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Battle of Eternos

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The Orcs strike at Eternos! Will Randor arrive in time to help his father?

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Chapter Five
"Battle of Eternos"

Rohad, Miro and Johanna walked out to the wall, and watched as the Royal Soldiers positioned below talked anxiously amongst themselves. Eternos was settled on a high plateau, with walls surrounding it, and a few great walls within. The only way in was the gate, but there was the chance that the Orcs would try and take down the wall and enter that way. The soldiers all seemed rattled and unsure of themselves. Rohad turned to the two members of the royal family.
"They could use some encouraging words," he offered.
"I have none to give," replied Miro.
Johanna looked to her father, who seemed far older now and seemed oh, so tired of his royal burdens. So she took up the offer.
"People of Eternos! Brave soldiers of the kingdom!" she shouted aloud so that all could hear her. "Stand your ground, this day! I know that this army has been lacking in the experience of war and battle, but for the glory of Eternos - we must remain strong! Fight not with weapons, but use the weapons as your own body! The bullet guns, the laser weapons, the arrows, the daggers, the spears, the swords - they are an extension of your body!"
There was stir in the army and Johanna knew she was rousing spirits. "Stand your ground, stand your ground for Eternos! Fight not for your king, but with your king! Fight not for your families, but with your families! Stand as one, man and woman, weapons and flesh, city and people! We shall shatter these foes like water against rock!"
The soldiers stood up and started to pump their fists. Johanna smiled and cried out: "VICTORY FOR ETERNOS! VICTORY FOR KING MIRO! VICTORY! VICTORY FOR OURSELVES! The walls will not fall, the gate will not be broken, the city shall not be breached! VICTORY!"
It was just then that a great and terrible horn blew. The Orcs appeared, marching quickly across the plains towards Eternos.

Monteeg went to work immediately. Morak's division would head north, around the plateau and towards a number of hills. Lursor was pointed towards the west, taking a position at the River Eternia. The legion was spread out in the best way possible.
Morak's division was placed among the hills, allowing them good cover from the laser cannons that would surely rain down from the wall. The hills were also high enough to allow for better strikes against Eternos and the army within the walls.
Lursor's division was against the river, which would allow for a swift charge against anyone that came out of the gate. Lursor's division was comprised of the most bloodthirsty Orcs known. Perfect against the soft-fleshed warriors of Eternos.
Monteeg himself was position at the base of the gate, but his Orc lines were spread out in a large triangular shape. This way, it would be easy to smash the gate open and allow for a swift entry and defeat.
Looking up at the walls with a pair of binoculars, Monteeg could see King Miro standing at one of the highest defensive towers - Man-At-Arms and his daughter Johanna by his side. The tower couldn't be hit, but that didn't mean anything to Monteeg. When he was done attacking Eternos, he would behead all three of them.
Monteeg pulled out the horn and blew hard into it. The sound carried through the air, signaling the attack on Eternos to begin.

Miro quivered when the terrible sound of the horn reached his ears. He turned to Man-At-Arms and Johanna, who both seemed unnerved by its noise. To Miro's horror, the Royal Soldiers seemed shaken by it's sound.
"No!" shouted the king.
"Stand your ground! The noise is bewitched! Stand your ground!" Johanna yelled out to the Royal Soldiers. "STAND YOUR GROUND!"
The Royal Soldiers listened to the royal family and did so. Weapons trained on the Orcs below, all across the walls, the troops prepared themselves for battle. Guns were loaded, lasers charged, arrows pulled out and cannons aimed.
There was a tremendous roar from below as the Orcs put themselves in their desired position. Dark clouds seemed to overtake the sky at that moment, hiding away the stars and moons. Miro felt a terror overcoming his heart.
Monteeg blew the horn again. It's ugly, awful, terrible noise echoed across the Orcs and the city. A lone arrow shot into the black sky, lit aflame. Miro knew exactly what that meant. It was signal to all other Orcs.
Begin the attack.
Orcs pulled out their crossbows and let fly iron arrows towards the front of the city. Monteeg and Morak's legions were striking first. The arrows soared up and struck a number of Royal Soldiers. Man-At-Arms ordered the Royal Soldiers to return fire.
The sound of arrows being drawn on string was heard all across the wall. The arrows of Eternos now shot downward, criss-crossing with the arrows of the Orcs. Orcs all across the plains crumbled against the arrowheads that became embedded into them.
Small explosions were then heard throughout Morak's Orc lines as cannons went off, sending cannon balls slamming into the walls. Bricks and people fell, toppled to the ground.
Lasers come forth from the walls, the beams a bright color as they scoured through the night sky, colliding with the Orcs. The old-fashion guns produced bullets that went side-by-side with the lasers and arrows.

And then Monteeg lifted up the horn once more and blew into it harder than ever before. The sound that came forth from its end was terrible and evil, filling the air with a noise that the Orcs thrived from. All of sudden, the Orcs felt stronger than ever before.
Lursor's division began to stomp their feet, a bloodlust filling their minds as the horn edged them on. Morak's division picked up their volleys and used the hills as a defense from the weapons from the walls.
Still, the horn sounded in the darkness of the night. The clouds grew darker and thunder was heard, and lightning flashed. The ground seemed to vibrate with the strength of the horn's call. The power of evil was building among the Orcs.
At last, Monteeg parted the horn from his lips and let out a great cry. "SHATTER THE GATE!"
His division rumbled forth, charging towards the gate to the city. He blew into the horn once more, the dark sound resounding through the air. The weapons of the Orcs seemed to have a greater impact against Eternos.
Cannons shattered the walls. Spears impaled up to five armored soldiers. The arrows tore through flesh at high speeds. The defenses of Eternos were being ripped into by the power of the Orcs.

Miro gripped the railing hard, all of his age seeming to come crashing down upon him. The horn had somehow changed the Orcs - empowered them beyond all belief. His forces were being crushed and the sound of the gate being battered filled his ears just as much as Monteeg's horn.
And then there was a new sound. A sound most unexpected.
"LOOK! FATHER! MAN-AT-ARMS!" yelled out Johanna from his side, gripping his arm. "RANDOR AND STEPHAN!"
Indeed, from the mountains to the west, and coming down a great slop were Randor, Stephan and the armies of North and West Eternos. They came in Attack Buggies, on horseback, and on foot. Randor and Stephan raised their swords, swinging them around in the air as their army came towards the Orcs.

Before Randor even knew it, there was blood on his blade. It slashed into Orcs positioned among the hills of the north. The Attack Buggies - small, four person three-wheeled attack vehicles - raced across the ground, unleashing bullets and laser beams from its passengers. Cannons exploded wildly as laser fire fell upon them, demolishing them and their Orcs masters.
Randor looked to his brother Stephan. He was using his fine swordsman-ship skills against one of the Orc Generals named Morak. Morak, though, was obviously not as well skilled as Stephan. The prince of Eternos lopped off Morak's arm and soon followed up by stabbing him into the chest.
Stephan then joined Randor as the two continued to push through the Orc lines. Knowing these lands better than the Orcs worked to their advantage. They thundered up and down the hills, slashing and taking the Orcs down once and for all.
After cutting through the Orcs that were positioned to the north, they came around to the Orcs led by their bizarre leader - the human named Monteeg. As soon as Monteeg spotted Randor and Stephan, he pressed his lips to a terrible horn.
Randor could feel the noise of the horn. It was almost like a burst of wind flowing right at him. His whole body seemed to crumble. His knees buckled from the power of Monteeg's horn. His arms felt held down by weight.
"No . . ." he muttered, finding strength from within him. He looked up at the majestic city of Eternos. The jewel capital of all Eternia. His city . . . his palace . . . his home.
"No!" he shouted then, voice rising as he stood up. "NO!" Randor's entire body came to full height and he wiped his sword around, killing an approaching Orc. He turned around at the rest of the soldiers, who seemed just as well put down by the horn.
His words shouted into the air, and seemed to shake the soldiers out of their stupor. They stood and went against the rampaging Orcs once more. The horn continued to blow, but Randor ignored it. With Stephan guiding the troops, Randor made for Monteeg.
Monteeg saw him and threw a spear at Randor while still blowing into the horn. Randor chopped the spear in half as it came towards him and kept running. He pulled out a dagger and threw it. The dagger went sailing into the air . . .
And struck Monteeg's wrist. He yelled in pain and dropped the horn. Randor reached Monteeg and kicked the horn away. Monteeg swung at Randor with his sword, but it was blocked. Randor kicked Monteeg in the gut and the Orcs' human leader stumbled backwards.
Monteeg was just about to counter-attack when sudden white explosions splashed above.
"No . . ." whispered Monteeg.
Twenty-five white figures appeared in the sky above, blue energy flowing their bodies. Eldor and the Council of Elders floated towards Eternos. Streaks of lightning cascaded from them, striking the Orcs below.
"NO! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!" Monteeg roared. He lifted another spear, but Randor kicked him in the face first.
"Better retreat first," Randor warned.
Monteeg's eyes darted across the field of battle. The armies of North and West Eternos were slamming into Lursor's division. The volleys from the walls were picking up in strength and ferocity. And now, the Elders were using their power to defeat the Orcs.
"RETREAT!" shouted Monteeg. "PULL BACK! PULL BACK!"
The Orcs stopped fighting and started to pull away from Eternos, heading east. Randor sighed a breath of relief as the fighting ended.


As the sun came over the horizon an hour later, King Miro went out to meet with Eldor. "My friend," said the king. "Eternos owes you a debt of gratitude for the Council of Elders' aid this night."
Eldor smiled at the king. "I thank you, King Miro. But I'm afraid there's a great problem here you must deal with. One that ties you personally to the battle that played out here at Eternos."
Miro furrowed his brow. "What?"
Eldor stepped aside to reveal Lieutenant Duncan, holding an unconscious Keldor in his arms. "Your son, King Miro."
"What happened to him? Lieutenant! Answer me!"
Duncan bowed his head. "I was forced to stun him, sire."
Duncan looked to Eldor, who placed a hand on Miro's shoulder. "King Miro, I am sorry. But it seems your son Keldor has committed crimes of high treason against your kingdom."
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