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Bert Spills

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Bert finished his scene, in which he sat and drank tea, and marched off the set, chest puffed out with confidence.
"You were the best extra in there, Bert." Gerard said smiling as Bert paraded around him, looking very important in his suit and monocle.
"You're damn right." Bert said, pausing to take in a deep breath, "That was so fun....I've never been an extra before..."
Gerard nodded, " was fun..." he trailed off, staring across the room.
Bert shifted his gaze to see what Gerard was staring at. He saw lily next to will, discussing the upcoming scene,
"No, not like that...look like this-" Lily made a mock look of surprise and then burst out laughing.
Gerard smiled. Bert raised an eyebrow.
Shouldn't he tell lily?
Bert broke Gerard's gaze, "Hey, I didn't know you could dance."
Gerard tore his attention away from lily, and back to Bert, "I can't. I can pretend though."
Bert shrugged, "Pretty good pretending then. Pretty good acting to,."
Bert glanced at lily, who was tentatively listening to the director,
"The way you looked at lily...was really real... 'intense' as that guy called actually looked like you...liked her or something...did you take drama in highschool or something?" Bert asked casually, running his hand over his moustache.
"Yeah...well, I took it in middle school ....its not that hard to pretend to .." Gerard paused,
" 'like' lily..." Gerard confessed, taking off his top hat and spinning it around his index finger.
Bert sighed, "When are you going to tell her?"
"Hey guys, thanks again." Lily said, walking them to Bert's car. She took a break from shooting to see them away.
"No problem" Bert smiled, "just don't be mad if I steal the show, ok?" he adjusted the monocle on his eye. It was the one thing he had stolen from the set. His upper lip still had flakes of glue on it. But, then again, Bert wasn't really one to care.Lily had no other response but to laugh, hugging herself in the chill of the parking lot. Her costume provided little warmth
"I had a good time.." Gerard said, hands in pockets.
"Yeah?" lily asked, looking at her shoes.
"Yeah." Gerard said, looking down at her feet, "I needed to dance...get a little stress out.." he said with a grin.
Lily laughed awkwardly, red spreading across her cheeks, "Yeah, I'd imagine you'd be a bit stressed....with the new album and've got videos of your own to shoot. When we were in the studio we saw your new one...I really liked it." she said with a smile, looking up to meet his eyes.
"Thanks. I'm sure yours will give us a run for our money." He grinned.
Bert sighed, looking at the two of them. The way they stood awkward...the way they smiled at each wasn't fair. At all.
"Hey, just don't tell Kat. She might get a little jealous if she heard about your dance scene." Bert said, opening his car door.
Gerard head spun around.
Bert continued, "But, I'm sure she'll find out anyway..being on tv and all.." he finished with a laugh, leaning back onto his car, arms crossed and keys in hand.
Gerard laughed anxiously, taking a moment to glare daggers at Bert, "I don't know.." he trailed off
Lily tried hard to maintain a look of complete calm..of oblivion. She smiled nervously...
Gerard had a...
"Hey well, thanks again, it was great." Gerard said quickly, trying to break the mood. As lily gathered her thoughts, Gerard wrapped his arms around her and locked her in a tight hug. A tight squeeze. That evidently meant nothing. Bert hugged her too, completely enveloping her in his long, scrawny arms.
"I'll be in town for a couple more days..." he said, patting her arm, "Call me up if you aren't busy."
"Yeah..." Lily nodded absentmindedly.
"See ya lily." Gerard said, giving her a small wave with a weak smile.
As they piled into Bert's rental car, Gerard stared at Bert.
Bert reached over Gerard,pulling a pack of cigarettes out of the glove box and lighting one.
"You're an asshole." Gerard said, rubbing his forehead.
Bert exhaled deeply, the smoke curling in long tendrils, rising up to the padded ceiling, "Im not the one leading her on." Bert finished coldly, glancing at Gerard with dark, unfeeling eyes.
Lily walked back to the set, the only sound the steady clip of her high heels. Her heart hurt...she felt so stupid. So fucking stupid. Who was she kidding? She had the mind of a fourteen year old. What the hell was wrong with her? She felt so..humiliated. She fought back the tears and ran the last couple of feet back into the building.
Gerard had a girlfriend...Gerard...had a girlfriend.
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