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Is That....Theresa and Atlanta?

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Jay and Archie are walking down the path....and see Theresa and Atlanta!! Is it really them? Or is it a trap?? r/r to find out =D

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heyyyy guys! Sorry i havent updated in a while, i have had a ton of homework and i have been busy with all my shows, singing and thinking of other ideas for stories after this one is done hint hint wink wink nudge nudge lol well enjoy this chapter you guys:D

Archie and Jay walked down many paths with twists and turns that began to confuse them. Archie sat down on a rock, exhausted.
"Jay can we have a rest for a few minutes? I'm exhausted." Jay shook his head.
"NO!! We have to keep going!" Archie rubbed his wonky heel in pain.
"Jay we have been walking for two hours almost! I can't walk for that long on my heel....please Jay! Two minutes at the most." Archie gave him a puppy dog look and Jay rolled his eyes. Jay just sometimes couldn't say no.
"Fine....two minutes; no more no less." Archie smiled with relief. He normally gets his way. Archie was about to lay down on the sandy road, when something started to ring in his pocket; it was his PMR. He went into his pocket and answered it. It was Mr. Suez.
"Archie is that you? Is Jay also there?" Archie nodded.
"Yeah we're both here....what's the panic?" Mr.Suez's voice sounded panicked.
"Atlanta disappeared." When Jay and Archie heard this, they freaked out.
"WHAT?!?!?!" Mr.Suez looked sad.
"We were both looking for Campe, and then she started to scream and saying all this stuff about making pain stop and then she disappeared. I'm so sorry." Archie looked at Jay, with wide eyes.
"Cronus must have her; same as Theresa!" Jay took the PMR out of Archie's hand and looked at Mr. Suez, with pleading eyes.
"Mr.Suez....please....can't you tell us anything about where Cronus might be holding them?" Mr.Suez shook his head.
"I'm sorry but I don't know....I'll message you guys when I know for sure." Jay nodded with disappointed eyes.
"Kay thanks." He hung up and gave the PMR back to Archie. Jay looked at Archie and saw that he was as white as a ghost.
"You okay Archie?" Archie shook his head.
"For the first time in a really long time....I'm not okay." Jay understood that he was upset about Atlanta and put a hand on his shoulder.
"Arch....don't worry....we'll find Atlanta....we just can't give up hope. Atlanta always gave us hope when we needed it, so we can't give up hope on her." Archie forced a fake smile.
"Thanks Jay." Jay smiled and then they continued to walk down the confusing pathways.

They walked for many more hours and still had no hope in finding Theresa and Atlanta....until they saw them running in the distance! Jay's eyes widened!
"Archie!!!! There is Theresa and Atlanta!!!!" Archie looked and saw them running around freely and nearly screamed.
"OH MY GOD!!!! THEY'RE OKAY!!!!" Jay looked at Archie with eager eyes.
"Archie, C'mon let's go make our vows of everlasting love to them!" Archie smiled and nodded as fast as he could.
"I'll race you there!" With no hesitation, they both began to run after them.

Cronus sat in hi slair and watched them running after Theresa and Atlanta through his crystal ball. He smirked and laughed an evil laugh.
"Look at those fools....wait until they see what will really happen...."

CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe dont worry, I'm going to be updating more often so don't you guys
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