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Arriving in London (Somewhere)

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Julius gets a letter that sends him halfway around the world, on the way of meeting his past. Song is 'Somewhere' by Within Temptation

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Julius sighed and laid his head back. He never liked to fly when he wasn't able to control it. Reaching down for his bag, he heard a stern voice on the intercom. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are arriving at Heathrow Airport, London. The time here is 1.50 PM and the temperature is 19 degrees. Please fasten yor seatbelt and prepare to land. After landing, please remain seated untill the plane has fully stopped. The crew thanks you for flying with British Airways!"

Quickly pulling a paper out of his bag, Julius fastened his seatbelt and laid in his chair comfortably. He took a deep breath before looking on the paper. He was in the middle of a crowded plane, he couldn't risk crying now. It had been 2 days since he had received the letter, and by now he both hated and loved it. Finally a word from someone. After 12 years of silence, finally news.

Lost in the darkness
Hoping for a sign
Instead there's only silence
Can't you hear my screams?

The letter was written in a small, female handwriting. He had recognized it straight away. Only one look at it had made his heart jump. He still rememberd it clearly, how his flatmate Daniell had thrown him the letter casually. "Oy, mate, mail for ya. Ya know some'ne livin' that far away?"

A normal white envelop, with an American stamp, from the island of Hawai. His name and adress written neatly on the front, in a bold writing. He rememberd how he and Delilah always used to say that Scarlett had some sort of 'black' handwriting. Julius had almost torn the envelop to pieces in order to get the letter out as soon as possible. It was important, he knew it. It was news from the others, who he hadn't seen in so many years. It was information. For the first time in 12 years, he would know where Delilah was.

Never stop hoping
Until I know where you are
But one thing's for sure
You're always in my heart

The first time, he had read the letter so quickly he didn't have the slightest idea what was in it. He had reread it. And again. And again. And by the end of the fourth time, his face had been soaking wet, his eyes red and thick, he was unable to speak. Daniell, having returned from the kitchen, had thrown him a funny look. Julius normally wasn't the one to cry. "Ya a'right, mate?"

"He's dead." Had been the only thing that Julius could whisper, while the letter had slipped out of his hands and fallen on the floor. Without asking, Daniell had picked it up and skimmed through it. He didn't know the real story behind Julius, but he had heard enough about the 'Al and Scarlett' to know that they were something like his adoption parents. And now, the 'Al' was gone.

"I'm so sorry, mate, really." He had sat down next to his crying flatmate and had patted him on the back. "That's really bad news..."

Julius, taking a deep, long and shaking breath, had asked: "What does it say further? I haven't got the nerves to continue..."

Daniell had run over it again. "Wel, this 'Scarlett' writes that she wants you in London for Al's funeral, there is a ticket enclosed." He bent over and grabbed it from the floor, where it had fallen. "Your plane leaves two days from now, from Sidney Airport. And she writes that she has send letters to gather everyone for the funeral. It's... weird..." Daniell had looked at Julius from the corner of his eyes, clearly not understanding the contents of the letter. "I quote: I hope everyone will be there, including you, kitten. It is time for meeting again, it's been to long. Everyone has to come. For Al, for us, and for our past. End quote. Strange letter. You going, I presume?"

"Certainly." Julius had said firmly. "I don't know when I'll return. If I do return to Australia."

Julius snapped out of his dreams. The plane had safely landed and most of his fellow passengers were applauding. He looked through the letter one last time before putting it away. He had to find the dance-studio 'Make some noise', where he would meet someone with whom he could stay. Tomorrow would be Al's funeral. In the letter, Scarlett didn't seem to want to say who this contactperson was. He didn't even know if it was someone he already knew from earlier or not.

Would it be? But what would she do in a dance-studio with international succes? But could it be her? Would he finally find his Delilah back? His memory from 12 years back was clear as crystal. Their first kiss, their depart. He had stepped into the first taxi that crossed his way and demanded to take him to the airport. And he had seen her, one last time. She was standing at the busstation, waiting to get in. She hadn't seen him while his taxi passed her. 12 years. Would she be found in the dance-studio? Would he find her?

I'll find you somewhere
I'll keep on trying
Until my dying day
I just need to know
Whatever has happened?
The truth will free my soul

Julius got off of the plane, and the London weather felt surprisingly warm. He remembered again, when he and Delilah had been in London for a mission. What was it again? Something with plants... and a female doctor that had once given him a kiss. His memory seemed to come back in little pieces. A sophisticated professor that had turned out to be the bad guy, with his grandmother... And art galeries, and Delilah who told him to grow up.

He wanted her back. He wanted her so much right then. Everytime he thought of he felt a sting of pain in his heart. It stayed there, all the way while he gathered his bags, exited the airport and took a taxi. The driver seemed to know where the dance-studio was, and started his car. Julius' heart ached. Was he on his way to Delilah?

Lost in the darkness
Tried to find your way home
I want to embrace you
And never let you go

The taxi driver tried to start a conversation with his passenger, but Julius barely answered to his questions. The man was almost glad when they reached their destination. "Dance-studio 'Make some noise'. That's 12 pounds, please."

Julius paid the driver, gave him a royal fee and gathered his bags. When he got out, he realised he was in front of a big sportcentrum. A large, square, white building, which was doing his best to look inviting. When he entered it, he saw they worked with the color system. 'Make some noise' had the color yellow and was situated on the second floor. Seeing that it was his only chance in London, he got into the elevator and pressed the button for the second floor.

The first thing that caught his eye, was the difference. The second floor was painted in a soft, orange colour and everywhere were flowers. Posters and pictures, too. Posters of competitions, shows, and international dance teams. On the pictures were always large groups of girls, holding a cup or medals. Apparantely, the danceschool had a lot of succes.

A young, blonde girl sat behind a desk and immediately looked up when he exited the elevator. "Good day, sir." She said politely and smiling. "Welcome to dance-studio 'Make some noise'. How can I help you?"

'I wish I knew.' Julius thought. "Erm... I'm suppossed to... meet someone here, I think..." He knew how ridicilous that answer sounded, but surprisingly enough, the girl seemed to understand.

"Oh, you must be mister Hawkling." Julius' mouth fell open. How did the girl know him? Or the name he had been using for the last 12 years? The girl didn't seem to notice his surprised look and continued. "The chef told me you would come. You can leave your bags in the office. This way, please."

She slid from behind her desk and entered a small door next to it. It gave entrance to a large office, of which the walls were almost all made of glass. Julius did his best to not glance around to much, since he didn't want to seem rude, but he couldn't help but noticed some things. Trophies in a closet, more pictures on the walls. And on the desk. While dropping his bags behind it, like the girl told him, he saw one picture that struck him. It was a rather large one, but it showed 7 people. It was a group picture he knew very well. He, Delilah, Ursula, Emmet and Nosey, standing between a very proud-looking Al and a care-free laughing Scarlett. Pushed inside the frame also was a smaller picture of him, Nosey and Delilah, taken on their last ski-trip.

It hit him again. His Delilah. What would have become of her. He knew that, if he would meet her again, she would have changed a lot. Certainly on the outside, since 12 years can do something to a person. On the inside, too, probably. If she was still alive. It hurted him to think like that, but he had to keep in mind that that was a possibility, too. It could be. He had a feeling that she was still somewhere out there, but there was alway a possibility.

Almost hope you're in heaven
So no one can hurt your soul
Living in agony
Cause I just do not know
Where you are

"Mister Hawkling? Are you alright?" The girl's high voice snapped Julius out of his thoughts.

"Yes, sorry, yes I'm okay." He quickly said when he said her worried look.

"Great. The chef told me, if he wasn't ready, to send you to the main room. You see, we're a bit busy now." She pointed at poster next to her desk when they left the office. "We have a big show coming up, next Friday, with lots of international guests coming, so the trainings and repetitions are doubled. Right now, there is a major rehearsal going on, led by the chef himself."

Himself. Not herself. Not a woman. Not his Delilah.

The girl led him through a corridor, which suddenly turned into a window. They stood outside a large room, which consisted of nothing but mirrors and high-tech music installations. Groups of girls were sitting on the sides, while one was standing in the middle, apparantely preparing to start dancing.

"There is the chef." The girl suddenly pointed at a man in the corner, who stood bent over the music installation. He was wearing black pants and a green shirt, and his quite long brown hair was tied in a ponytail. "He told me to ask you to wait here until the rehearsal is over, and you can enter then. Otherwise, he was afraid your presence would crash his concentration. He's quite punctual, you see." She giggled nervously, as if she had said something against the law. "Now, I must return to my desk. Have a very pleasant day, mister Hawkling."

Julius just nodded while she left. He stared through the window and tried to recognize who the man was. As if he knew he was being watched, the man stood up and turned around. But he didn't look at the window, but at the girls in the middle of the room.

"Are you ready?" Julius could hear him yelling through the window. Apparantely, the window was made especially so it would be possible to follow the training while not being in the room. The girls jumped up and ran to their places, clearly nervous, and all took the same stance. While they were waiting for the music to begin, their trainer didn't seem to keen on starting it right away.

"You wanna give a show with that, next week?" he yelled at them. "Andrea, do you have any muscles in your knee? Then bloody stretch it! Kim, you call that a line? Get on your place! And for God's sake, Amelle, take care of your position! You look like a sack of flour! Pull in your ass, pull back your shoulders and smile!"

The man somehow made Julius think of Scarlett, and that made him smile. He rememberd the fencing classes, where she would yell things like that at him. He was always so much worse than Delilah in fencing. This similarity somehow stronged his belief. He would find, see, meet Delilah again, somewhere in the next few days. She would be there.

Wherever you are
I won't stop searching
Whatever it takes me to go

With growing admiration, he watched the group of girls preform on a techno-dance song, with intriguing lyrics, something about poison. What they did was amazing. He could see clearly now why this dance-studio had such a positive world-wide reputation. These girls were incredibly good and well-trained. Their routine was something between gymnastics and jazzdance, but with a good portion of streetdance. When the song had ended, their trainer seemed to be content with the way they had preformed.

"Okay, girls, it was... well pretty okay I guess. Those minor things we can work out during the rehearsal on Monday evening, so you have to be there. Also the second group," he pointed at a group of girls in the corner, "has to be there to. On Wednesday, we have the major training with al the groups from 1 to 6. Thursday evening, groups 7 and 8, our little ones, and Friday, two hours before the show, the big, last, general rehearsal with EVERYONE." He sternly looked around and looked at every girl. "You can all go now."

As quickly as they could, all the girls stood up and ran to the doors on the other side of the room, where the showers and changing rooms were. Julius waited untill the last one of them had closed the door. Then he took a deep breath, reached for the door of the mirror-room and pulled it open.

The man looked up when he heard unfamiliar footsteps enter. He stared into the man's eyes, opened his mouth to ask him what he was doing there, and was unable to close it again. "Julius?"

Julius was hit with sorrow, tears even hitting his eyes. How come he hadn't recognized this man right away? His best pal for so many years?


Both men ran across the room and fell in eachothers arms. And although they both tried to fight it, their eyes were glinstering with tears. Nosey pulled back first. "My god, you've changed! How, and certainly, where, have you been, Julius? God, I was so happy when Scarlett told me you would come to stay with me! It feels so incredibly good to see you again."

Julius smiled. "I lived in Sidney, Australia. I had a job as a teacher on an elite-highschool. But you've seemed to found your job as well, I see. I would have never thought that 'Make some noise' would be your dance-studio!"

Nosey laughed and slammed Julius on his back, guiding him back out of the room. "Yeah, never thought that from The Stinker, huh? It's great seeing you again. How about, we go and drop your bags off at my place and we go for dinner, then? Much easier to talk."

Julius agreed by nodding. He went to take his bags out of Nosey's office, while 'the chef' made some last appointments with the girl behind her desk. Then, he turned around. "You got everything? Let's go, then."

They said their goodbyes to the girl, and stepped into the elevator. While the doors closed, Julius asked the question he had been longing to ask. "Do you know anything about Delilah?"

Nosey just pulled up his shoulders. "I don't know, actually. I know Scarlett has found her, but I don't know if she will be there. And Scars refuses to tell me where she lives. But I think it's not really far from here. I mean, not at the other part of the world, like you did. I know we live in about the same time-zones. But that's it, buddy, I'm sorry."

"It's allright." Julius simply said. "I'll find her."

I'll find you somewhere
I'll keep on trying
Until my dying day
I just need to know
Whatever has happened?
The truth will free my soul

My chapters are going to be waaay to long, I already know. But this is, to thank everybody who reviewed, it means a lot to me. I hope this chapter fullfilled the high expectations! Well, let me now, review!

Ciao! xxx-Tisia
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