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i can be your john cusack

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lotsa banging and one-track minds. have fun, kids.

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Author's Note: MANY APOLOGIES for not updating sooner. I had a really bad case of writer's block and I just kept drawing blanks when I was sitting at the computer. Hope you guys like this one.

Thank yous and love letters go out to:

imogen993: yep. it was one of your reviews way back in October that got me thinking about writing Trick a girlfriend. so MAJOR thanks goes out to you.

PiecesInMe: As always, your review made me smile. I'm going nuts waiting for the next record. I'm constantly going to their website just to hear "Carpal Tunnel of Love" and "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race." February 6th is far too long to wait.

frosted glass: hehe. nope, not Greta. but i do love the hush sound.

moocow: i coffee everyone who reviews.

pixied_secrets: yep. patrick definitely deserved some lovin'. btw: great job on 'Sincerity's In...' I kinda love it.

whatkatydid: i'll try to put in more patrick.

Hannah: yep. patrick's getting some "action in the sack." =]

c h a p t e r SIXTEEN
{ i can be your john cusack

Emily's POV

"Mmm, How I love 3-day weekends..." I was sprawled out in bed, basking in the glory of sleeping in on a Sunday, knowing that I'd be doing the same the next day. I reached for my iPod and scrolled down to Freezepop. I smiled as the opening chords of 'Harebrained Scheme' played. "Trick and Gen."

Not in the mood to get out of bed, I sank under my covers and continued listening as Liz Enthusiasm sang.
"Woke once more at half past one. Getting out of bed's no fun..." I would have fallen asleep again, but 'Here Comes a Special Boy' began. I couldn't help but sing along and bop my head. Synthpop is just magical like that. "When I'm sad, HUGS, feeling blue, HUGS, you're so rad, HUGS, meeting you, HUGS, when I'm down, HUGS, you come through, HUGS, don't you frown, HUGS, I've got you-"

"HUGS!" and just like that I felt someone landing on top of me. I peaked out from under my covers.

Pete. Hovering over me with an innocent smile on his face.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" I yawned, rolling on top of him.
"I thought you'd want to do something fun today," he said rolling on top of me.
"What did you have in mind?" I rolled over again, but there wasn't any more bed to roll onto. With a yelp and a thump, we both landed on the floor in a tangled mess of sheets.

Cue my mom to pass by my doorway, seeing Pete and I in a very compromising position. She smiled and shook her head. "Peter, if you're able to get out of that mess, you're welcome to stay for lunch."
"Thanks Mrs. I," he said, sheepishly. She quietly laughed, then went downstairs.
"What happened to breakfast?"
"Em, it's 11:45."

We eventually untangled ourselves and followed the scent of food to the kitchen. As we ate, my mom got ready for work.

"Are you ready Ben?"
"Yeah," he said, pulling his coat on.
"Where's Ben off to?" I asked.
"I'm dropping him off at Spencer's. There's a party for all the kindergarteners."
"I see."
"I'm working a 16-hour shift, so I'll be back at 6 tomorrow. If you decide to throw a party, have everything cleaned up by then," she joked.
"Okay, I'll make sure the house stays in one piece."
"And I'll supervise," Pete chimed in.
"I trust you two...just know that I'm too young to be a grandmother." Pete and I turned bright red.
"Mom, hurry! Spence might start playing Super Smash Bros. without me!" I swear, Ben had a perfect sense of timing.
"Okay, okay. Bye Emi. Bye Pete." With that they were out the door.

To break the somewhat awkward silence, I turned on the TV. One Tree Hill. Halfway through the episode, were in our usual TV-watching position--Pete sprawled out underneath me, tracing figure eights on my back. It was comfy to say the least.

As Haley told Nathan she was pregnant, Pete rested his hands on the small of my back.

"Em, have you ever thought about it?"
"Thought about what?"
"Y'know...having kids."
"Well, yeah. Not in the near future, but someday."

He smiled, and opened his mouth as if he was going to say something.

"It's just--sometimes I think about little Petes and Emis running around..."

I couldn't help but smile at the thought. He leaned down and kissed me. Let's just say things quickly got heated and we were on the verge of making babies right there on the couch. All of a sudden the door burst open and Pete and I, half-clothed, fell onto the floor for the second time that day.

"My eyes!" Christina said.
"Shit, sorry!"
"What-what are you guys doing here?" I asked, pulling my shirt back over my head.
"We thought we'd surprise you with a visit," Trick said, looking at his shoes.
"You definitely surprised us," Pete said, helping me up.
"I really need to find a new place to hide the spare key."
"Joe, you owe me $5," Andy said.
"Man, can't you guys keep it in the pants?" Joe asked, pulling money out of his pocket.
"" Pete and I plopped back onto the couch while everyone else decided to sit on the floor.
"What are you guys doing?" I asked.
"Not sitting on the sex couch."
"More room for you and me, Pete."
"Don't go making babies while we're in the room. I can just imagine your kids screaming at the top of their lungs and playing DDR. It's kinda...well, now that I think about it, it'd be kinda cute," Christina said.
"And with parents like Pete and Emi, they'd be gorgeous," Gen added. I blushed and buried my head in the crook of Pete's neck.
"Okay, enough about kids, lets do something," Andy said.
"Movie?" Trick asked.
"What do you have in mind?" Gen asked, poking his arm.
"I don't know."
"I'm in the mood for John Cusack," Christina said.
"Which one? I have Say Anything, High Fidelity and Grosse Pointe Blank."
"How about all of them?"
"Okay, I'll make some popcorn," I said, getting up. "You guys decide what to watch first." After digging through the pantry, I found a few bags of popcorn. 'Three three zero,' I thought, typing the numbers into the microwave. Then I repeated the process with the second bag. Re-entering the living room, I saw the previews rolling. I handed one bowl to Trick and Gen, the other to Andy, Joe and Christina, then laid on the couch.

Peter's POV

"Hey, Em, I think everyone's asleep." Christina was asleep on Joe, who was asleep in the bowl of popcorn. Andy was leaning against the couch, mouth half open and Gen had fallen asleep in Patrick's lap.
"Well, since they're asleep, wanna have some fun?" I took her lead and followed her upstairs.

Joe's POV

"Wha?" I woke up to a faceful of popcorn. I quickly lifted my head out of the bowl and cracked my neck. I didn't notice that Christina was leaning on me until she flopped backwards into Andy.
"Hey!" Andy said, jerking awake.
"What's going on?" Christina yawned.
"I guess we all fell asleep," Trick said.
"Mhmm," Gen said, lifting her head.
"Wait, where are Pete and Emi?" I asked,

All of a sudden we heard banging noises from upstairs.

"Does that answer your question?" Andy asked.
"Those two are rabbits," Trick said.
"How long do you think they'll be at it?" Andy asked.
"Iono. Half an hour?" I said.
"I'm thinking 20 minutes."
"Wanna bet?"
"You guys are actually going to bet on how long they're gonna go at it?" Christina asked. "Sick...but I do need some money... I say 45 minutes tops."
"Trick, Gen, you in?"
"I think an hour," Gen said.
"Um, I think it's a long shot, but I say an hour fifteen."


"EMI!" banging noises.

"There goes my bet," Andy said.
"Finally! I've beaten Andy!" I said.
"Hey, my bet still stands," Christina said.


more banging noises "PETE!"

"Crap. I'm out," I said.
"Wanna play blackjack?" Andy asked. "I think this is going to be a while."


even more banging noises

"How the hell can they keep going?" Christina asked.
"I have no idea. Go fish?" I asked.


banging ceases

"I think we have a winner," Andy said.
"Wait," Trick said.

banging continues "DON'T STOP!"

"Never mind. Wanna play slapjack?"


"OH SHIT!" faster banging

"Okay, Trick wins."
"I've come to the conclusion that they're energizer bunnies." We handed the money over to Trick.


"YES!" banging stops

"I think they're...done."
"Wow. An hour and a half?"

A few minutes later, a very tired looking Pete and Emi came down the stairs.
"That was fun."
"It was. Thanks for teaching me those moves."
"No problem."

We all looked at Pete and Emi like they were from space.

"What?" Emi asked panting. "You guys are looking at us like you never played DDR before."
"Wait, you guys were playing DDR?"
"Yeah, we couldn't play down here because you guys fell asleep in front of the television."
"Ohh," we said in unison.
"What did you guys think we were--wait...You thought we were getting it on upstairs, didn't you?"
"Well, there were banging noises and yelling."
"Guys, get your heads out of the gutter," Pete said. "And for your information, if we were doing it, you would have heard 'Let's Get It On' in the background."
"Yup," Emi said, jumping onto his back.
"You guys are weird."
"We know," they said.
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