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the death ring

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Crounus wants to kill the sevan titans but insted of killing them with his death ring he gives them the worst thing of all ... TO SWITCH BODIES!!. Please rate and review and i will defantly get ba...

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Darn those kids," Cronus yelled, smashing a table into pieces. "When will they ever die when they supposed to?"

Cronus was throwing a tantrum in his habitation while his giants were walking cautiously backwards.

"All those plans I've made and not a single one prevailed." Cronus shouted. "What I need is a powerful yet unnoticeable thing to get those mortals by surprise...aha!"

He cried out the last word, slamming his fist on another table (and breaking it). "I can make a death ring! It will kill those teenagers in an instance. But who will make it?"

The god of time wandered around, thinking. "Wait a minute, the answer is standing right here, I will get technical and show my brain power by creating the death ring! Now, how do you make it...?"


"You kids really think you've won, eh?" Cronus sneered at the seven teenagers.

Jay got into a fighting stance. "Seven against one, I really think we've won."

All around the leader, his allies were also in a fighting stance, ready to deliver the last blow.

Cronus looked at the mortals and...just laughed!

"What's up with him?" Herry asked Archie. He only shrugged and returned his attention to the god.

"You kids are nowhere close to defeating me," Cronus chuckled. "Because I have developed the perfect plan to eliminate all of you brats out of my victorious way."

"Oh yeah, well, I don't see anything victorious here," Neil placed his hands on his waist, staring at Cronus.

"That's because you missed it," Cronus lifted his right fist and the seven kids could see a sloppily made skull ring with red eyes on his middle finger.

Neil stared at the non-professionally made ring. "Wow, you must be really broke!"

Archie strained to identify what the ring was. "And how is your little plastic toy going to defeat us?"

"Plastic toy, Archie?" Cronus asked. "This is no plastic toy. This is, in fact, a death ring!"

Odie gasped. "Everybody, get out of range!"

But of course, it was too late. Cronus shined the ring on all the teenagers and they were blasted backwards into a building.

"Ha, I did it, I did it!" Cronus shouted to the sky. "I finally did it!"

There was a sudden moaning sound coming from the kids as they all got up. Cronus widened his eyes as he saw them bruised but alive.

"Hey, are we dead?" Herry asked Theresa.

She shook her head. "I don't...think so," Theresa answered awkwardly.

Jay brushed off some dust on his sweater and looked up to see Cronus furiously shaking his ring.

"Stupid. Damn. Ring." He yelled. "Why hasn't it killed you yet?"

The seven watched Cronus have a tantrum with his ring in silence until Odie piped up. "I don't think that's a death ring."

Archie snorted. "Gee, great ring, Cronus."

"Don't taunt me, you thing," Cronus spat at Archie, red with fury. "Ah well, I'll catch you somewhere else." He created a portal and escaped, still cursing his useless ring.

Atlanta sighed. "He got away again."

"We'll get him later, Atlanta," Jay placed a hand on her shoulder.


Jay looked around and quickly lifted his hand off Atlanta's shoulder. Theresa was glaring at him from behind. The two were dating for a couple of weeks already, almost a month.

Atlanta shrugged and then yelled. "Race you guys home!" She sped along the sidewalk in triple speed.

Everybody else groaned. "I now officially hate races," Neil cried.

During the night, the gang went to their rooms for the night. Theresa and Neil took a shower before turning in; Herry ate one last snack, Jay went to the bathroom, Odie checked his email before sleeping and Archie and Atlanta were already in bed.

However, while the seven kids were sleeping, a brilliant white light flashed in every single room at mid-night.


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