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Where Am I?

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Atlanta wakes up...please just bear with me here, it doesnt suck as much as it looks!

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Atlanta woke up many hours later, and felt pain all over her body. It was like how she felt when she was being tortured and when her finger got cut off. She opened her eyes and her eyes stung when they opened. She was in a very unfamiliar place and was scared to death. She thought she was dead and would spend eternity in tartarus. Even though it hurt like hell, she sat up to see where she was. She realized she was in a cage, above smoking hot lava. She saw a figure lying right by the bars. She crawled over to the figure and gasped at who it was; it was Theresa! She was alive!! Atlanta began to shake her.
"Theresa wake up it's me!" Theresa groaned in pain but still did not wake.
"Terri wake up it's me Atlanta." Theresa groaned again and Atlanta shoook her a little harder, her voice raising.
"THERESA IT'S ME ATLANTA WAKE UP!!!!" With no hesitation, Theresa's eyes shot open and stared at Atlanta for a good two minutes. Theresa didn't know who that was at first....but then she realized that it was her best friend in the whole world!
"Atlanta! You're alive!!" Theresa sat right up and hugged her tightly. Atlanta hugged her back and she felt herself beginning to tear up.
"Theresa!!! I thought that you were dead! I was so scared that you were dead!!" She continued to sob into the older girl's arms and Theresa rubbed her back, hoping to soothe her.
"It's okay Lan....I'm here for you. I dunno how much i can do for you, with my broken leg." Atlanta let go of her and looked at her leg and saw how disfigured it looked. Atlanta then looked at the smoking hot lava outside their cage and felt disoriented. She looked at Theresa, with confusion and fear in her eyes.
"Theresa....where am i?" Theresa looked into her friend's eyes and was thinking of an easy way to tell her the truth. She took a deep breath and finally told her.
"Atlanta....We are in another, but worse version of Tartarus....we only have an alotted time to live....unless Jay and Archie beat the task that Cronus has bestowed upon them. If they break any of the rules....We will die." Atlanta held back a panicking scream. She didn't want to die! She was only 15!! Finally she let out the scream.
"Please I don't want to die! It's bad enough i already lost my finger, i dont want to lose my life as well!! Oh Theresa this is probably the last time i will ever see you! And i will never tell Archie i love him!!" Atlanta began to sob and then Theresa pulled her into a tighter hug. They both knew that if Jay and Archie didn't save them soon, their life was over....literally!
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