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Not Even Super Cow Man Can Save You Now!

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There are times where you wonder just how your life can stop for a long amount of time, even when the world is moving at the same pace it always has been.

I'm assuming these are like one of those times.

With being alone a lot due to Izzy's 'locked door depression', I had fallen into a desperate mode of boredom.

Looking around, I found my phone buzzing a couple of times. Glancing at the screen it showed a voice mail and one missed call.

Smiling as I listened, pressing in the password before multiple voices filled my ears before Andy's.

"Hey Ev...well, we're almost at our next stop and..." his voice cut off and another one replaced it.

"And we miss you soooo much,"


Even after a month I had managed to be ok with being all alone and such, but I think this just put everything back to the first night alone in a huge king sized bed. I smiled as the phone shifted again.

"I love you lots Ev...see you real soon,"

I smiled, closing my phone and bringing my fingers to my lips just like my favorite move characters would. I played with my phone for a moment before biting my lip and pressing talk. I listened for a moment before it went straight to his voice mail. I sighed.

"Hi," he squeaked and laughed nervously. "I love you too," I whispered and hung up quickly.

I was being rather silly as I giggled lightly, my cheeks burning as I picked my phone up again.

"This aint the city morgue, but I can still make you drop dead, gorgeous," I giggled and lied down, my legs dangling off the edge.

"Hi Pete," I laughed. His hearty laugh rang into my ears.

"Hi Ev...what cha' need?" he asked. I hummed.

"Is Andy around? I mean, he called and I was calling back," Pete cleared his throat.

"He actually just stepped out. We had like the last two days off and we're stuck in New York until Saturday so..." I smiled.

"New York, huh?" I paused. "I've always wanted to go there during the winter," I whispered.

Pete stayed silent for a moment.

"I'll have to take you up here in the near future," I laughed uneasily and fiddled with my necklace.

"Is Patrick doing alright?" I asked. Pete hummed at the sudden change in conversation.

"I would assume so, but that boy has more drama than I can handle," I smirked at the irony.

"Poor Izzy has been avoiding talking to anyone since you guys left...I usually will camp out there, but I got sick and tired of it," Pete sighed.

"That's Patrick for ya...just comes out for shows and the clubs where he can abuse the wonders of Jack Daniels," I shook my head into my bed.

"What a shame," Pete smirked before I heard a beep. I pulled my phone away and smiled. "Hey Pete," I mumbled. He hummed again.

"Yea?" he asked. I gulped.

"Andy's calling, I'm gonna go, alright?" I said a short goodbye before picking up the other line.

"Is this my lovely moomoo?" a voice asked, the busy street in the background. I laughed again, sitting up.

"Well that depends," I started. "Is this my favorite vegetable?" I asked back. There was a hefty laugh from the other line before it kind of grew quiet in the background.

"Hey, are you home right now?" Andy asked out of the blue. I blinked and nodded to myself.

"Yeah, but we're not having phone sex," I heard the slight smirk.

"When have we ever?" he asked again.

There was a pause.

"Where are /you/?" I asked back. Andy shifted the phone to his other ear.

"I'm in a Taxi, headed west," I rolled my eyes.

"New York City?" I asked. Another smirk rang into my ears.

"Kind of," he replied.

Something was up.

I stood up and crossed my free arm over my shoulder, walking out into the hall to find all the doors open, a note on Izzy's door.

Went out for coffee with old friend from high school. Congratulations, Ev...

Now I was freaking.

"What are you doing and what have you done with my Izzy?" I asked quickly and sharply, my voice lowering into a hushed tone. Andy laughed.

"Stop your worrying and just get some sleep...I'll call you later, alright?" I sighed, leaning against the hallway wall with my hand to my chest.

I rolled myself to begin walking towards the master bedroom, collapsing onto the cream colored sheets, my phone bouncing as it slipped from my hands, it landing with a thump on the floor.

I smiled sleepily and snuggled my head into the soft pillows, smelling my perfume and Andy's cologne all mixed up. Sleep was over-whelming me.


I stirred slightly, finding warmth all around me as my arms continued to rest under the pillow as I hugged it close, my body covered up to my lower back with the comforter.

A warm hand continued to rub my upper back, my lazy smile increasing until I realized there even was a hand.

My eyes shot open and I rolled over slightly before squealing and bringing the pillow to my face, covering it with my hands.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, my words muffled by the pillow. Andy pulled the pillow away and smiled, leaning down to kiss me gently.

"I'm here to say..." he paused, noses touching. "Hi," I smiled before glaring.

"So you scared me for no reason?" I asked. Andy shook his head.

"I'm here until tomorrow morning, so we're going to have an 'us' day, here in the house," I nodded, pushing his shoulders up so I could sit up.

The sheets fell around my waist as I leaned foreword again, wrapping him up in a hug.

"God I missed you," I whispered before pulling away, finding a nervous smile. I narrowed my eyes. "Now cook for me a yummy tummy breakfast,"

Andy laughed before framing my head in his hands and kissing my forehead.

"Yes moomoo," I giggled and watched him stand up, walking back out the door.

I fell back onto my bed and smiled brightly before looking at my phone as it buzzed across the nightstand. I reached out and smiled before answering.

"You knew," I mumbled. Pete stayed silent for a moment.

"Huh?" I laughed at his utter confusion.

"Maybe not," I muttered. Pete laughed uneasily.

"What's going on?" he asked. I sighed.

"Andy. In my house. Right /now/," I answered.

"/Ohhhh/," Pete spoke, his voice higher in realization. "So that's why he's missing," I gulped.

"He's not gonna get in trouble, is he?" I asked. I heard a slight chuckle.

"Not really...I'll take the blame," I bit my lip.

"Pete," I started. He grew quiet.

"I know," he whispered.

"What am I going to do...I really love him and.../everything/ just seems to be going so.../amazing/,"

Pete stayed quiet for quite some time.

He sighed a few minutes later.

"Do whatever you think...ok?" I frowned as the door clicked open and Andy appeared, eyebrows raised as he observed me hugging my knees with one arm.

"I know," I mumbled. Pete gulped loud enough for me to hear.

"He's right in front of you, huh?" he asked. I smiled lightly and nodded to myself.

"Yea," I breathed. Pete stayed silent for a moment.

"I love you Ev," I blinked several times before there was a reluctant sigh and a dial tone. I closed the phone before stretching to place the phone back on the dresser.

"Who was that?" Andy asked, stepping over with a nervous glance. I shook my head.

"Izzy..." I stated, throwing my legs over the side of the bed and pulling my cloth shorts up, straightening my t-shirt back down. Andy nodded and brought me over in front of him.

"Alright, close your eyes," he mumbled.

I did so, holding his wrists as his hands fell over my eyes as well, walking me slowly out the room and down the hall into what a presumed as the kitchen table right next to the open kitchen.

I didn't smell anything and frowned slightly as Andy sat me down and instead wrapped a bandana around my eyes, making me yelp.

"No. No. /No/," I hissed, my fingertips curling around the rim of it. I heard a chuckle.

"Have it your way," I furrowed my eyebrows together before biting my lip and listening as something shifted and hands pulled at my sides to stand me up.

I brought my hands back down from the blindfold and rested them on my shoulders, arms bent into wings.

There was a sigh.

"You can't get on me ok, because I know what you said earlier," I bit my lip again, this time harder and took a deep breath in.

"Andy," I muttered and took more breath in as his hands disappeared from my sides.

"Have it your way,"

His voice sounded distant and I raised my hands to my face where I tore the bandana away quickly, shaking my head as I shook the curls back into place before looking up, my eyebrow twitching up as I lost sight of Andy.

"Babes?" I called.

A throat was cleared and I looked down.

"Oh," I started before widening my eyes. "/Oh/," I whispered.

Andy bit his lip before nodding.

"Well, you're not in your pajamas, but...I thought this might be the perfect opportunity,"

My eyes stayed wide open as my heart thumped hard against my ribcage, almost threatening to break out. I was struggling to find my breath as Andy took my left hand lightly in his right.

"Ev?" he called. I gulped and nodded once, my lips parted now.

"Yea," my voice was scratchy and I was frightened by how much this was affecting me. Andy frowned, worried.

Damn him and his insecurities.

"I knew this wasn't a good idea," he whispered, glancing down. "Too soon?" he asked. I waited for him to look up before shaking my head.

"Go on," I whispered before extending my arm to push back some of his hair, my lips trembling as they formed a small smile.

Andy attempted at his own, it growing bigger as he left my hand to open the little velvet box and take out the ring.

I held my breath, my heart tingling in anticipation.

"Oh goodness," I breathed.

Andy smiled up at me.

"Marry me?"

I parted my lips to automatically respond before my mind cut short and it crossed over to someone I shouldn't have been thinking of at the moment.


What was I supposed to tell him? just...wouldn't happen, especially now that I was getting married?

That's right.

"Yes," I whispered. "Yes,"
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