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Cutting It All Off

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"The taste of chaos."
"The taste of..chaos?" lily repeated, sitting in a makeup chair.
"Yes. Now...we'll be flying out in a couple days..." Matt opened up a date book, and jotted down some numbers.
Lily sat in her chair, and looked around her with a sigh. A couple days..and she'd see all her old friends again..and maybe make some new ones. She spun around in her chair as her hairstylist approached.
"Ok, sooo.." the hairstylist said, running her hands through lily's hair, "What do we want today?"
"Lets shave it all off..Sinead O'CONNOR style.." Matt mumbled, scribbling in his date book.
Lily laughed, shaking her head, "I'm trying to keep my job, thanks."
Matt made a sound in the back of his throat, to which Lily raised an eyebrow.
"Anyway..." Lily continued, "I think its too long..."
The hair stylist gathered lily's hair in her hands,
"It is pretty much do you want taken off?"
Lily glanced at her hair, falling down to her lower back. God damn it was long. The last time it had been this long was when she was in the 3rd grade.
Lily frowned in thought, "Up to here?" she said skeptically, bringing her hand to just below her shoulders.
The stylist nodded, "Ohh....k. And what kind of look are we going for? From your songs that I've heard, it sounds like you've been growing up."
Lily nodded...she had. She looked at herself in the mirror,at the innocent blue-eyed princess staring back at her. The shy girl. The coke-head. The pushover...the-
"Make me a badass."
Lily felt as though a great weight had been taken off of her shoulders. Her hair was much easier to style, and she didn't take nearly as much time in the shower, much to the relief of her band-members.
She felt more confident, let out of her a sense, losing her hair was liberating, and her new haircut gave her the boost she needed. The hairstylist had cut an inch below her shoulders, and given her choppy layers. Lily had fuller side sweep bangs, much more defined than before, that swept across her face in an angst ridden, sex kitten way. Her hair had more depth, and the razor cut prevented bulk in all the right places. She finally looked like...a rockstar.. She looked edgy...she looked fresh...a bit intimidating..and
"Hot...god dammit!" will cried, pulling his coffee cup away from his mouth, "My fucking tongue!"
He moaned, sticking his swollen tongue out into the chill winter air.
Lily spaced out as Matt lectured Will about the importance of common sense, pointing to the warning label on the side of the cardboard cup.
They would be in a taxi soon, where lily could rest, and then be taken off with the rest of the guys to their tour bus... where they could sleep in their bunks. Lily's eyes drooped at the very thought. Will, on the other hand, was busy complaining about his recently burned tongue, and anticipating his reunion with the almighty x-box.
Once they arrived on board the black tour bus, everybody dropped their luggage in the corridor and stumbled over to their bunks. Ryan fell face first into his already made bed. Will and Adam followed suit. Lily snuggled up under her care-bear bed sheets, and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.
She woke the next morning to the sun streaming in through the curtains, the bus illuminated in a pale glow. She rubbed her eyes, smearing her makeup all over her eyes.. Still in her jeans and t-shirt from the day before, she sat up in her bunk and put her feet onto the cold carpet. The boys were passed out...will snored softly, clutching a rolled up sweatshirt tightly to his chest. Lily smiled sleepily and stood up, stretching as she walked to the bathroom, legs warm in the worn blue jeans she had slept in. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror and sighed, pulling back her crumpled hair and washing her face. As she looked out the small bathroom window, she saw the sun shining, the clouds slowly floating across the reminded her of her hometown...those winter mornings at her grandma's house....innocence...the smell of burning leaves..
With a sigh, lily looked at the digital clock on the wall. Only hours before she had to face them again...only hours before she had to prove herself.
She wondered what was going to happen...what kind of greeting she'd have..if any. She took a seat on the couch and grabbed the throw, wrapping it around herself.She couldn't help but feel nervous...that all eyes were on her, waiting for her to mess up. The only girl on tour...lets see if she can take the pressure...lets see if she can hold her own in the company of 20 tattooed, badmouthing, rockers. Lets see her snap.
No, lily thought, Lets see her fly.
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