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The Wrong Kind of Fate

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Jay and Archie run after the two girls and end up in a place....SURRONDED BY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!!!! what will happen to Theresa and Atlanta? Will Jay and Archie betray their love for them for a bunch ...

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heyy guys!!!! wow i updated quicker than i had planned=P lol well i am pretty upset about my gilmore girls and supernatural stories(still got no review) so but I'm glad to see how well this one is doing :D lol enjoy you guys!!!!

Jay and Archie were running after them and were screaming at the top of their lungs.
"THERESA!!!!! ATLANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!" They would not stop screaming until they finally turned their heads and looked at them. Jay and Archie followed them into a cave and everything was dark as night. Jay looked around in the darkness of the cave dazed.
"Theresa? Atlanta? Where did you lead us?" Archie's voice called out.
"ATLANTA!!!! where are you?" His voice echoed throughout the cave and then all of a sudden, a dim pink light shun through the cave, showing figures of many beautiful women in VERY revealing outfits came towards them. Archie's eyes widened.
"Whoa....are these chicks....into us??" Jay turned his head the other way so these girls wouldn't see how utterly disgusted he was in their sluttiness.
"Looks like it, but we have to go now....we are looking for the girls who are supposed to be our girlfirneds so wish we could stay but...." Jay was interuptted by a tanned girl with sandy blonde hair flowing down and she was wearing a beige, almost see through top with macthing SHORT SHORTS to match. She brushed a sweaty hand on his face.
"C'mon me all you've got." Before Jay could say anything, she pushed him down onto a rock that was sitting by and all these other girls circled him and that one girl sat on top of him and she un did all the buttons on his shirt, and she ran her fingers down his six pack and grinned.
"You have a six's makes me wanna kiss you right now." Jay struggled to get free.
"NO!!!! I don't want to be kissed by you! I want you to take me to my girl- i mean....hopefully future girlfriend!" A girl who was standing behind them, stroked his hair.
"Aww honey....why would you wanna leave such sexy girls like us? We will show you our slutty side if you stay." Jay tried to get up and see where Archie was, but saw that a group of girls were talking to him, trying to kiss him, but he refused. Jay tried to scream for help.
"ARCHIE!!!! A LITTLE HELP OVER HERE!!!!" The girl that was sitting on top of him pressed a hand over his mouth and began to shush him.
"Shh....don't you worry and all ninety nine of my sisters will let you two go....too be sacrificed at the top of the volcano!" When Archie heard that, he left the girls who were flirting with him and ran over.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO BE DOING TO US?!" The girl looked at him and smiled.
"It's something we nymphs do....any boy who refuses to be ours....shall be sacrificed at the top of our volcano....ladies! Get the rope and we shall bring them to the volcano!!" The one hundred girls screamed 'YEAH' as a few girls began to tie Archie and Jay's Hands behind their back and lead them up to a volcano. They had a really bad feeling about all of this.

The nymphs pushed them on the ground, on the edge of volcano and gasped. Not because of the volcano; becuase Cronus was on the other side. He smirked at them.
"Well boys, it seems you've made it this far....don't worry you boys will see your crushes shortly when they die and go to elysium fields." Jay stood up and had a very angry look in his eyes.
"Don't you dare touch them!!!!" Cronus looked at the two boys and smirked.
"Don't worry boys....I won't be cruel....I will let you see them for the last time." Rigth when he said that, Theresa and Atlanta came running to them. Atlanta hugged Archie and Theresa hugged Jay. Atlanta looked at them both and had a hopeful look in her eyes.
"Listen to's not too late....kiss us now....if you do, we will win the game and then Cronus will go back to Tartarus....just kiss us now and then we will win." The two boys both thought the exact smae thing; YES!!!! With no hesitation, they both leaned in to kiss them and after kissing for four seconds, Atlanta and Theresa broke off, with angry eyes. Archie was confused.
"Girls....why do you look so mad?" Cronus was heard laughing and told them why.
"You foolish boys....these two girls aren't Theresa and they will die."

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol yet another cliffhanger!!!! lol well don't worry it's going to get good, just keeping reading and reviewing!!! love ya guys
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