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What Lily Needs

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*see title...lily realizes she needs another friend.

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"You're up early" Adam yawned, scuffling to the bathroom.
Lily sat with a cup of coffee, sipping it silently. Her hair was still frizzed, pushed in every which way from the night's sleep, and pulled hastily into a bun at the top of her head. She held the coffee cup with both hands, letting it warm her palms. Her mind seemed to clear with each caffieneted sip, and she found herself ready to face the day in the next 15 minutes.
As the boys played their x-box, lily snuck into the shower. As she loofah-d her body, she thought of possible scenarios for the day. Gerard looking at her and walking away. Slapping gerard in the face. Shaking his hand. Offering him skittles. Asking him about his holiday plans. Or..ignore him until he said anything. That seemed right. Lily stepped out of the shower and dried herself thoroughly, bending over to towel dry her hair vigorously. She snapped her head up, taking in a deep breath, refreshed and ready to make herself up. She slipped on a pair of jeans and a long, plain black tank top, which was then layered under a snug purple t-shirt, adorned with little red hearts. She snapped on two belts, and stepped out of the bathroom, steam escaping into the bus. It would only be a matter of minutes before the guys realized it was high time they took showers...and they would undoubtedly realize this all at once...and fight over whose turn it was.
Lily took the time to blow dry and straighten her hair, rubbing in some anti-frizz cream and scrunching a bit. She squeezed some moisturizer into her palms and rubbed her face, which had become dry from her acne-fighting facewash. She carefully applied black liquid eyeliner, in a thick dramatic line and rubbed some dark gray glitter eyeshadow into the creases of her eyelids. She then applied mascara meticulously, going over every lash to make it as long as possible. She tucked her jeans into her flat boots, and sat on the couch, waiting.
As she sat there, she thought about the tour...she'd have her band to hang out with..that was for sure...they would always take care of her. And so would bert, and maybe the rest of his band...
She just didnt want to be lonely. She wanted a friend to talk to...she didnt want to be standing off to the side akwardly, arms crossed, fake smile plastered across her face. She wanted conversation, laughter...with more than a handful of people. Sure, bert was fun to hang around with..but..she couldn't talk about everything with him..he'd make fun of her. What she needed was another girl.
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