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In Wonderland pt 1

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Going ons during the shooting of saint lily's new video

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"Lily, we need you in makeup! Oh.." Matt broke off when he saw Bert and Gerard at Lily's side.
"Hey Matt, I was wondering if Gerard andBbert could be extras....?"
Lily asked her manager, who was standing completely silent,holding a clipboard.
"Uh, yeah...sure..I think we have enough costumes..."
Matt gave Lily a skeptical look. S
he knew what he was thinking: what the fuck are they doing here?
"Ok, great, thanks!" Lily beamed, grabbing Bert's hand, leading he and Gerard to makeup.
The makeup room was brightly lit, a row of chairs on each side, in front of mirrors. There was a soft buzz about the place, everyone hurrying quickly to finish the extra's makeup, and move on to the band members. When lily stepped into the room, her band members, who were beginning to be made up, looked away from their transformations to greet her. They waved their hands, shouted hellos...and then became absolutely silent. What was she doing with...them?
"BUTTERBALLLLLL!!!!" Bert cried breaking the silence, running across the room to a distraught looking Will.
"Hey Bert.." he grumbled,his eyes becoming wide as Bert threw his arms around him, pushing his scruffy face up against his. The makeup artist yelled at Bert to get off, for fear he'd ruin Will's facepaint. Lily could see will fighting off a small smile. As bert made the rounds, Gerard made small talk with the rest of the band members. Bert was in the background, ruffling Ryan's hair and singing The Facts of Life theme song.
"Hey man,"Ryan began, pushing Bert away, "I heard you're clean now, right on." he said, nodding his head at Gerard.
Gerard smiled, and nodded, running his fingers through his hair, "Yeah, thanks..its been hard, but its totally for the best...I was pretty bad...but I feel so much better now" he said awkwardly, putting his hands into his pockets.
Ryan nodded, "Yeah, I know what you mean...Lily had a real hard time too. It was like we were all recovering, you know?"
Lily's face drained of color. Gerard looked at her, mouth open. Luckily, at that moment, a makeup artist yelled for her, and she sped down the aisle to the open chair. She sat down and took a deep breath, glancing casually at Gerard to find him chatting with ryan in a low whisper, stealing glances at Lily. Ryan nodded and gestured with his hands. Undoubtedly they were talking about her.She sighed and turned to Bert, who shrugged his shoulders and took a seat in an empty chair next to will. She shouldn't be ashamed..she was better now...
Lily eyes looked amazing. She had been wearing black eyeliner for the past couple years and wasn't used to the exotic makeup on her face. She had smoky black eyeshadow on her eyelids, with flecks of glitter here and there, and long, fake eyelashes. It wasn't over done, but just enough to make her eyes pop. She had some blush on her cheeks, and a light, but noticeable, shade of pink on her lips. As they straightened her hair, she looked in her mirror to see bert being fitted with a monacle, and a fake mustache. Gerard laughed as they applied the mustache onto Bert's upper lip. The hair stylist finished Lily's hair and sprayed it, and put a black head band onto her head, her side bangs neatly across her forehead and tucked behind her ear securely. Alice indeed. She slowly got out of her chair, careful not to mess up her hair somehow. She came up behind Bert and Gerard, who were both giggling.
"Excuse me, young man, but I believe you've eaten some of my crumpet!" Bert said loudly in a british accent. Gerard laughed out loud. Lily smiled, Gerard's laugh is so cute.
Will was wearing a white suit. White jacket, undershirt, pants. On the breast of his jacket , however, there was a red heart. His short blonde hair was neatly combed to the side. Adam had kohl black eyeshadow all around his eyes, and wore a black top hat. He looked quite scary, dressed in a an all black suit that looked like it was from the victorian era.Ryan was wearing a small blue bowler hat, and a purple vest. He wore black pants and a blue coat with tails...he held a long cigarette holder in his hand. He was ashamed to be wearing black cat eye liquid eyeliner.
The extras were dressed appropriately, all looking like animals (there was a peacock lady that lily couldnt take her eyes off of) or people from england in the late 1800's. Bert was wearing a horrible brown pin striped suit, a tweed jacket, and a bowler. He was wearing a salt and pepper toupee to match his mustache. Gerard was wearing a small black top hat, a white collared shirt under a brown vest, which in turn was under a black blazer. He wore black dress pants, with a watch chain going from the vest down into his pocket. His hair looked combed and clean underneath his hat and fell down to his mid neck.The sober gerard took care of his hair better.That was a change lily was happy about.
A feminine looking man wearing a cher farewell tour tshirt came to lily, holding a dress on a hanger, "Oh Alice, here's your costume..." he said, displaying it on his arm, "Here, put these on too." he gave her a pair of white tights and directed her to her changing room: a curtain.
"Uh....are you sure this isnt too small?" Lily asked warily from behind the blue curtain.
"Why?" the attendant asked.
"Uh...Can you come here for a second?"
Lily looked for the attendants shoes under the curtain and opened the it a crack.
He peered in, and put his hand to his mouth,"Oh honey..."
Lily frowned, "I know..I cant go out there..." she said with a nervous frown.
The assistant scrunched up his mouth and raised an eyebrow, "Let me in." he demanded, stepping inside, sweeping his well groomed hair out of his face. He put his hands at his hips, and sighed. He put his hand to his chin, " Its supposed to be subtle, yet sexy..look how good it makes you look...those curves!..but.." He paused and his eyes wandered to lily's chest, "Now, Im not looking for a lawsuit, so just try and.." he put his hand to his chest, flat though it was, "Readjust..." he gestured with his hands. Lily looked down with a look of skepticism.
"Ok, I think I have it under control..." Lily said stepping out a couple minutes later. Her hair covered her cleavage, which would've been normal to any other girl, but slightly mortifying to her. She didn't like to show off her body. She never did. It scared her a bit..she was afraid of being made fun of..afraid that people would see her flaws.
She wore her alice costume, the classic light blue and white dress with white stockings and black mary janes. No doubt, they had tried to modernize the dress, making it slightly shorter than lily expected, resting slightly above her knees. The neckline was low, dipping down to reveal lily's chest...which she attempted to cover up with her hair. The dress clung to her in the right places and the skirt flared out charmingly. It slightly eccentuated her smaller waist and showed off her long, slender torso,hips and curves.
The assistant, who lily later learned to be named cameron, grabbed her by the shoulders,
"Honey, if you got it, flaunt it. You're surrounded by them crazy." he said with a wink, "Make that little treat over there" he said, pointing to gerard, "work for it."
Lily smiled, "What?" she felt her face grow red.
"I may be gay, but I'm not blind. I saw you staring...and that other guy..." Cam pointed and scrunched up his face, shaking his head from side to side, "Somebody needs to wash their hair...not to mention get it cut and styled...."
Lily put her hand over her mouth, trying not to laugh.
"Don't worry about look great." Cam reassured her, pushing her out onto the main floor, and into the crowd.
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