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Video Concepts and Extras

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Saint Lily's new video is dicussed, and bert wants in on the action.

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Lily hung up her cell phone and sighed. She rubbed her forehead, "I have to start shooting in a bit... "
" Ah, for your new album? Whats the video going to be about?" gerard asked, sitting next to her on the couch. Lily tilted her head to the side, hand to her neck. Her light blonde hair fell on her thighs like a pale curtain,
"Its an alice in wonderland theme....Im alice...but Im not really find out its all in my head, and Im in a mental institution. Really quite dramatic..." She said with a smile and a shrug. She turned her eyes to bert,"So like..its going to be all creepy and wierd...right? "
Lily shrugged, "I guess so... "
Bert laughed to himself, "Are they going to make you slutty alice? With your boobs.. " he held out his hands in front of his chest, emphasizing size.
Gerard smiled.
Lily laughed out loud, "Hell no. Im not about to flash the world my tits, thanks." she said with a snort, crossing her arms over her chest.
Bert laughed, " Tits..ahahahhaha. "
Lily sighed and tilted her head back, letting it rest on the couch.
Bert broke the silence, a look of realization and hope on his face, "Dude...can I be an extra? "
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