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Castle Grayskull

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Keldor has entered Castle Grayskull!

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Chapter Four
"Castle Grayskull"

The first steps were slow and timid. Keldor was nervous as he entered the foyer of Castle Grayskull. There was a strange and eerie glow in the room that caused Keldor to feel . . . watched. But still, he walked forward to a pair of large wooden doors.
As soon as he neared them, the doors opened themselves and the legendary Throne Room of Castle Grayskull was revealed to him. It was a large room with various statues, tablets, torches and tables standing about. At the other end, though, was the throne itself. It looked much like the open mouth of a skull of an ancient creature. The throne was settled within.
Keldor stepped forward and found the bravery within to call out. "Hello?" he asked.
Suddenly, a huge, beautiful falcon soared through the door and flew right over his head. Keldor stepped back as the falcon landed in front of the throne. It made no noise and just stared at Keldor, observing him closely. Keldor avoided direct eye contact, but felt violated as this creature studied him.
Then, a strange thing happened. The falcon glowed white and began to transform. In a matter of seconds, the eagle became a woman. Her face was very pretty, with stunning blue eyes. Young, but with an obvious wisdom about her that told Keldor that she was far older than he figured her to be. Her outfit was white and ended near her thighs. Her shoulders were covered in orange, and the clothes formed in two large wings that hung from her arms. The cloth was no regular cloth either; it was a strange sort of feather-like mesh. On the top of her head was what looked a falcon head, with the beak ending right at her forehead.
She was stunningly beautiful, but something about her Keldor didn't trust. This was the keeper of Grayskull, without a doubt.
"I am the Sorceress of Grayskull. I welcome you, Keldor son of Miro. Long has it been since I've gazed upon another mortal being."
Keldor nodded. "Yes. Fifty years was the last sighting of Castle Grayskull."
The Sorceress smiled just a bit. "Yes. I know. I am aware of the time."
Keldor felt a bit embarrassed, but didn't lose his stance. "I have come for . . ."
She nodded. "I know. You are the king's son? The royal family has much potential for both good and evil." The Sorceress walked up to him, coming within inches of his face. She locked eyes with him and Keldor could not tear himself away. "Your path . . . you destiny is clouded. There is much light . . . and such terrible darkness . . . but I know not where it comes from. Good and evil are clashing as we speak . . . in your future. But it is . . ." She paused for a moment, and then finally looked away. "You seek the Hall of Secrets."
"Yes!" gasped Keldor, taken aback by all this.
"Then come this way."
Keldor followed her, his weak heart fluttering at was about to happen. They walked through a large set of doors, and into a long corridor that was lit with torches. He saw paintings of people that seemed to watch his every more. Symbols and words were written on the walls. The castle looked in ill repair because there was the occasional dripping sound of water and a musty smell throughout the corridors.
After dredging up a long flight of stairs, they journeyed through one last corridor until reaching a huge set of wooden double doors. The Sorceress paused for a moment, her eyes fluttering. Locks on the doors came undone, and the doors creaked open loudly.
"The Hall of Secrets. This is where your path leads you," Sorceress said to Keldor.
A sinister smile curled on Keldor's lips. "Yes," he hissed. "At last . . ."
The Sorceress turned around, and immediately saw Keldor reaching into his bag. He retrieved a bag of sand and threw it at the Sorceress. The Sorceress gasped, for Keldor had moved too fast. The sand was cursed with a slowing spell and it struck her, causing her to move too slowly to act. Keldor then pulled out a chain. He whispered a few words to it and the chain seemed to come alive and wrapped around the Sorceress.
She fell, the chains becoming burning hot, then ice cold on her flesh. "NO!" she wailed.
"Silence!" Keldor ordered, pointing to her mouth. Immediately, her voice disappeared. Keldor turned around and entered into the Hall of Secrets.
Keldor walked in, and soaked up the visual that was within. It was a fairly large chamber, with an arched ceiling. The bottom half of the walls to the left and right were all shelves, each one with rows and rows of books. Hanging from the ceiling and leaning against the top half of the wall were weapons. Pedestals stood on both side as well with amulets, crystals, and jewels on top of them.
With the Sorceress taken care of, Keldor had his pick out of any of these. But it was what was at the end of the Hall that Keldor had set his sights on. There was a huge vault with a symbol in the center. The symbol was a square with four intersecting diamond shapes in a red cross. Keldor sensed something within that vault. That symbol . . . it was the symbol of Grayskull's power and strength. Behind those vault doors was its greatest weapon.
Keldor muttered a few words and outstretched his hand. A beam of power flashed from his fingertips, snapping against the symbol. The symbol shattered and the vault doors opened wide. Keldor's eyes grew large as he took in the sight.
The vault held four long wooden boxes, each one with a symbol of their own. Keldor recognized these. From left to right, there was 'Deception,' 'Darkness,' 'Protection,' and 'Power.' Just below was a shelf - on the shelf was a long golden staff. He ignored it, and turned his attention to the boxes.
There was a merle surrounding the objects within the vault. There was an entire array races ranging from the Avions, the Insectoids, Humans, Orcs, and even more. Places were also evident - Castle Grayskull near the boxes with Protection and Power; and Snake Mountain, the abandoned fortress, near the boxes Deception and Darkness.
Three Towers were also there, in between the pairs - one looking like Grayskull, another like Snake Mountain and the third - the center - was tall with a lion's head at the bottom. Above them was a man in a chair with armor on and a mask with big black eyes.
Above all of this was a huge eagle, resembling the one that the Sorceress had transformed from. As Keldor studied even further, he found that along the bottom of the merle were mini-statues of the Ancients and the Council of Elders.
Keldor stepped back and saw one more thing. At the bottom of the boxes between them and the Ancients and Elders were four smaller figures. Beneath the Deception box was a bat; beneath the Darkness box was a skeleton; beneath the Protection box was woman; and beneath the Power box was a man.
The vault was incredible, marveling Keldor to no end. He knew that these boxes held the key to his success and ultimate destiny here on Eternia. But which one? Surely, the answer was obvious. He reached for the box marked 'Power.'


Duncan came to sliding halt right at the edge of the flied. His eyes widened at the sight before him. "Castle Grayskull," he murmured. "Fortress of the Ancients, stronghold of good . . ."
The legends flooded back to him as he stood not far from it. The myths regarding its connection to some of the most important events in all Eternian history. He stood in awe of the mighty structure.
Help me! came a sudden telepathic cry.
Duncan tumbled backwards. "Who's there?"
Here, in Castle Grayskull! I have been attacked!
The voice in his mind was beautiful and filled with so much desperation. He pulled out his laser pistol and ran towards the castle.


Keldor opened the box and pulled out its contents. The box, which was held onto the wall by fasteners, contained a metallic sword. He held the sword in his hands, eyes tracing across its features. It was fine blade - the finest he had ever seen. But it felt wrong. It wasn't right, this Sword of Power. He reached for the Protection box and pulled out the sword from it. It was nearly identical to the Sword of Power, but the Sword of Protection had a jewel fastened to the crest. Once more, it felt as if it was wrong for him and Keldor replaced it in the box.
Finally, he reached over to the Darkness box. He opened it and pulled out the Sword of Darkness. It was looked exactly like the Swords of Power and Protection, but was instead of silver and metallic, it was violet. As Keldor held it in his hands, he could feel the power growing from it, joining with his own. This was the one.
Keldor reached for the last box and retrieved the Sword of Deception. Though it looked like the other three, it was also violet. Like the Sword of Protection it had a jewel on the crest, although this one was red. He held it, but didn't quite feel the immediate connection he had with the Sword of Darkness.
He grinned though, and just as he was about to turn around and start going through the rest of the splendid things in Castle Grayskull, a shot was fired.
"HALT!" yelled a lieutenant who came bounding forward.
"DUNCAN!" roared Keldor.
The prince took no chances. He channeled his power through the Sword of Darkness and unleashed a bolt of energy at Duncan. Duncan leapt out of the way, the bolt colliding with the wall. Bricks, dust and dirt exploded, allowing Keldor to make a mad dash out of the room.
Duncan was about to follow, when he saw the Sorceress. His heart jumped. Her face was twisted in pain, the chains still alive. Despite the pain, though, Duncan found her to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
Soldier, please! The first amulet in the Hall of Secrets to the left! Bring it here!
He ran into the Hall of Secrets and snatched up one that looked like a falcon. When he brought it to her, the Sorceress looked intently at it. The amulet lit up bright and fired a beam of light upon the Sorceress. Her voice returned and the chains dissolved.
"Return it and come with me! Prince Keldor must be stopped!"
The Sorceress moved first, running after Keldor down the corridor. Duncan was one step behind her.
"I didn't know he was that powerful," Duncan said aloud as they moved swiftly down the corridor.
"He is. I would have been able to stop him, but he caught me unaware. I will not be caught so again," she said determinedly.
"My name is Duncan."
"I am the Sorceress of Grayskull and - "
A blast of power stopped them in their tracks. Keldor stood at the end of the corridor, heaving for breath and beads of sweat all over his face. Duncan could practically hear his weak heart thundering away. "Stay away from me!" he yelled.
"Calm down, Keldor," Duncan advised. "Just drop the swords and come with me. I'm going to take you back to your father."
"NEVER!" screamed Keldor. "Don't you understand - I'm doing this for him! Now - GET OUT OF MY WAY!"
Keldor leapt forward, swords crossed. The Sorceress blocked a small volley of energy impacts with a force field. Keldor moved beyond them and crossed down another corridor.
"No! Keldor stop!" shouted Duncan.
Duncan and the Sorceress trailed behind Keldor as the trio ran down a winding staircase. After about a minute, they had all reached the throne room. Duncan had never seen Keldor run like this before. He ran like mad for the open jawbridge. The Sorceress waved her hand, and the jawbridge began to pull up.
But remarkably, Keldor had made it onto the jawbridge and leapt off it just as it was closing up. He landed at the edge of the abyss, yet stumbled. His chest roared in pain and Keldor dropped to his knees. The Sword of Deception fell from his hand and slid into the abyss.
"NO!" yelled Keldor, watching as the blade tumbled into the darkness.
Keldor then looked over and saw the jawbridge reopening. It took all of the strength within him to stand up. But he did, heart thudding so very loudly within his ribcage. He wheezed and coughed, his body wanting to just fall over.
Duncan neared him, weapon out. Keldor looked over and attempted a spell. His fingers clutched the Sword of Darkness, but he was heaving too much to speak. Within seconds, Duncan was over to him. The young lieutenant punched Keldor clean across the face, sending the prince to the ground unconscious.
Duncan then lifted the Sword of Darkness. He turned to Castle Grayskull. "What about these swords?"
The sword that fell into the abyss has moved passed my vision, the Sorceress replied telepathically. The one you hold can not be returned to Castle Grayskull. It is Keldor's now. His burden, his responsibility . . . his destiny.
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