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things get EVEN crazyer

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ok now things go WWWWAAAYYY out of hand.

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"What's going on?" Athena asked, looking between Jay (who is Neil) and Odie (who is Theresa).

Theresa studied the brown haired boy again. "Neil?" She repeated.

"Uh, who? I'm Jay, remember?" Neil said nervously. He didn't want Odie to start this long lecture about swapping bodies.

"Oh come on, Neil!" Theresa groaned, thinking how stubborn this guy could get. "I know that's you. Jay never checks for acne on his face. Actually, no one else checks for acne on their face. Except for you! And maybe Ms. Aphrodite as well," Theresa added to her sentence.

"Yeah well, who knows if I've...changed?" Jay took out a comb and started straightening his hair. "What do you say? Should I put the hairline more to the left or the right?"

Athena was staring with disbelief at the teenager. "I think Odie's right, you are Neil!"

"No, I'm not!" Jay cried forcefully. He stood up in frustration and marched off into his new bedroom.

"Man, what's up with him?" Theresa asked.

"I don't know, maybe he lost his mirror!" Athena and Theresa giggled at this comment.


Neil stared at his toes. "Oh man, I need to get out of this horrible body as soon as possible. It's so disgusting and not in the latest fashion. Hey..."

The teenager suddenly thought of a fabulous idea. "If I can't get out of this body and back into my glamorous one, what if I turn this body into a glamorous one?"

He leaped into the air and ran straight into Jay's bathroom to check on his hair supplies. "Ugh," He took out something small. "An oil can?" (A/N: Please do NOT ask me why Jay has an oil can! I just threw that in randomly)


Back in the kitchen, Herry suddenly entered in the middle of Athena and Odie's conversation about Jay's weird attitude.

"Hey guys," He called out.

Odie turned around. "Hi Archie!"

"Huh?" Herry asked, confused.

Odie and Athena stared at the teenager. "Uh, Archie?" Theresa asked. "That's your name?"

Herry stared at them all until he realized that he was in Archie's body. "Oh, right. Sorry, just had a-a...a rough night."

"Really?" Odie asked, concerned. "I had a strange dream too."

"What was it about?" Athena asked as she placed some pancakes in front of Herry.

"I visualized Odie-" Odie clapped a hand over his mouth as soon as possible. Herry looked up in surprise and Athena narrowed her keen eyes at the black haired teenager. Odie gave them a weak smile. "Uh, I mean, I visualized myself, uh, myself..." Here Odie paused and his eyes darted around the room.

Herry found this rather peculiar. "You ok, Odie?"

"Fine, just fine," Odie waved his hand and let out a nervous laugh. "I was just dreaming that I was, um, f-f-fishing for, er, for s-some, ah..." Odie hesitated again but then immediately blurted out the next word. "CRUDE!" (A/N: Get it?)

"Huh?" Herry asked, confused. Odie seemed to be looking at something and he followed his friend's gaze to the door. There stood Theresa, waving weakly at them all.

"How, but, no-" Odie was spluttering madly at this appearance. He stopped, took a deep breath, and finally said. "How come you're in my body?"


"Hi Atlanta!" Dionysus waved cheerily at Archie.

Archie blinked. Atlanta? He looked down. Oh yeah, he was now in Atlanta's body. "Hi Mr. Dionysus," He looked at his surroundings. "Wow, you've certainly...hit it!" A blob of purple liquid fell from the ceiling and landed in front of Archie. He turned and said. "What are you doing here, Neil?"

Neil (who is Atlanta) gave a start. "Oh, well, I was just-"

"Hang on," Archie interrupted him. "You've got purple stuff in your hair."

The teenager blinked. "So?"

Archie stared at Neil. "Dude, are you ok? You normally scream 'the hair! Watch the hair!'!"

Neil stared at Archie for a while. Then it hit him. "Oh," He cleared his throat and started screaming sarcastically, flailing his arms around exasperatedly. "Ah! My hair, my hair!"

Dionysus and Archie stared for a while at the teenager as he continued acting sarcastically. Finally, he stopped. "Ok, never mind, I've got better things to do." Neil turned his attention to Dionysus. "Hey Mr. Dionysus, I was hoping that you could help me for a second."

"And I was hoping you could help me too, Mr. Dionysus." Archie added.

The god of wine brushed away some purple liquid that had fallen on his glasses. "What's that you-?"

"I've switched bodies!" Both Neil and Archie cried. There was a huge pause while the two stared at each other. "You've switched bodies too?" They asked each other.

Dionysus looked at the pair. "Ok, so let me get this straight. Both of you," He swiped two of his fingers across each other. "Switched?"

"Well," Archie said. "Yeah,"

"So then," Dionysus continued to stare at the two. "Who are you really?"

"Atlanta," Neil answered.

"Archie," Archie replied.

"Interesting," Dionysus scratched his head. "Well," He began. "I don't know how I can convert this. And even if I do find out, it'll take a while to get the solution perfect."

Neil and Archie exchanged glances. "And your conclusion is..." Neil said.

"You might have to wait for a couple of weeks," Dionysus finished.

Archie felt his stomach drop and by the looks of Neil/Atlanta, it seemed that hers dropped as well. "Days, I can handle but weeks..." Archie hesitated, thinking.

"Sorry but that's the way it is," Dionysus shrugged, wringing out some purple liquid that was absorbed by his shirt.

Neil and Archie shrugged as well. "Ok, I think I might actually enjoy being in Neil's body..." Neil started as they left.

Archie laughed. "You've already started off pretty impressive." He indicated Neil's hair. It was still completely packed with the purple liquid. Neil laughed as well.

"Actually," He drawled as the two went upstairs to the kitchen. "I think I'll just keep this stuff in my hair to, you know, annoy Neil..." The two burst out laughing again. "As long as you don't do anything crazy to my body, I'm fine." He added as a warning to Archie.

"Do you think the others have also swapped bodies?" Archie asked Neil.

He only shrugged. "I'm not sure."

"Well, if they did, whoever has my body, I hope it's not Neil," Archie stuck his tongue out. "That would just be a pain."

"But then again, it would be funny." Neil added, snorting.

Archie stared at Neil. "You just don't know how weird it is to see Neil with messed up hair and not caring."

Neil shrugged and then cried. "Race you to the kitchen!"

He laughed and took off. Atlanta still managed to obtain her speed in Neil's body. "Hey!" Archie yelled. "That's not fair!"

"Slow poke!" Neil cried back.

Archie groaned and started a smooth jog. Suddenly, he took off! "Whoa!" Neil looked behind him and saw Archie zoom past him and run straight into a wall. "Ow!"

"What was that for?" Neil helped Archie up.

"I dunno," Archie admitted. "I just moved my feet a little bit and then, I took off."

"Looks like you've obtained my power." Neil whined. "Well that sucks!"

Theresa's POV (A/N: ok, this is just getting confusing so I'm going to be doing POV's)

"Odie, listen to me!" Theresa had Herry in a tight grip. "How are we supposed to convert this problem?"

She, Theresa/Jay and Archie/Herry were in Herry's room with Herry (who's really Odie) reading books about DNA.

"I don't know, I'm not even sure how this all happened. It's so confusing." Odie gasped from Theresa's grip.

"Theresa," Theresa took Theresa's (A/N: I know, that sounds funny) hands off Herry. "Can you figure out what happened to us?"

"I can try but it'll take me a while." Herry scratched his head.

There was a sudden commotion outside the door. It swung wide open. "Hey guys-" Someone started.

Everybody stared at the newcomer. It seemed that Jay had walked in but something had...changed about him.


I hope you like this chapter. I was having writer's block at the last minute so the ending might be a little crappy. Ah well, hope you enjoy! (And please R&R, everybody. Can't forget that!)
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