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Steven's Untitled Rock Show and McDonald's

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The band goes to an interview at fuse, and lily gets put on the spot.

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"So, How did you guys come up with the band name?" Steven asked grinning.
"Well, we were at this show..." Will began.
Lily looked around the room. She sat on a couch between Ryan and Will, Adam sat at her feet.
"So, lily.."
Lily snapped back., becoming attentive once more.
"So," Steven continued, "You actually played the nurse to these guys, cleaning up their puke and taking their temperature?"
Lily raised an eyebrow, looking at a smiling will,
"What? NO. Did you say that?" she asked, grabbing the microphone from will.
"Well, he said something along those lines, glad you were paying attention." Steven teased, a smirk on his face, causing her bandmates to laugh. Steven quickly made a joke out of it, "But hey, you guys are so busy lately, I'm not surprised you'd be tired, Lily."
Lily nodded, "Yeah, we've been a bit packed."
"Your new video for uh, your new single "Bleed" is absolutely amazing. Amazing song, amazing video concept. And somehow, Bert and Gerard managed to get their tails in it..Lets play a clip." Steven finished with a gesture to the cameras.
Lily kept a blank look on her face, failing to hold back a smile as Bert drank tea on the screen.
"You guys were pretty good friends during the Fuse tour, practically everywhere together.. Now, we're all curious...and after seeing this video, we have to ask...was there ever anything going on between you and Bert or Gerard?"
Lily raised an eyebrow, eyes narrowing, "Going on?"
Lily's bandmates looked at her, interested in her answer.
"Yeah, you know, like, any...romantic going ons.. late night excursions, you know.." Steven trailed off.
Lily laughed out loud with a gasp, "What?! NoOoOoO...." lily trailed off...did people think that?
Steven shrugged, trying to play it off, "Hey, people wanted to know. Especially since that little dance scene in your video...people have been talking amongst themselves..."
Lily glared. A look of, "don't do this to me" on her face.
Will jumped to her rescue, snatching the microphone out of her hand, "Lily is one of the guys."
"Yeah,"Ryan agreed, "She's kind of like, asexual to us."
Steven laughed, "One of the guys huh? Any examples? Playing drinking games, watching football.."
Will laughed, "No, but she can eat any of us under the table."
"Asshole." lily grumbled as she drove up to the drive-through window,
"I mean, what the hell? I thought Steven was FRIEND?" she said, passing a wobbly carton of sodas to will, who distributed them to the rest of the band in the backseat. He stabbed his straw through the thin plastic hole, and took a sip of his dr. pepper,
"He's a reporter lily. It's his JOB."
"Yeah, can I have lots of barbeque sauce. Yeah, lots." Lily said to the McDonald's employee, sticking her head out of their large rental s.u.v.
"And sweet mustard, dammit!" Ryan yelled from the backseat.
"And sweet mustard, apparently..." Lily said with a polite smile. She grabbed the white bags full of hot, greasy, American food and passed them off to will, who was instantly bombarded to distribute.
Lily frowned, shoving french fries into her mouth, "Well," she continued, "I didn't appreciate being asked that. And thanks for your help..." she said.
Will, mouth full of quarter pounder, grunted.
"Well,"Ryan began, sipping his soda, "You weren't dating either of them anyway."
Lily nodded, "True" she said with a shrug.
Adam chewed his Big Mac silently, eyebrow raised.
"What?" Lily asked, staring at Adam in the rearview mirror, eyebrow raised quizzically.
Adam shrugged and took another bite, bits of shredded lettuce falling back into the small box the hamburger came in. He swallowed, speaking from one side of his mouth,
"Didn't you have a thing for Gerard?"
Lily snatched Will's Dr Pepper from between his legs and took a large sip, pondering her response as she swallowed the carbonated elixir.
The car went silent.
"I never thought you'd admit that." will said, snatching back his soda.
"Well,"lily began, "He has a girlfriend.
"He does?" Ryan asked aloud from the backseat.
Lily nodded, "I found out...after the first day of our video shoot..."
"Fuck...." Ryan mumbled, "He was so into you..."
Lily laughed out loud, "Yeah..well.."
Will put a small piece of onion into his mouth, "Whatever. You don't need him..."
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