. Pictures with conversation and thought bubbles dominated the first few pages: a young girl with her parents, a young girl hunting with her dad in the woods, a young girl with her head against a pregnant mother's stomach, a young girl and 2 brothers doing archery, 2 boys goofing around in the woods. Theresa flipped a few pages as she felt Jay tip toe in beside her.

His arm ended up around her shoulder, "What are you doing? Let's go."

She shook her head and continued flipping.

The last few were of them. A group shot of them after Jay had died, Theresa playing the lyre rocker style, Herry and Odie gaming, one of Neil's advertisements, Theresa and Jay dancing on the beach; the pages were crowded as they looked over all the pictures. Theresa opened the last page.

"Archie..." Jay whispered as they saw pictures of Archie boarding, Archie and Atlanta sword fighting, it was all Archie with someone else. Archie and Theresa as he apologized to her after they worked together to save the team, it was everything him.

Theresa looked at Jay as her hand paused over Archie looking cold and calculating towards Neil as the two had a training exercise together. Her brown eyes flickered to the window and she looked down over the street. A hooded figure paused briefly underneath a light and vanished into the woods.

Her eyes widened and she gently placed the scrapbook on the corner of Atlanta's desk then dragged Jay out of the room and shut the door quietly.

"What took you lovebirds so long?" Neil asked as the two made it to the truck. Neil was dressed in his pajamas. Odie and Herry chucked slightly.

"We aren't lovebirds Neil," Jay told him, his voice taking on his leader tone. "Atlanta is out upstairs so I think you're good. If she asks we went to a movie or something."

"Archie was up in her room, a while ago he took off to the woods," Theresa added.

"Odie can you track his PMR?" Jay asked as they pilled in to Herry's truck. Odie and Theresa in the back, Herry and Jay up front; Neil waved good bye and headed upstairs checking his mirror as he went.

Herry pulled out on to the silent road. Jay, and Theresa were scanning the neighborhood. Odie was searching his PMR for any signal. He couldnt pick one up.

They ended up at the place that the teens had battled the Pegasus just a week ago. They each climbed out, Jay's xiphos was out but the blade was still retracted. Each carried a glow stick as they headed through the woods.

"Fan out and search for clues..." Jay said quietly the green light of the glow stick lit a small circle of the forest. "Do not spread out, and separate, stay within talking distance of each other."

The group nodded and fanned out.

An hour passed with nothing found.

"Jay?" Herry called to Theresa's left who was just a few feet to the left of Jay.

The Odie, Jay and Theresa hurried over to see what had grabbed Herry's attention.
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