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Schemes and Plans

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Keldor puts his plans into motion during the royal coronation.

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Chapter Two
"Schemes and Plans"

"What are you looking at, lad?"
Keldor's eyes left the yellowed page and they fell upon the form of Eldor. Eldor, draped in the traditional white robes, brought out a smile from behind his long white beard. Keldor felt a slight flush in his pale face, and fumbled the old book closed. He sat in the great library of the Hall of Wisdom, just beyond the northeastern boundaries of Eternos.
It was here that the Elders kept their ever-watchful gaze on Eternia, carefully aiding any of those in danger and had the ear of nearly every kingdom on the face of the world. There was little that they didn't know, simply because of their existence on Eternia for 1,500 years. Their great library was open to all that wished to visit, including Prince Keldor. But he was a bit apprehensive regarding the text he was reading, and revealing it to Eldor.
"Um . . . it's the . . ."
Eldor lifted his head, eyes meeting with the title. "Ah. Interesting reading, lad. Known records of Castle Grayskull's history."
"I'm . . . I'm just a bit curious."
Eldor smiled wishfully, and nodded. "Nothing wrong with that, young Prince Keldor. Nothing at all. Castle Grayskull . . . it's a very interesting place. Perhaps one of the most important places on the entire planet."
Keldor perked an eyebrow. "Really?"
"Yes. Tell me, why are you so interested in Castle Grayskull? I spoke to your father last night and he mentioned your bringing up Grayskull at a strategic meeting."
Keldor nodded, face flushing a bit more with embarrassment. "Yeah. I . . . it's the power, you know? The history of Castle Grayskull. I've been interested in it for so many years, and I thought with the threat of Orc attack, that it may return to us."
"What do you mean by that? Coming back for the Orc attack?"
"Castle Grayskull is known for returning when Eternia is in danger."
Eldor shook his head. "No, no, young Prince. Castle Grayskull returns when the wheels of time and destiny fate it to return. Not when there is danger, but when the time is right."
Keldor's heart sank a bit. "What?" he asked, sharper than he meant it to be.
"Yes. Now, more often than not, a great threat means that time and destiny are turning, but not always one hundred percent."
Keldor nodded, a little upset, but not visibly so. "I . . . see."
"Is something troubling you, lad?" asked Eldor. Despite Keldor's attempts to hide his displeasure, the old master wizard was well-trained in ways of detecting emotions and thoughts without the aid of sorcery or telepathy.
"No. No, of course not. Uh, Eldor, do you know the time?"
"10 bells, Prince Keldor."
Keldor stood up from the table. "My apologies, Master Eldor. I need to go. The coronation is tonight and I must to prepare for it."
"Of course, of course. I shall see you later, I hope."
Keldor smiled for the first time since Eldor arrived at the table. "Yes. I'm sure you will."
The prince walked out of the library and into the morning air. As Keldor mounted his horse, Eldor's smile melted into a frown. He turned around and cast a simple spell to place the book the where it belonged. Then, he set out for the main hall. Within, the other members of the Council of Elders sat and watched their leader.
"It is time," Eldor said, his voice filled with remorse. "The fates . . . they bode not well for the kingdom of Eternos."
Kor nodded. "Then it would be in our best interest to put all our affairs in order."
"Quietly," replied Sparrow, another one of the Council of Elders. "To be too obvious would cause a panic."
"The time has come at last," sighed Ali. "The Third Age is ending, and the many changes that we feared would happen are at last happening."
Eldor sat down on his chair. "Unfortunately. The race of Men has always been a fine one, full of hope and potential. Both for good and evil. What happens to the royal family in the next few days will surely mark the path of destiny for all Eternia."
"How can we be sure? How do we know that Keldor is the one that brings the flame of evil back to Snake Mountain?" Schemendrick asked, known to be the youngest of the entire Council.
A low murmur followed for a few seconds, and everyone seemed to whisper except for Eldor. But when he did speak, Eldor's voice silenced them all. "Because," he began, "because I saw a orange falcon soaring above the Evergreen Forest. Its face was white and its beak was blue."
"Zoar," Frondor said slowly, his seat at the end of the Council chamber. "The falcon form of the Sorceress."
"Then it is true."
Eldor nodded. "Yes. The old road has been cleared and the trees have moved. Castle Grayskull has returned."


The horse's feet thundered across the road to Eternos. Prince Keldor left before dawn to gather the details of this plan. Unfortunately, as this new information from Eldor raced through his mind, things were starting to change. His plan was to follow the old maps to Grayskull's fabled location and hope that the arrival of Orcs would be enough to bring about its return. And then he would gain access to its secrets and claim the old fortress for his own.
But that plan would not work now simply because of Eldor's words. A threat would not bring Grayskull back. But perhaps, if the threat was even greater . . . great enough to force the wheels of time and destiny. Then, maybe . . .
Keldor's new plan unfolded within his mind. It would take work and to reach his destination, he would have to leave as soon as the coronation was complete.
A small voice in the back of his mind, though, told him to forget this plan. To leave things be. His father may just yet give him control of North Eternos. It was certainly a fine possibility. Keldor kept the voice in check as he led the horse through the city gates and eventually into the stables. As the stable-hands fed, brushed and tied the horse up, Keldor made for his room.
Just as he was rounding a corner, however, he slammed right into Randor. Keldor's bag went falling to floor, many of his books flying open as they landed.
"Keldor," grumbled Randor, standing up.
Keldor said nothing and started to gather up his books. Randor reached for one to hand to his youngest sibling, when he saw the inside and stopped.
"What is this?" he questioned, eyes flying over the page. "'Castle Grayskull sightings circa. 938-972?' Keldor, what is this fantasy?"
Keldor yanked the book out of Randor's hands. "It's none of your business, stupid brother!" hissed the young prince.
Randor furrowed his brow. "It is my business! Keldor, there are serious things going on here! Our kingdom is under threat, the coronation is tonight, and THIS is what you're concerning yourself about!? Castle Grayskull?"
"Randor, what I do is none of your concern!"
"YES IT IS! Do honestly expect me to stand here and watch you waste time on some silly, stupid research about some dead legend!?"
"It's not a dead legend! Grayskull is REAL! It's real and is more powerful than YOU or Stephan or Johanna or father or even the Elders!" And it was here that Keldor lost control of his words. "And it will be mine!"
Randor soaked the information in, eyes widening with disbelief. He shook his head with disappointment. "Keldor . . . you ARE mad."
"What do you know of madness?" Keldor asked harshly.
"What are you talking about?"
"I said: what do you know of madness?" It was less than a question this time, more of a lead-to into what Keldor said next. "Do you know what it's like to have YOU and Stephan for brothers? Role models that hate you; mentors that disrespect you! Do you know what it's like to have a heart like mine? A slow death, bringing disappointment and grieve to every move! Do you know what it's like to be blamed for your mothers death when you were barely born? DO YOU!? I ask you, Randor, my brother - WHAT DO YOU KNOW OF MADNESS?!?!"
Randor stood in dead silence, and watched his brother fume in the wake of his powerful words. Keldor pulled his books to his chest after a few seconds that seemed to last hours. He stormed off, leaving Randor in the quiet of the hallway, his brothers footsteps echoing in the air.


"He sounded crazy!" Randor said, throwing his hands up. "Really, honestly, he sounded crazy! But the thing is . . . everything he said sounded genuine. Like he really believed it. He believes that Stephan and I think he's an awful person, and that father blames him for mother's death! Can you believe that?"
Randor stared at his old friend for a deeper answer, but Lieutenant Duncan had none. Duncan had been Randor's best friend for many years, and knew about Keldor since their friendship began. He could believe it.
"Yeah, I can," came Duncan's reply. "After everything you've told me, Randor, I do. Just look at him! No friends, locks himself up in room. He graduated from classes so early, but hasn't chosen any sort of path in his life. It's almost like he just expects to be named king or something."
"Which he won't be," Randor returned, and a sudden realization entered his mind. "He'll never be king of Eternos. Not with that heart. He'd be lucky if he got any of the kingdoms. Heck, he probably won't get any of them."
Duncan shrugged. "I don't know, Randor. I really don't. Keldor . . . he's just different. I've heard rumors, you know. About this intense interest in sorcery. It's like he wants to be a sorcerer, but he hasn't chosen a master to follow."
"I know, I know. And it doesn't help that father basically just ignores him," Randor sighed. He sat down in his chair in the empty Mess Hall. "I . . . I just want to help him, you know? That's why I've been so hard on him. I just want to make him tougher, make him stronger. To make him a good prince. Someone to be respected and loved by the people of Eternos. Maybe I'm going about this all wrong. Maybe I should just . . . I don't know. I just want him to know that I do still care about him. He is my brother, you know?"
Duncan nodded and ran his fingers through his red-brown hair. He was well aware that this wasn't so much a 'I need advice' talk as it was a 'I need to vent' talk. "I don't know what to tell you, Randor. Maybe a reminder that you still care about him and that you don't mean to be tough on him."
"Exactly!" exclaimed Randor. "Exactly that! Thanks, Duncan. You're a good friend."
Duncan smiled. "Not a problem."


Keldor stood up from his desk and turned to his closet. He whispered a small word, pointed his finger and moved his finger to the left. The closet door flew open. Keldor smiled and pointed to a formal outfit. The violet clothes flew out, and Keldor caught them.
He had learned much. His skills were great and could only get better. He had no master save for those in his dark texts. King Hiss, the former master of Snake Mountain, who waged a war across all of Eternia in the Second Age. Hordak, the alien who became an apprentice to the Council of Elders in order to gather information for his invasion force. Morgoth, who was Hordak's successor and attempted the conquest of Eternia over fifty years ago.
A doubt came to Keldor, and he suddenly felt so small compared to these three legendary figures. How would history record these next few days? Would his involvement come to light and diminish his stature? No, certainly not.
As Keldor finished dressing for the coronation, decisions came to him - both behind and ahead. This would be the night. Was he right to follow King Hiss, Hordak, and Morgoth? Wasn't he? They were tyrants, considered quite evil. But Keldor . . . was he evil? No, not to his eyes he wasn't. These three accumulated power fast because of their dark texts. And he too, studied dark texts. But did studying evil make him evil? They say: 'When you study evil, evil studies you.'
Were these events evil? What could go wrong here?
Keldor once more found his thoughts going back to earlier. If his father announced that Keldor get no throne, then he would make Castle Grayskull return. If he were given either North or West Eternos, then . . . what would he do?
Keldor flushed out these thoughts as he entered the main corridor and arrived in the throne room. Much of the royal court had gathered. Melaktha, the royal historian; Rohad, Man-At-Arms; his brothers and sister; the royal council; and the court jester. Plus, royal guests, ambassadors, a ranger from the Elders, and friends. Even that idiotic Duncan stood among the guests.
He was on time, which was good. Of course, Keldor was seldom ever late. He stood with Stephan, Johanna, and Randor. King Miro nodded to all four, and then to court keeper. A bell was rung and attention was brought to the king.
Man-At-Arms spoke first. "Royal guests, ambassadors, rangers, family members, royal court keepers, captains, soldiers, and friends. King Miro, son of Daniel, and master of the kingdoms of Eternos has summoned you here. The year is 978 of the Third Age. This now is the naming of the line of succession and the division of the kingdoms of Eternos. So speaks now, his royal highness, King Miro."
Miro stood up, his royal robes draping from him. "Thank you, Man-At-Arms. The line of succession was a simple task for my father. He had no sons beyond I, and therefore I was appointed the lord of all Eternos. My family, though, has grown beyond what my father's was . . . despite the tragedy that took my . . . wife."
He paused. Randor could feel the tension in the air. There was a hesitation, and Miro seemed to weaken. Only for a moment, though, and then Miro returned to his speech. "The world has changed. And with it, so must we change. The line of succession will be named this evening, and with it, the new leaders of North Eternos and West Eternos. As well as . . . South Eternos."
At that, Keldor grimed. A small creep ran over his back. South Eternos was barely a trading post. Why was Randor smiling? What - what was he up to?
"Stand forward, my children. Sons and daughter of King Miro. Are you ready for the responsibility that I am about to give you? As your father, I ask you - are you ready to carry my torch, my name and hold it with honor and take on this responsibility? As your king, I ask you - are you prepared to watch after your subjects with strength, respect and integrity?"
"We are!" came the cry of the four.
"Then let the naming begin!" Miro returned. And he stood forward.
"Prince Randor, step forward!" Man-At-Arms cried.
Randor took a breath and took a few steps up, coming to the bottom of the stairs of the royal thrones. He went down on one knee, and his father walked up. Holding up the family sword, King Miro laid it down before Randor.
"Prince Randor, my firstborn son, I find you fit to rule the kingdom, royal palace, and city of Eternos in my stead. Do you accept this?"
Randor smiled, and felt choked up. "I accept it, father."
"Then after my death, you shall be the king of all Eternos, my son."
"Prince Randor, you have been named the next in line of the succession of Eternos. You may stand down."
Randor stepped back. Stephan and Johanna both smiled and touched him, sharing his joy. Keldor nodded and forced a smile.
"Princess Johanna, step forward!"
Johanna, a beautiful gray and blue dressing flowing around her, walked forward and went down on one knee before her father. Miro put the sword away and placed a hand on her shoulder.
"Princess Johanna, my second born daughter, I find you fit to rule the kingdom and city of North Eternos. Do you accept this?"
"I accept it, father."
"Then after my death, North Eternos shall be yours to command, under the power and lordship of King Randor of Eternos."
Johanna smiled and stood up. She grabbed Randor and Stephan's hands and squeezed. She put her hand on Keldor's shoulder and smiled to him. Keldor barely returned it, his decision to proceed now dependant on what would happen next.
Much like Johanna, Stephan bowed, but Miro once more did not have the sword.
"Prince Stephan, my third born son, I find you fit to the rule kingdom and city of West Eternos. Do you accept this?"
"I accept it, father."
"Then after my death, West Eternos shall be yours to command, under the power and lordship of King Randor of Eternos."
As Stephan walked down, Keldor felt a rage building within him. His heart thundered. Curse his heart, it was the reason he would receive no kingdom -
"Prince Keldor, step forward!"
Awkwardly and in pure shock, Keldor walked up and bowed.
"Prince Keldor, my fourth born son, I find you fit to the rule kingdom and city of South Eternos. Do you accept this?"
South Eternos! It was hardly a few shacks! What was this humiliation? This joke? This foolery? No wonder Randor had been smiling at its mention!
"I accept it, father," Keldor said, and didn't even realize what he said until after he said it.
"Then after my death, South Eternos shall be yours to command, under the power and lordship of King Randor of Eternos."
Keldor walked back to the four and was hugged by his sister, and was touched by his brothers. But Keldor felt no joy, and hardly even felt their touches. The plan would proceed because of this . . . hurt.
"So says the king, the successors have been named. It will be written and it will be done . . ." Rohad went on and on, but Keldor ignored him.
Things were now set in motion.

After coronation was complete, Keldor went to his room and checked the time. There wasn't much time left. He allowed his anger to subside, then went to work. He pulled out a large trunk from under his bed and threw it open. Inside were the essentials of his plan.
A horn was first, one found on the Dark Hemisphere that he bought at a market last year. Then, candles, a hammer and chisel, and the most vital piece - a Singing Crystal from the Crystal Caves. The last was a powerful item taken from a moronic family trip there two years ago. It would come in handy.
Keldor laid them all down and went to work as swiftly as possible. He used the hammer and chisel to break a large hunk off the Singing Crystal. He stowed the rest away, but kept the shard. He waved his hand over the shard and heard no song.
Using a permeation spell, he sung a song of 'Swift and Quickness' and 'Dark and Evil.' When he was finished, he completed the spell of permeation and set the shard down. He waved his hand over it and heard the songs he had sung.
With this task now complete, he lifted the horn. He set upon a curse onto the horn, making any words that came from that of strength and darkness. Keldor then placed the Singing Crystal onto the horn and it was done.
Keldor pulled on his violet cloak, put it all in his pack and left his room. His horse was waiting for him below, as he had arranged.
Just as Keldor was about to hop onto it, a voice cried after him. "Keldor! Wait up!"
Keldor turned around and spotted Randor approaching him. He groaned and stood his ground. "What is it?"
"I wanted to congratulate you!" Randor said, a smile placed on his face. He held his hand out for Keldor. Keldor, not sure as to what this was all about, reached out and took it. As soon as he did, though, he was pulled for a hug.
"It's great news, isn't it?" asked Randor.
"What are you talking about?"
The two separated and Randor continued to smile. "South Eternos! I arranged it! It would have just gone to the locals or under my direct control, but I thought it would be best to give you South Eternos."
Keldor felt a bit of anger rise, but fought to control it. "Why?"
"Why? Well, you ARE part of the royal family and it's part of our kingdom."
"But it's so small. Hardly even a trading post."
Randor nodded and put his hand on Keldor's shoulder. "That's just it! It has so much potential - just like you! I thought, by you getting the smallest of all kingdoms in our sovereign land, you would be the one that help it grow into something more."
Keldor felt like punching his brother in the face, but there was something else here. Something Randor wasn't saying. "I . . . I suppose I understand."
"I'm sure you're still in shock," Randor said. "That's okay, though. To think your awful older brother did something nice to you for once is probably a big surprise. But, I just wanted to let you know, Keldor, that the reason I am so tough on you is because I see a great amount of potential within you. And despite the fact that I don't necessarily agree with this . . . sorcery obsession of yours, I do feel as though it can be important to us. To Eternia, for the greater good."
Keldor was shocked by all this. "Yes, well, I . . . uh . . ."
"Don't worry about it, brother. You'll be a great king of South Eternos! And perhaps that sorcery interest of your can really help it grow!"
"I . . . I can only hope."
"Where are you off to?" asked Randor, as if finally taking notice of all that Keldor was doing. The cloak, the pack, the horse.
"South Eternos," Keldor lied. "I thought I should survey the land that I will one day rule."
"Good idea, though we may need you here."
"I'll be back by mid-day."
"Stephan and I are leaving first thing in the morning for West Eternos. To prepare against the Orcs. I shall see you upon my return, I hope?"
"Yes. I will be back."
"Then ride well, my brother, son of Miro and future king of South Eternos!"
Keldor mounted his horse, and paused before leaving. A bit of regret filled him, but he tried his best to push it away. And with that, he took off for the south.
As Randor watched his youngest sibling ride off, he smiled and felt good about this.
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