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Drunk Dialing and Fuse

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Lily recieves an interesting phone call, and gerard is moved by news of a new tour

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"I need you to stop calling me at 1 in the morning Bert.." lily said, pacing around her apartment in her pajamas.
"NO, lily, we need to talk..." Bert pleaded on the other line.
"Ok, what is it?" Lily sighed, opening her refrigerator with a sigh.
"We're..going on tour again."
Lily paused, "What?"
Bert repeated what he said, only to be cut off by lily, "I know what you said, but..what?"
"I talked to Brian..and he had talked to're coming with us..." Bert explained, a bit slurred.
"" Lily asked curiously, leaning back onto the kitchen counter.
"Yeah..with my band...and your band...and.."
Bert rattled off a list of bands that lily had never heard of, "And MCR."
"MCR.?" lily asked, "What's mcr?"
"You fucking chemical romance! Maybe Gerard will get his head out of his ass and-"
Lily couldn't believe it...on tour..again? Maybe Bert was so drunk he made it up...maybe he was right...
Either way, lily's heart fluttered at the thought of it. She felt warm...she felt a small flame starting to burn...the smoke was clearing...
"Hey, Gerard.. phone."
Gerard tore his eyes away from the television, and to the phone in bob's hand.
"Kat?" Gerard asked in a tired tone, rubbing his eyes.
Bob shook his head.
Gerard had been sitting with the rest of the band in a hotel suite. He sat on a red velvet couch, frank at his side, whose face was partially hidden in a hooded black sweatshirt, eyes drooping, face illuminated by the glow of the television. Ray sat to his other side, head propped up by his arm, tv remote in hand, lazily surfing through the channels. Mikey lay on a bed on the other side of the room, taking a quick nap. Bob thrust the phone out once more. Ever since bob had joined the band around august..things had been different. Better. But different. Gerard felt protected, in a sense, and he knew that bob wouldn't let him down. He took the phone from bob's hand and put it to his ear,
"Hey man, its's the hotel?"
Gerard looked around the room, "Its nice."
"Good. Im glad you guys like it..." Brian continued, "So I'll be meeting you guys at the airport on Wednesday..."
Gerard nodded, staring blankly at the t.v. screen.
Brian continued, "And we'll be starting up the new tour, in the next 3 you guys will get a break, so rest up while you can.."
Gerard raised an eyebrow, "New tour...with who?"
"Well" Brian began, "I thought we'd squeeze in some dates before the green day tour..nothing some new bands...but mostly the same. The used..."
Gerard suddenly became distracted, failing to listen to anything Brian had to say. Instead, his eyes were transfixed on the television screen.
"Hey,"bob said, leaning on the couch, "It's lily."
Gerard let the phone fall a bit from his ear, hanging loosely from his fingers.
Gerard watched her on the screen, blonde hair falling past her shoulders in a soft sheet. She was wearing jeans with rips in the converse low tops...and a plain white t-shirt. Gerard found himself transfixed, watching her laugh on the screen, straight white teeth..mouth...
Gerard realized the phone was no longer in his hand, and heard bob in the background. Ray turned up the volume.
"Your new video for uh, your new single "Bleed" is absolutely amazing. Amazing song, amazing video concept. And somehow, Bert and Gerard managed to get their tails in it..Lets play a clip."
As Gerard watched himself dance across the screen, he cracked a small smile. The closeups of lily's face were amazing..or at least to Gerard...
Ray broke the silence, "That's a cool video..." he mumbled.
Gerard nodded in agreement.
Frank snored softly, nodding off into a magical land of dreams.
"-Now, we're all curious...and after seeing this video, we have to ask...was there ever anything going on between you and Bert or Gerard?"
Gerard stopped breathing. His body tensed. Ray glanced at Gerard, casual concern on his face.
"Yeah, you know, like, any...romantic going ons.. late night excursions, you know.."
"What?! NoOoOoO...."
Gerard took in a breath, body filling up with air. Had he expected her to say something else? There was nothing..there..wasn't..
"I like her..." Bob said, walking across the room to put the phone back on the charger.
"Yeah," ray agreed, "Me too. She can do one hell of a keg stand." Ray added with a smile.
Gerard stared at the screen, watching her image until it disappeared...her face that day...
I am an asshole. Asshole.
"Well, we'll be seeing her in a bit... on tour with us.." bob said with a sigh.
Gerard snapped out of his thoughts, "What?" he turned his attention quickly to bob.
"Yeah...on tour." bob repeated, biting his lip ring.
Gerard's heart began to beat faster and faster, until it was pounding away at his ribs. He felt his face grow warm...his body temperature rise....
He hugged himself tightly and hid a smile in his arms.
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