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The band approaches lily with concerns

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Lily put some coffee into the microwave and pushed a button. She tood in front of it, arms crossed, hugging herself in the morning chill. Ryan edged past her and reached for something in the mini fridge.
Everything seemed to be absorbed by the mornings silence.
Ryan stood eating jiff peanut butter out of a jar, his now short black hair flat on his head from a good nights sleep.
Lily stood by the microwave, the pale blue light of the morning spilling over her. Her blonde hair fell over her white tanktop. Will's scooby-doo pajama pants were warm and smelled like old spice. They made her feel secure...that smell always made her calm down. It reminded her of her father,her brothers...they all wore old spice. It made her feel at home.She hoped will didn't mind she was wearing them.
The microwave beeped, and she took the mug out with a small sigh. Without words she poured a bit of milk into her coffee mug, adorned with teddy bears and hearts. After pouring what some would consider to be "too much" sugar into the cup, she stirred it all together, the spoon clinking daintily against the white porcelain.
Ryan's lips smacked. Lily sipped. Their eyes met and ryan gave her a weak smile.Lily shrugged and took another sip. He put down his jar and came over and stood next to her.
"You know, when we were in highschool, I didn't think you were fat."
Lily raised an eyebrow;what an akward way to break the silence, "Uh, thanks."
"Well, I didn't. I always thought you were a super cool girl...cute. And now, you're beautiful." he finished with a pat on her shoulder.
Lily stared blankly into her coffee.
Ryan continued, "Lily, the guys and I were talking..."
"Oh shit.." Lily sighed.
"No no no,its nothing bad." Ryan assured, "Well, lily, you've been through a lot the past couple of years. You've had to deal with a lot of..issues...with US too. You've managed to get through it all to be HERE. To be on tour, with make a name out of yourself...of all of us..."
Lily nodded in silence.
"What I'm trying to say is...I was there the other night....and...I saw you leave." Ryan trailed off.
Lily tensed up. Ryan continued,
"You don't need dont." he said quietly. He nervously touched his eyebrow piercing, squishing skin against the bar. Lily hated when he did that.
"We just don't want you to go back to the way you were..." he said in a whisper.
High pitched laughing...struggling with every step...everything was so blurry...nose bleeding...white powder mixed with red..It'll stop....god I need it..IDONTNEEDHELPI'MFINE.
Her eyes came back into focus.
"Promise me." Ryan asked.
"I promise"
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