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In Wonderland pt 2

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"Lily, over here." Matt called as she stumbled into the room.
Lily looked around her, gingerly taking her first step into the buzzing room, reluctant to be judged, her chest rising and falling with each breath she took. Her black Mary-Janes had heels, about 1 and a half inches long, that clicked on the smooth floor as she walked. She spied her band, huddled together on the other side of the room. Ryan stood by matt, watching lily walk towards them, a perplexed look on his face.
"Aww, lily you look lovely my what we're going to do first-" matt was interrupted by a zealous will, who took a spot next to Ryan,
"You look like a pornstar.." he said with an amazed grin, only to be elbowed in the ribs by Adam.
Lily crossed her arms over her chest, only to attract the wandering eyes of every surrounding male, much to her horror.
About five minutes later, after reviewing the upcoming shots and scenes, lily was sent to the cinematographer to go over where to stand and what to do. As she walked across the room, she spotted Gerard and Bert standing with the other extras, still highly amused at their attire. As she neared them, they became silent, staring at her. Lily raised an eyebrow as Bert spoke,
"Excuse me, young lady, but may I be so bold as to ask your name? Perhaps you would like to get some tea? Some crumpets, perhaps?" he said, adjusting his monocle to look at her chest. Gerard tipped his hat to her, a small grin on his face. Lily, who had been walking past, stopped in her tracks and looked at them, a bewildered look on her face, eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. Bert's mouth fell open as his eyes seemed to clear with realization,
"Oh shit!" he cackled in disbelief, "Lily?!" he laughed his raspy laugh, eyes wide, taking her in.
Gerard stood there with a smile, a bit embarrassed. Lily blushed, hands at sides awkwardly.
"You look fuckin..." Bert began, looking her up and down.
"Gorgeous" Gerard finished with a small smile.
"Bert, out of the shot!" the director yelled through a megaphone as Bert snuck onto the set, "You're in the dance scene, NEXT, not NOW."
Bert jumped back out of the camera's view, and waited impatiently for the next scene.
Lily scrunched up her nose, "Did they glue that on you?" she asked, gesturing to Bert's upper lip.
"Yep," he said, smoothing his hand over it, "Did they glue those on you?" he asked with a grin.
"Bert.." she sighed, rolling her eyes.
"No, you perve! I meant your eyelashes!" he insisted with an impish grin.
At that moment Lily was called to the directors chair.
"Ok so, we've gone over this scene. What's going to happen is you're going to dance with an extra, and then when you spin around, BAM, right into Adam. Like, crash!" the choreographer,charles, a small Italian man named wearing a 49ers trucker hat, illustrated this by dancing with one of the assistants, spinning and then slamming into matt, chest pressed up against him, "Ok? So, dance, spin, bam...very simple"
Lily nodded.
"You took dance lessons, you should know, right?" Matt said, rubbing his chest absentmindedly.
Lily nodded, "I guess you could call them lessons..." she said, a bit annoyed at Matt's understatement.
Matt sighed, "Sorry, not lessons, dance...SCHOOL."
Lily pouted silently, four years at a ballet academy meant nothing now.
"Right, so...should be no problem..Theresa, where's Eddie? Sick?" the choreographer put his hand to his forehead, "Plan B: Ok Alice..pick someone you're attracted to. We need chemistry. Anybody you can move with.."
Lily scanned the room.
Matt laughed, "Why are you even looking?" he sighed, and looked at the choreographer, "Gerard Way." he said in a tired tone of voice.
Lily gasped, "Hey, I-"
Matt looked at her, eyebrow raised, as if to say, "You aren't fooling anybody."
Charles shrugged and held the megaphone up to his mouth, "Ok, extras and dancers, get in your positions," he held the megaphone away and said over his shoulder to his assistant, "Becky, go review a bit with them for a second," he spoke into the projector one more, "And Adam and Gerald Way, we need you up here for a moment."
"Its GERARD" Lily corrected feebly, still miffed at Matt telling her secret....she thought she had covered it up so well. Was she really THAT obvious?
Gerard walked up, a confused smile on his face, Adam in tow. Charles set the megaphone down,
"Hey Gerald, you're going to do a simple little dance with Alice, alright?"
Gerard looked at lily, "I am?"
Lily shrugged. Charles continued to speak,
"Lily, come here." he motioned for her to come near him, "Adam, over there." he motioned for Adam to stand a few feet away, "Ok Gerard, watch carefully. Lily, do what I showed you."
Lily had never imagined dance would ever help her in this career, but suddenly she felt a bit proud, a bit special. She took charles' hands and positioned her legs. They began to do a simple waltz, the director counting out loud the whole time. He extended his arm and she spun, running into Adam softly.
"I said SLAM lily, SLAM." Charles stressed, emphasizing the word.
Lily blushed under Gerard's gaze and nodded.
"Ok Gerald, are you a quick learner?"

"Now remember you guys, INTENSE." Charles said to lily and Gerard, pointing at his eyes, "Look into each other's eyes, and make it INTENSE, I want to see fire..chemistry. And from what I hear..." his voice dropped to a barely audible mumble, "that shouldn't be problem.."
"Now Adam, she's going to come in and BAM, you need to look menacing, scary...lily, look afraid, and then get the hell out of there!" Charles said, reminding them before the shot.
"Ok everyone, take your spot..." Charles yelled, and stepped back to where the director was sitting, behind the cameras. The set that day, which was a mystical, glittering forest, was amazing. Everyone took their places and the music blared. Lily found it odd to hear her voice played so loudly over the speakers, the chorus echoing, bouncing off the walls. It started out calm, and full of emotion, but built up into anger, into full out yelling.
" So darling, prick my skin,
knock me
it meant no-thing to you.
It meant nothing to you.
And all of this time
and all of this
All of the blood you sucked oh the mess you made oh the mess you MADDDDDE
Bleed baby bleed baby bleed, it meant nothing, it meant nothing cant you seeeee?
As you walk the night, as you walk my streets as you cross the boundaries of broken dreams can you tell me
it mean nothing

The song went from angry to delicate, drifting through with a soft, lullaby of a melody, Lily's vocals sweet and saddening,
"In this this wonderland..of...lies.
it meant nothing and everything,
opening up to me,
showing the insides,
letting you in, falling down the rab- bit holleee...

The song picked up and grew angry once more, the guitar conveying the anger and sorrow. Lily caught Bert rocking out on the set, head banging with the peacock lady.
Lily smiled, and took her place on the stage, and the music began to play, the extras began to move, to dance. Lily made her way through the crowd, mouthing "In this wonderland...of this wonderland of..." and then she approached Gerard, or more so, found him. He held out his hand, and in what seemed like a dreamy state, she took it. Gerard put his hand at lily's waist, gently, yet forcefully at the same time, and unexpectedly pulled lily towards him. Lily's body burned where his hand felt like melted lava. He put his hand in hers, and she put her hand on his back softly, if not awkwardly. This all happened in a matter of seconds, but it seemed like forever. They began to dance, in a way that reminded Lily of the Labyrinth...except Gerard wasn't nearly as creepy as David Bowie. As they danced they remained in eye contact, flowing over the dance floor like ghosts. Lily's heart seemed to flutter, to swell in size with each second she remained locked in his gaze. His eyes were so beautiful...she could see him fighting back a smile, and before she new it she was spinning away, and slamming, as Charles put it, into Adam. After looking up at him with a look of fear, lily ran away, pushing through the crowd....
"AND CUT..."
Lily stopped running and looked up at the director, "That was great you guys...We're going to watch the play-back and then we'll see what we'll do next, so everybody sit tight.."
Lily walked to the director's chair, the rest of the band tagging alongside her.
"Great look here lily..." they watched the playback of her finding Gerard, and then dancing with him. The lighting made it look like it was in a dream, all flowy and magical. Lily felt herself blush as she watched herself on the screen.
"Damn, it was getting hot in here!" Charles said with a wink, looking at the lily and gerard on the monitor.
Lily looked up into the crowd to find gerard staring at her. His gaze penetrated her for a couple seconds, then quickly shifted to the ground.
"Are you guys dating?" Charles asked Lily as she stared at him across the room.
"No," Lily said softly, "We're not."
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