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Months later, lily catches up on life.

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Lily walked up a flight of stairs, carrying two bags of groceries in each hand, swaying under the weight. The paper handles of the grocery bags dug into her hands, and when she came to her doorstep she plopped the bags on the ground with a relieved sigh. She rubbed her red hands together, trying to rub out the deep indentations the handles had left in her palms. It was 5'o'clock on a Sunday. A lonely Sunday. Lily sighed. She took a seat on the couch and closed her eyes, tilting her head back and sighing. Finally, a moment to breath. A moment away from the an apartment she couldn't call home. She opened her eyes and looked at the pre-selected decor. Charming. Tomorrow she would meet her band to do another round of interviews. Their new music video for "Bleed" was conquering trl, and the song itself was crawling up the music charts. The sudden boom of popularity left Lily dizzy, a bit drained but still happy at the same time.
She had been to at least 10 photo shoots since then, and dozens of interviews. She made sure that during interviews there was an emphasis on the whole band, not just her, and let the other guys talk. Unlike a certain someone she knew....
Her stomach twisted at the very thought.
Her thoughts wandered to Bert...she hadn't heard from him in a couple weeks....last time she had talked to him he was upset. He had drunk dialed her at 1 seemed that when Bert's true feelings came out when he was drunk..and alone.
"I fucking miss him Lily...its..not the same." Bert slurred over his pink Nokia.
Lily rubbed her forehead, glancing at the digital clock next to her. It glowed red in the dark room...numbers like the eyes of a demon...
"What? Who?" Lily mumbled, still stuck in the malaise of sleep.
"Gerald. I..fucking miss him." Bert whined into the receiver.
"Gerard?" Lily translated, a prick of resentment at the mention of his name, "Miss him?"
"He doesn't go out with me anymore." Bert groaned, "He doesn't.."
A loud beeping followed. Lost reception. Lily fell asleep with the phone in her hand. He didn't call back. That was the last time she heard from him...and that was weeks ago...maybe she should give him a call....
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