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Prologue (the other half of me)

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All members of the academy have to split up due to political reasons... This is how it all started. Song is 'The other half of me' by Within Temptation ft. Orphanage

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"Hey... Kitten. Come on, little angel... wake up."

The soft voice seemed to come from far, but when something stroked her cheek, Delilah tore her eyes open. Scarlett stood bent over her. Was it really Scarlett? This woman had an anxious look on her face, she was panting and her wide eyes showed how stressed and pained she was. Delilah was immediately awake.

"What is it?"

Scarlett didn't seem like the question. She closed her eyes, pained, and turned her head away from her.

"Pack your bag, kitten. Take everything with you. Leave nothing behind. Be discrete. You have 30 minutes." The voice was barely a whisper, and before Delilah could blink, her door stood open and Scarlett was gone. From the other side of the corridor, coming through the open door of Julius' room, she could hear Al debating with Julius, who didn't want to leave without knowing why.

Delilah glanced around. Pack everything? Be discrete? Leave nothing behind? What was going on?

And it hit her. She would leave the Academy. They all would, apparantely, since she heard how Al and Scarlett did every room, knocked on every door, awoke every student with the same message.

Tears streamed down her cheeks while she pulled out her travelling bag and started picking out clothes.


For once, there was no single noise in the meeting room. Normally, you expect nothing else in a room filled with 75 boys and girls between 12 and 19. It always seemed as if the buzz of muttering hung in the air.

But not that night.

It was 2.58 AM, according to everybody's watches. Two more minutes, and the 30 minutes of packing would have passed. Delilah, already there for some minutes, yawned widely and quickly held her hand out before the empty chair next to her, when a younger girl wanted to come and sit next to her. The younger one threw her an irritated look and opened her mouth to make a snobby remark, just when Julius stormed in, threw his bags to the side and slid in the chair. The girl turned on her heels and left.

3 AM. Punctual as ever, Al stood up and turned on the microphone. "Good night, all of you. I'm afraid that it's not with good news we awake you on this ungodly hour, man. It hurts me to say... we are, like, betrayed."

He looked over to the side where Scarlett sat and swallowed hard. The gasps were heard all across the room. When Al found the force to turn back to his audience, his normally chilled voice as mixed with hurt, anger, tears, sorrow, fear. Nothing like they were used from him.

"One hour ago, the United Nations decided that we, the organisation of the Academy, are traitors to our country and to the world. Different sources gave them the information that we would be a cover for dangerous, terroristic group that is working on a nuclear bomb. We would train you to be nothing but soldiers, who would die anyway. We would plan to take over the world. They have turned us in that we always fight."

Scarlett hid her face in her hands. Every girl in the room, including Delilah and Ursula, was crying, and along with them most of the boys, too. Those few people, who had decided to toy with world politic, had taken away their lives. Every single one of them realised, that this would be the end of the live they had always known. These were bad words. The consequences would be much worser.

Over the hills, lies a new beginning
Over the hills

"They have our punishments ready. Prison. Don't worry about trials. They will make it fit their way. If we don't do anything, everyone is doomed for a life-time behind bars. But we won't let that happen. It is now Scarlett and mine's priority to all get you safe. Every single computerfile is crashed and crushed. Those of you who have a home to go to, will find transport ready. If you never speak a word of this to anyone, it is impossible for the enemy to find you. Never meet again. Never say a word. You'll have to leave as soon as possible, like, now. GO!"

64 children stood up, mostly the younger ones. Crumbling beneath the weight of pain and sorrow, they ran to their bags, pulled them with them and dissappeared through the door. Immediately, cars were started outside. Motorbikes left, helicopters took off.

Scarlett took over now, facing the 11 remaining students. Al stood behind her, his back to the others, his face in his hands. His shoulders shaking.

"We have almost everything set for you. But there are always possibilities. For you, there are always ways to be found. It will be hard for you to be safe. Therefor, we have to ask of you, end this life. Figurally, off course, but step out of it. The moment you leave this room, you are no longer who you thought you were. We will give you a totally new life, and you will leave this one forever. Live in another country, around other people, living another life, seperate from eachother. I know this is something very hard which I ask of you, but for now, it's the only way to stay, well, alive."

She broke into tears and stepped of the stage, walking towards her 11 oldest student. Ursula ran up to her and fell into her arms, crying her heart out on Scarlett's shoulders. Some also went up to them, others went to check on Al. Some sought comfort with eachother. Delilah and Julius still sat on their chair.

Delilah look straight before her. "I can't do that, Julius." Was the only thing she kept whispering, her cheeks wet by tears too.

"You have to, De. It's the only way to stay alive. Being far away untill the pressure is gone. But you will never know how much it hurts me... It's the only way."

Over the hills, there is a way I know it
Over the hills

Delilah laid her head on Julius' shoulder and started crying again. "I can't, I can't, I can't!" She kept repeating, louder now. "I can't leave this life, or you, Julius! This is what I've always been, and what I'll always be!" She looked up at him through her red eyes. "We can do this together! Really, we can just go underground and make it through together!"

Something happened that Delilah would have never expected. Julius grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back. "Look, De, I hate to do this, but get a grip! That won't work. We'll even have problems stay out of sight apart! It isn't possible, Delilah. It's the kind of future that I would want with you, but which I'm unable to have!"

You can't bring all the gloom

"Why won't you try? Why do you just quit us? I don't want to leave you! I can't live without you!" Delilah snapped back. "I never told you, but I love you, Julius! I bloody love you! I'm not able to leave you!"

Your heart is frayed and so empty

Julius, silenced for a moment, rested his forehead against Delilah's. "I love you too, Delilah." He whispered pained. "I was so stupid not to let you know. I'm so sorry. I've been loving you so much, for so long..." He swallowed and turned to his mind again. "Try to share my vision, Delilah. Together, we wouldn't survive. But remember, even though we're apart, our love will survive."

You glorify the future
Living in a different world than me
The journey ends in death

"You don't even want to try! Why don't you realise? You just make me complete, I can't, I won't live without you!" Julius' heart broke when Delilah said those words. She looked so... delicate. She really didn't want to leave him. He loved her so much for that.

You are giving up so easily
You are the other half of me

"Look, Delilah, listen to me. I'm doing this because I love you. I don't want you to die or to be put away in prison for the rest of our lives. If I can love you, I want to do it properly. And one day, I will be able to. Just not now. Please don't let my love drive you away from me. I know you want to stay, and how unreal it may sound, I want you to leave... for your own good."

Then he did something he would have never thought he would do. He undid his father's necklace of his own neck and hung it around Delilah's. "We'll meet again."

We are drifting apart
Chilled to the marrow, cause you don't want to go
Cause we've got a different wish at heart
The amulet guides us to the other side


"Come, like, here, man." Al grabbed Delilah's shoulders and pulled her against his breast, kissing her forehead. "Take care of yourself, little girl. My little Delilah. Promise me you'll take care?"

Delilah looked up, and even smiled. Here they stood, all four of them. It was 5.25 AM, and they stood in the middle of Quebec City. It had been easy to break into Delilah's safe and get out her papers and extra money. Everything was divided between her and Julius. Al and Scarlett changed places and Delilah grabbed her 'second mother', for what maybe would be the last time, while Al hugged Julius.

The elders broke away. "We have to go now." Scarlett whispered. "If we stay longer, it will be harder to flee the country."

"Remember." Al said his last words. "We will find you again. No matter what. From the moment we are settled, we'll start looking for you, and we'll find you. No doubt. And when it's needed, we'll meet again. No doubt, man."

Delilah and Julius only nodded, and hardly blinked while the two got into their car, and drove away. They finally looked at eachother.

"This is it, then?" Julius sighed. Delilah nodded. "You got me finally that far. You do realise, if anything happens to me, I'm so gonna blame you?"

When I go down it's you who'll bleed

He grinned, happy that she, on the last moment, had found her humour back. "You know you can do that, Dee. Anything can happen to me, as long as I know you're okay, I don't care. You make me complete, Dee."

I'm not scared to die, as long as I'm with you
You are the other half of me

Julius suddenly bent over and took Delilah's face in his hands. She closed her eyes the moment his lips met hers. Nothing more. Sober, simple, and yet so warm. It was a long, light but loving kiss. One that told everything.

They broke apart, staring in eachothers eyes. "I love you. Remember that." Julius simply said.
"I love you too. Good luck." Delilah just answered.

They both turned around. Julius put his backpack on. Delilah took her handbag and grabbed her travelling bag with her other hand. They didn't look back. They left, with their backs to eachother, each another way out of the city. Another way to another life. A safe one.

Over the hills, lies a new beginning
Over the hills
Over the hills, there is a way I know it
Over the hills


So... this was the prologue, hope you all liked it. Thanks for Pands, Darks, and 'Mione to get me to finally write it! Please let me know what you think and if I should update it.

Ciao! xxx-Tisia
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