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White Powder, Smoke and a Dragon

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A mysterious white powder, smoke, and Falcor

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2006-11-27 - Updated: 2007-08-13 - 621 words - Complete

The tour was winding down...there was only a month left. That same night bert had tried to embarass lily about kris, aka, douchezilla, all the bands went to party together on the Used tour bus. When bert heard that quinn had invited Opiate....he was less than thrilled. 20 minutes later, he was so drunk he didn't even care, or comprehend most of what was going on.
Lily sat with bob on the couch, beer in hand. She wasn't drunk yet, and was enjoying her conversation about chicago with The Used's resident "sound guy". Bob reminded her of her older brother, tom.
"Yeah, I grew up there wasn't so bad, you know?" Bob said, sipping from his beer bottle.
Lily nodded, and he continued to talk. Her eyes wandered, and she scanned the bus. Bert was attempting break dancing, attracting a crowd. Lily wondered where gerard was....when she saw him, she stopped breathing. All sound stopped. All Lily could hear was the slow beating of her heart, which began to pound violently, beating faster and faster as she comprehended what she was seeing. Gerard's black hair spilled over a mirror. He had his hand at his nose, a small tube in his fingers...white powder neatly arranged in rows...
Lily felt like she was going to explode. Throw up. Cry. Scream. Burn. She sputtered something to Bob and stumbled off the tourbus. The fire began to fade away....smoke rising up her throat in curls, making each breath a struggle...ragged. It stung her eyes, making them water.
A voice made her sob in suprise, "Hey"
She saw, through her blurry blue eyes, a perfect, white smile.
"Hi" lily sniffed, voice cracking with pent up emotion.
Kris Mayson stood in front of her, "Are you ok?" he asked, arms crossed, face full of concern.
Lily shrugged, "Im fine." she forced a smile.
"Youre, lily, right?" he asked gently, black hair falling in his eyes.
Lily nodded.
He extended his hand, "I'm Kris". As lily took his hand, she looked at the dragon on his arm.
"Thats falcor" he said with a smile.
A perfect white smile.
Lily let out a small, weak, laugh.
Kris's face became serious, "Why do you hang out with those guys?"
Lily took in a breath, "What? Gerard and bert?"
"Uh...they're my friends. What's wrong with that?" she said, trying hard to block out what she had seen,tears coming up at the very thought of it.
"You know they're gay, right?"
Lily couldn't believe what she was hearing, "What?!" she gasped, "No, they're just-"
"Totally gay." Kris finished, "When you're not around, they makeout all the time."
Lilys head was spinning. Gay? They were just friends....she had seen them kiss before...but it was a peck...a was for show. It was just funny...right?
"No, they're...." she began to explain, but was cut off.
"It's true. I heard them say their anniversary was on the 3rd. They talk about it all the time Lily...just never around you...I don't think they want you to know..."
The mirror...the powder....
The smoke was filling her throat...she couldn't talk...she felt so cold....
"Hey, why don't you come with me? It's warm on my tourbus..." Kris offered, holding out his hand, his deep brown eyes warm and welcoming.
Lily nodded blankly, and was led off into the darkness to Opiate's tourbus. Thoughts of what she had seen filled her mind..the fire was gone. She felt so cold....
He was just like her...he was just like lily... a year and a half ago. Lily rubbed her nose as she stepped onto the warm, softly lit, bus.
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