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Who Are You?

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don't have one just can someone fugure out who Nature goddess is please

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It is taking me to long to update I got just keep on updating danechickie222 got me to write chapter 2.
Nature Goddess: Yeah as I said it's insulting.

Immortal: Never mind. I spent some time fooling around with online pics and I got this.

(Whoever wrote class Of The Toddlers I admirer that)

The clip
Toddler jay
The Not So Leader

Toddler Atlanta
The Not So Hunter

Toddler Archie
The Not so Warrior

Toddler Herry
The Still Very Strong

Toddler Neil
The Ugliest Baby

The Fighter

Sloppy Hera
I Just Had To Do that
End of Clip

Immortal: I spent a week on that.

Flower Power: Nice

Leader: I don't get it.

Computer Geek: I do. Lol.

Missy: Now that is funny.

The Strong One: I like that clip.

Lookin' Good: I don't.

Speedy: Cool.

Bracey: Nice very nice.

Nature goddess: Again with the insults. You have no right to insult the gods or the children. Who do you think you are?

Immortal: Hmmmmmmmmm........... Tough one. Let's see I think I'm Immortal. But who are you? N. A. S. L.(name,age,sex,location)

Nature Goddess has left chat

Owner has entered chat

Owner: thought I would tell you that this chat room has picked up a virus I am currently working on getting rid of it, but in the mean time I think you should all leave.

Owner has left chat

they all sign off

"Wow that was weird that room never picks up any viruses.
I love this story and might I say that this is not my best chapter more to come.
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