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Plans In Motion

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Keldor's plans are in motion as the Orcs turn towards Eternos!

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Chapter Three
"Plans in Motion"

Very few humans were able to do what Monteeg was doing. Last year, he killed the leader of a wild pack of Orcs and took control. He organized them, armed them, and gave them the power to destroy their enemies. A Man, commanding a legion of Orcs. How odd a sight it was, but still a sight of truth.
As Monteeg sat in his tent, looking over a map of West Eternos, he suddenly felt a doubt creeping into the back of his mind. West Eternos was being fortified by troops from the North and the central city. What Monteeg wanted to do, what his spirit cried out to do - was to use this as an advantage and strike at Eternos. But there would be know way to get to Eternos without troops from West Eternos outrunning them and reaching it before they.
Little did Monteeg know, his doubts were about to be fettered away. As Monteeg looked over a few other maps, an Orc came to the door of the tent. "Master!" shouted the Orc. "A rider came to the camp bearing the markings of Eternos!"
Monteeg perked an eyebrow and stood up. "Send him in."
The tent door opened and a young man about the age of 17, entered. He was thin and pale with a violet cloak flowing over his body.
"Who are you?"
The boy, Keldor, didn't answer completely. "An ally. I am a sorcerer."
Monteeg chuckled. "Are you? Tell me, sorcerer, why are you my ally? You bear the marks of Eternos, the kingdom in which I intend on assaulting."
At this, Keldor was quite prepared. "I was captured by King Miro's men two weeks ago. I escaped and heard about your camp. Thought you could use my help."
Monteeg smiled and crossed his arms. "I'm a bit of sorcerer myself, but what do you have, young one?"
Keldor smiled and pulled the horn out of his pack. "Blow this and it shall give your warriors speed of foot."
Monteeg hefted the horn in his hands and studied it. His powers sensed within it a strength and power that seemed to match what the sorcerer was claiming. "Interesting. Very interesting. Something so unlike anything I've seen before. Tell me, what price would you like for this horn?"
"No price," Keldor replied.
Monteeg studied his new ally. "Oh?"
"Er, no. No price, no payment."
Monteeg nodded slowly, but then took a deep breath. "I will remark your horse as one of ours. We have many scouts abound and having a rider with a horse bearing the markings of Eternos would be certain death."
"A fine price, great Monteeg."

Nearly an hour later, the remarked horse rode off towards the dawning sun. Keldor smiled to himself on his way north. He would not be returning to Eternos as he told his brother. As the Orcs would surely be heading there - using the horn to make their march faster - Keldor felt in his weak heart that the threat was great enough to force destiny to turn and for Grayskull to return.


"Princes Randor and Stephan have reached West Eternos, my liege," reported Rohad. "They are gathering troops. Prince Keldor, who Randor reported to be going to South Eternos, has yet to arrive as we know it."
Miro shook his head. "Don't bother with him, Man-At-Arms. He would be no good to us here. Continue the status report."
"I would like to send a few scouts northward. We've heard rumors of the Enchantress returning to the northern boarders."
King Miro paused for a moment. The Enchantress was a living legend. A witch that often times captured those that crossed her path and took them into another dimension. Miro nodded. "Yes. A good idea."
"We'll be on highest alert until the crisis has passed," Rohad told him. "Just in case West Eternos falls."
"I have faith in my sons, Man-At-Arms. Not to worry."


"Stephan! Stephan, wait up!"
Randor's brother spun around, his blue cape flowing around him. He had a big grin and Randor could already tell he was on Cloud Nine. "This is it, Randor," Stephan said, the late morning sun shining down upon the two brothers. "This is my kingdom."
Randor smiled. "Not yet, it isn't."
But those words meant nothing to young Prince Stephan, Randor realized. His brother didn't care - this was his home now, his responsibility. His kingdom, his throne. The people that walked these streets were his to protect and to lead. He was their king in spirit now, if not yet in title.
Stephan and Randor went to the edge of the large stairs that led up to the palace, where a good view of West Eternos could be found. It was marvelous city that held the western boundary for many a year. Though not nearly at large as Eternos, West Eternos was sprawled out across the countryside along the flat western terrain of the kingdom. In the center of the city was a mighty river that flowed off from the River Eternos leagues north of here.
As the pair gazed upon the great city, a rider on a horse galloped swiftly over the bridge. The scout. Randor and Stephan quickly rushed down the stairs and met the scout as he neared the palace.
"Prince Randor! Prince Stephan!" shouted the scout. "The Orcs are on the move!"
"What?!" yelped Stephan. "They are a day early!"
"No, sires! They are not going to West Eternos. They are headed further east - to Eternos itself!"
Randor gasped. "Are they mad? We can easily outrun them!"
"Your highness, something drives them faster and eviler! A horn, when blown, speaks a spell of darkness and destruction! They will reach Eternos by midnight!"
Something stung in Randor, then. Orcs weren't known to use sorcery. How could they have achieved this?
Randor pushed it away and concentrated on the here and now. "Send word to my father immediately. We'll gather as many forces as we can and we'll go to Eternos. We must move quickly! Go!"


Monteeg placed his lips at the end of the horn and blew hard into it. Sound flowed from it, echoing into the air. The Orcs roared, weapons gleaming in the early afternoon sky. It was incredible, this gift. Monteeg was curious about the man who gave it to him.
The boy.
Monteeg smiled. Prince Keldor . . . why would he betray his own people? Rumor had it that he was big into sorcery, something not very common in the Royal Family in a long time. Perhaps he had been shunned because of that weak heart of his. It was unknown, completely to him, though Monteeg had a few guesses. He kept the knowledge that he knew who Keldor was a secret, not even to the traitor himself. He wanted to see how things went from here.
"Move it, you maggots!" thundered Monteeg once more, and he blew into the horn. It was invigorating, even for him.
Monteeg sat back down. He was sitting on platform chair, carried to be a small number of Orcs. He watched as the sound and presence of the Orcs scared away animals. They passed by a few farms and Monteeg laughed as the puny weak Men ran for their barns and homes, seeking shelter from the army.
"Real men fight," said his General, Morak.
"Yes, they do," Monteeg replied. Morak was a known suck-up and had aided Monteeg when he first took commanded on these Orcs.
General Lursor was a different story. Lursor didn't seem to care whether or not Monteeg commanded them, just as long as he got his fair share of kills in. Monteeg wasn't a fan of those that killed without purpose, but Lursor served his role rather well.
"Less than ten hours 'til Eternos," Lursor reported.
Monteeg nodded and blew into the horn once more.


Despite hearing that the Orcs were now on the move to Eternos, Duncan was ordered to stay in the southern regions of the Evergreen Forest. Half the scouts had been recalled, but Duncan was stuck here. Why? He wasn't sure. Rohad had considered Duncan the highest of all the Royal Soldiers, although Duncan wasn't one to brag.
There was no point to this, though. The Enchantress had been sighted two days ago, traveling eastward towards the Enchanted Forest. Plus, it was broad daylight and she had never been seen other than at night. With the siege of Eternos about to commence in a matter of hours, Duncan was at the last place he wanted to be.
Just then, he heard a strange noise. It sounded like the rustling of feathers. But this wasn't a sound - it was noise inside his mind. Soon following, were words.
Come forth, soldier of Eternos . . .
Duncan sprung into action, his weapon drawn. "Who's there? Who is it? Come out now!" His heart thundered, sweat appearing on his brow. For a moment, he felt as though it was the Enchantress. But then, there was sound from above. Branches moved and shook - and a great falcon took to the skies from a nearby tree.
It was unlike any falcon Duncan had seen before. It was huge and orange, with a blue beak and white face. A calm fell over him, and he was suddenly at peace. She screeched, and her wings thundered gloriously.
Duncan watched it head north, and then heard the sound of a horse gallop. He turned around and was nearly run over by a horse and rider. The rider was wearing a violet cloak, and Duncan immediately recognized the markings on the horse. Orc markings. Surely, this was an Orc scout.
Despite the horse and rider being quite aways further than him now, Duncan ran after them all the same.


Johanna rushed into the Throne Room, her father seated at the kings throne as usual. "Father, the Orcs grow closer! Randor and Stephan promise aide, but it will not arrive until after the Orcs reach us."
"I am well aware of this, Johanna," grumbled King Miro.
"Summon for Keldor, father! He can only help us now!"
Miro took a deep breath. "Johanna, your brother has gone missing. And I care not for his affairs now. He would probably have me send out a search party for Castle Grayskull. No, this day does not belong to my son Keldor. It belongs to my sons Stephan and Randor. And my daughter, Johanna, to you."
Johanna shook her head, hating these words. "You speak of no love for your youngest son."
"Just as he would me," Miro returned sadly. "Keldor . . ." he began, but stopped in the middle of speaking. Whatever it was that Miro was going to say, it abruptly died on his lips. "It matters not. Johanna, see to it that all civilians are secured. I must meet with Man-At-Arms immediately."
Miro walked passed his second oldest, her mouth agape in shock . . . and fear.


Keldor came to a stop.
He couldn't believe his eyes. It was here, at last. At long last, it was in his sights. He leapt off his horse and looked upon what was before him and began to laugh. Across the stretch of land, sitting on a large rock surrounded by bottomless abyss was none other than Castle Grayskull.
It was a very large structure and looked quite ancient. On all four corners of it were towers, the two in front taller than the two back ones. As if supporting it were what looked like legs connecting Grayskull to the ground. A bridge began on land, and came to halt right at the abyss. Between the front two towers was a skull with two large fangs. These fangs outlined the door and drawbridge or, in this case, jawbridge.
Upon Keldor's first viewing of Castle Grayskull, one thought came to mind: it's alive.
He stepped forward, leaving the horse behind. He walked the road to the bridge, the twilight causing his shadow to grow; the winds of the plain whipping at his cloak. Keldor reached into his pack and readied himself. The defender and keeper of Castle Grayskull was said to be a beautiful woman, who had control over men's heart.
Keldor reached the end of the bridge and stood at the edge. A few small stones were knocked into the abyss and Keldor found himself waiting to hear them hid the bottom. Nothing. He looked up at jawbridge. His plan had worked.
"Castle Grayskull, I demand entrance! I am Prince Keldor, son of King Miro of Eternos! My kingdom and Palace is under siege and I seek the power of Grayskull to help them!"
There was a long pause and Keldor suddenly felt apprehensive. But then, after a few moments, there was loud clanking sound and the door to Castle Grayskull opened . . .
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