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the big switcharoo

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they finaly Switch. Ready for a down hill on life. hee hee. rate and review!.

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Jay woke up next morning, feeling weird. He had a dream that he had suddenly morphed into Theresa and started kung fu-ing his bacon.

"Strange dream," He muttered, getting up.

His hand brushed against something silky on his PJs. "Huh?" He looked down...and screamed.


Theresa woke up screaming. Panting, she muttered. "Weird, what a dream!"

In her dream, she visualized Odie typing away and suddenly the computer said "You are not worthy of the machine" and it electrocuted Odie. Suddenly, she was in her room, typing away and the computer said "You are not worthy of the machine" and electrocuted her.

She groaned, thinking it was all nonsense and rolled around...and found herself staring at Odie's computer.



Atlanta cried as she woke up. She had a strange dream of her coming to school next day with blond hair and dark green eyes. Girls started jumping around her, asking for her autograph and she screamed, running into the boy's bathroom. Suddenly, huge acne appeared in midair and Atlanta yelled. "Attack of the acne! Run!" The acne started poking her with pitch forks and she woke up screaming in bed.

"Just a dream, Atlanta, just a dream," She mumbled and turned around. Atlanta cuddled against her pillow and her left hand underneath the pillow touched something hard and cold.

Groaning, she took it out and threw it away. It clattered on the ground and Atlanta stared at it. The thing was golden 3-panel mirror with Neil's picture in it.


Archie yawned and woke up. Last night, he dreamed that Atlanta had turned into a vampire and had bitten him on the neck, turning him into an Atlanta-like vampire as well. He then started running around like a hooligan, throwing out Green Alliance papers to the trees.

"You're thinking about Atlanta too much." Archie grumbled and got up. As he stood, Archie noticed his reflection in the mirror...and literally freaked.


"Stupid nightmare disturbed my beauty sleep." Neil moaned and he awoke. Somehow, he felt more muscular and thought it was the entire nightmare's fault. "Curse that dream!"

Neil dreamed that Jay's sword was doing the Indian dance around him, poking him in the back. "Ow, watch it!" He yelled and grabbed the sword. Surprisingly, all life zoomed out of the sword and it just stood there in Neil's palm. Then Theresa appeared out of nowhere and hugged him tightly. "Whoa, just...stick to Jay, Theresa. We do not fit!"

The blond haired teenager shook his head and reached for his mirror to see just how bad his bed hair was. "Hey, where is my mirror?" Neil grumbled, throwing sweaters across the room. He was just throwing an orange sweater with purple stripes away when Neil stopped and turned around.

"Isn't that Jay's sweater?" Neil wondered out loud and then shrugged. "Oh well,"

He continued to search until it hit him. "Jay's sweater?"

Neil turned around, trembling and looked at his reflection in the dresser mirror. "OH MY GOSH!"


Odie woke the next day, groaning. "In all of history, I have never had a dream as weird as this."

He dreamed that jelly fishes were writing the math problem "2+2" on the plate and Odie was trying to solve it. No matter how hard he thought, he just couldn't figure out the number 4. Then, the jelly fishes turned to iron and Odie picked it up and bit into it easily.

The nerd just shrugged and got up, feeling bulky for some reason. He reached for his glasses and smashed the night table. "Huh?" Odie stared at the broken night table. "That's odd."

Odie shrugged and noticed that he didn't need glasses for some reason. Suspicious, Odie turned to find his virtual flying game but instead, found a 100 pound dumbbell. Frowning, he pulled on a shirt and something stuck on to his back.

"Now this is getting weirder and weirder." Odie said as he reached inside his shirt and pulled out a rotten tuna sandwich. "Ew!" He threw the sandwich into the waste bucket and instead of the sandwich missing its target; it broke the bucket in half!

"Huh?" Odie gasped. He turned to look at his reflection and a startling image greeted his sight.


Herry woke up all sweaty and panting the next morning. "I'm going to need a therapist." He mumbled to himself and got up.

Last night, Herry dreamed that he and Archie were attached to the ceiling by strings. Archie moved his left arm, Herry moved his. Archie hopped on his right foot, Herry hopped on his. Archie said "I like Atlanta", Herry said "I like Atlanta". This kept on going until Atlanta popped up and started cutting up carrots. Then Herry woke up.

"Archie and I moving in unison, I get but Atlanta cutting up carrots? What is all that about?" Herry questioned to himself.

He then shook his head and started looking for his green shirt.

"Where is it?" Herry muttered, flinging clothes all over the place. He found a notebook with a black cover and intrigued, he flipped through it.

Astonishing pictures greeted his eyes. It was full of Atlanta's face in red hearts!

Herry dropped the notebook quickly. "The only person who actually draws Atlanta's face in red hearts in their notebooks is, well, Archie."

Scared, the brown haired teenager looked at his reflection in a glass cabinet...and fainted.


"How on earth am I going to go down there like this?" Jay moaned, walking around in Theresa's nightgown. He was too afraid of changing out of it (A/N: and I think you know why) but Jay also didn't want to walk around in a pink nightgown.

"Ah, well," Jay sighed and walked to the door. Hand on the doorknob, Jay slowly turned it and opened the door.


Theresa could not believe it. She just could not believe it. I mean, me, as Odie, has the world gone mad? Theresa thought.

"How am I going to break this to my friends?" She cried, seizing her now black hair and tugging at it.


Unfortunately, Atlanta had it worst. She was stuck in Neil's body.

"This is unbelievable! This is not to be believable!" She screamed, tugging constantly at her blond hair. "I don't even know how to function in Neil's body!"

Atlanta groaned in frustration and sat down on Neil's bed to think. Well, she thought bitterly, maybe Dionysus can help. After all, he is the scientific dude.

Grumbling, Atlanta stumbled across Neil's bedroom and opened the door.


Archie was walking around Atlanta's bedroom, groaning at his luck. "The world hates me, I know it!"

He stomped around in Atlanta's PJs, muttering curses to midair. "Ok, maybe Atlanta won't freak if she sees another person in her body. But then again, considering Atlanta..."

The red haired teenager stopped pacing and slowly walked to the door. "Hey, maybe Dionysus will help!"

Archie slipped through the door quietly and ran as softly as possible to the chemist's lab.


"Oh great," Neil mumbled. "Of all the bodies I could've morphed into, I just had to get stuck with Theresa's boyfriend's body. And I thought I was lucky!" He screamed at a teddy bear sitting innocently on Jay's bed.

Neil started marching around Jay's bedroom, not daring to leave it. "I am not going down there for breakfast. Besides, I'm not even hungry!"

Just then, his stomach growled loudly. "Oh shut up!" Neil whacked his abdominal furiously.

His stomach started growling even louder. Neil seized a book and jabbed his stomach. "Ouch!" He dropped the book and clutched his abdominal, groaning in mild pain. His stomach growled again.

"Oh forget it," Neil kicked the book to the wall and stubbed his toe. Hopping now on one foot, he finally decided to get some food and hobbled out of Jay's bedroom.


Odie could not believe this at all. It was just too much to bear. "Herry never told me he puts rotten tuna sandwiches in his shirts!"

The nerd sat down to think. "What on earth has happened in order for this to occur?" He mumbled, clearly confused. "I mean, swapping bodies is totally against the law of physics. Besides, how am I going to tell everybody about my swapping problem?"

He grumbled and then his stomach growled. "Hey, maybe they're not awake yet. I'll just go inside the kitchen and nip some food back."


"Archie will so freak," Herry muttered to himself and he kicked away some of Archie's clothes. "Man, does this guy ever clean his room?"

He flung one of Archie's blue zipper sweaters carelessly at the window. Crack! Herry froze in the spot and slowly turned around. "Oh crude!"

The window was now broken, thanks to Herry's strength which he still maintained.

"I gotta get my head out of this." Herry mumbled and he quickly left Archie's room for the kitchen.


Theresa was the first person to reach the kitchen. Athena was already there, making pancakes. "Hi Odie," She called out to her.

"Odi-oh right!" Theresa smacked herself at the forehead. "Hi Athena!"

The goddess of the war looked suspiciously at the black haired boy. Theresa laughed nervously and opened her mouth.

But before she could say anything, a brown haired boy in an orange and purple sweater appeared. "Jay!" Theresa squealed and flung her arms around the boy, hugging him fiercely.

"AHH!" Jay (who his really Neil) yelled. "ODIE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"Huh?" It finally hit Theresa and she blushed. "Oh, uh, right, sorry!"

She quickly released Jay and slid back into her chair. Athena and Jay were staring at Theresa peculiarly. "Sit down, Jay. Have some breakfast," Athena, still staring at Theresa, placed three pancakes in front of the boy.

"Thanks." Jay said and turned to Theresa. "Odie, are there any zits on my face?"

Theresa was caught, surprised. Jay usually never cares if he has any zits, which he doesn't have any, anyways "Uh, no?"

"Good," Jay said with a satisfied smile and picked up his spoon. But instead of using it (A/N: By the way, pancakes are not eaten by spoons, I know), he started checking his appearance in it.

This got Theresa big time. "Why are you checking your appearance with a spoon?"

Athena was also surprised. "Spoons are used to eat something, not to check your appearance."

"I know, Miss. Athena but since I couldn't find my 3-panel mirror, I have-"

"Whoa, wait, stop right there," Theresa shouted, staring at Jay. She paused, studying the boy carefully. "Neil?"


Atlanta peeked in Dionysus' lab and looked around. There was Dionysus' doing experimental tests with a green liquid and an orange one. He froze the greed liquid and when it was rock hard, he poured the orange one down onto it. Nothing happened after the liquid turned purple.

"Perfect," Dionysus cried, relaxing his shoulders. Then...BAM!

Shards of glass cut into the wall as purple liquid coated the complete lab and Atlanta's blond hair.

"Mr. Dionysus! You ok?" Atlanta ran in and helped him up. He had fallen to the ground when the liquid exploded.

"Terrific, thanks Neil," Dionysus wiped liquid from his glasses. "So why are you-?"

Suddenly, the front doors burst open and somebody else ran in. "Mr. Dionysus, I need-"

The person stopped short and Atlanta dropped her jaw. It was another Atlanta!


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