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Text Messages and Reunions

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Gerard gets a nasty text

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u suk cock
Gerard read his new text message aloud under his breath.
He raised an eyebrow and scrolled down..
Bert 2:45 pm
Gerard smiled and began to write back,
fuck you. what are you doing? just got here.tired.
Gerard lay back on his bed, the crisp, flat, hotel room sheets providing little comfort. MCR was meeting with Reprise in LA to talk about their new album.
Things were going pretty well...the new music video was a hit.
He remembered sitting in brian's office, looking at the walls. He had pictures all over...of the bands he managed, friends and family. His heart stopped when he saw a picture of a smiling lily, playing rock-paper-scissors with a sweaty bert. He couldnt believe what had happened..or that she had let it happen...he hated him..and that band...
His phone vibrated,
theres a beautiful flwr in my apt
Gerards heart beat faster.
"...and then the girl sold it on ebay! on ebay" Bert laughed loudly, slapping his knee.
Lily was laughing so hard her eyes were watering,
"Oh my god, sound just like him.."
"OK ok ok..." bert took in a deep breath and sighed,
"This is on the rocks. I SAID NOT on the rocks! Ice chips your teeth, lily, I'm not being ridiculous!"
Lily fell onto the kitchen floor, head pressed up against the linoleum, laughing insanely, "I cant believe you remembered that!"
Her face turned red, paralyzed by laughter. Bert did the best impersonation of kris.
She stopped laughing and let out a big sigh, and one last chuckle. She smiled, looking up at the ceiling.
"Hey..." bert said, "Remember gerard?" he asked, extending his hand.
Lily took it and he pulled her up,
"Yeah I remember gerard.." she grumbled, dusting herself off.
"He's clean now." bert said, glancing at the door.
"Yeah..." lily said, "So i've hoping you mean hygeine as well..."
Bert shrugged, "You can't ask for the moon, lily..."
"Well, im glad hes off...cocaine.." Lily said akwardly, remembering that day.
The mirror..the powder..oh god....
"Yeah...some bad shit..FUN, but bad.." bert added.
Lily rubbed her nose out of habit. She looked up at bert."HEyyy....." Bert whispered.
"What?" lily asked, arms crossed,looking past him.
"You used to..." bert rubbed his nose.
There was a knock on the door.
Bert just stood there, staring at lily. They were locked in eachother's gaze.
Another knock.
"Are you going to answer that?" Lily asked quietly, not wanting to spill her past all over berts kitchen.
Bert's took a step forward, and kissed lily on the cheek, "Hey, its-" Lily felt her face burn.
Another knock.
Lily sighed angrily and stomped across the room. She unlocked the door and pulled it open. The blood in her body stopped flowing. Her heart stopped beating.
"H-hey lily.."
Lily felt her body temperature rise. She hoped her face didnt look shocked...look calm...calm...
"Hey gerard..uh..." lily fumbled to speak...
"Heyy you mother fucker!" bert yelled, pushing past lily and jumping onto gerard. Gerard struggled and then fell into a hug.
Bert pulled gerard inside, shutting the door behind him.
Lily suddenly felt shy. She quickly checked her reflection in the window...RED?! She was mortified. As bert and gerard talked, lily evaluated his new...self?
He looked cleaner...his hair had been washed...his clothes didnt look too dirty...he looked....
"Pretty good then, huh?" bert said, talking to gerard about the new album.
"Yeah...its doing great..been busy though..." Gerard replied. He shifted his gaze to lily, who didnt realize she'd been staring in silence. How obvious was she? Dammit dammit dammit.
"So how have you been, lily? What are you doing up here?" Gerard asked politely, sweet smile on his face.
"I've been great..just finished the new album...we're going to shoot the videos soon..." she trailed off awkwardly.
Bert sighed, "You guys are so fucking akward!" he teased, coming over to rub lily's shoulders.
"Hey," she defended, "We're just catching up."
"Yeah," Bert rubbed her shoulders harder, much to her protest, "Catch up faster. Here."
Before lily could protest bert had pushed her into gerard, squishing them together into a hug.
"THERE! reunited and it feels sooo goooood " bert sang as lily burned up inside.
"Hey" Lily said quietly, as they hugged eachother softly....
He didnt want to break her...
"Hey...." gerard whispered, "It's nice to see you...

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