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...And It Feels So Good

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*lily's reunion with the used...chaos ensues...

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"Hey dollface, can I borrow your hair straightener?"
Will's voice startled lily from her nap.
"Uh..yeah.." she slurred, opening her eyes a crack, frowning at being rudely woken up.
Will dashed off to the back of the bus as lily grumbled, rolling onto her back to face the ceiling.
She sighed and turned her head to the side, looking out the large windows.
"LILY, YOUR PHONE!!!"will yelled from the back of the bus.
Lily jogged to the back of the bus and began to dig through her purse, which had been casually tossed on the ground the night before. The phone continued to ring as lily rummaged through her pleather turquoise clutch.
" do you turn this on?" will asked, staring at the flat iron in his hand.
Lily found her cell and frantically grabbed it, pushing the green button quickly before the call was lost, "Hello?" she said, heart beating quickly.
She heard static on the other line.
"Hey, lily, how do you turn this on? The light isn't..yeah..." Will mumbled in the background.
"Will, turn the temperature up!" lily hissed, viewing her cell's screen for caller i.d.
Private number.
"Hello?" Lily asked again, waving her hand dismissively at will, who was approaching her, straightener in hand.
"Helllooooo... I see your tourrrr bussss?"
Lily's face cracked open in a huge grin, and ran to the other end of the bus, "Bert! Where are you?!"
She looked out the window to see them approaching a large lot swarming with roadies and tech people, tents being raised and tour buses parked neatly in rows.
"I can't see you..." Lily said, squinting out the window.
As the bus drove closer, she could see Bert standing there on his cell phone, Jepha and Quinn at his side. Lily grinned, "I see you now."
"Lily's here you guys, OH MY GOD!" Bert yelled into the receiver. He, Jepha and Quinn began jumping up and down and screaming like preteen girls.
After the bus parked next to them, lily hopped down the steps, greeting Bert with a bone-crushing hug. Bert picked her up and spun her, singing her name. He gave her a huge kiss on the cheek, complete with sound effects. After her dramatic reunion with Bert, lily turned to face Jeph, who stood there with a smirk on his face, hands in pockets. Lily grinned, standing up straight, "Jeph..."
Jeph extended his hand, and lily took it in hers, shaking his hand with a mock look of earnest.
"Psych!" Jeph said, suddenly hugging lily a bit aggressively. Quinn smiled and gave her a soft hug, gently holding her. God, she loved Quinn. He reminded her of a calmer will.
Will, who had just stepped off the tourbus...
Bert let out an enthusiastic whoop as will set foot onto the pavement, "HOLLLLLAAAA AT CHA BUTTERBALL!"
Will rolled his eyes, and managed a "Hey ber-" before being pushed up against the tourbus in a violent, yet loving embrace.
Will awkwardly patted his back, face tinted with rouge.
Jeph high-fived him, as did Quinn.
Will nervously looked up from the pavement at Bert, only to be caught by his grinning gaze.
Will then urgently needed to fix his hair, and leaped back onto the tourbus.
Bert chuckled softly under his breath, and pushed a cigarette butt on the blacktop with the toe of his shoe.
"What up?" Jeph asked, adjusting the black cap on his head.
Lily shrugged, "Not much, good to see you guys though."
Bert looked at her, eyes narrowed, "You cut your hair. Fuck."
Lily sighed, "Yep. Sorry you can't braid it into pigtails anymore." Lily said with a sarcastic frown.
Bert laughed, "Yeah, you bitch.." he mumbled, pushing at the cigarette.
"But, I guess I like it." Bert continued with a grin, "" he paused, looking off into the distance.
"Where's Branden?" lily asked, touching the bridge of her nose absentmindedly.
"Ucch..." Bert sighed, "We went to this Mexican restaurant last night..he got the ground beef burrito..." Bert paused to widen his eyes, "He's been stinkin'' up the bus, if you know what I mean."
"Shutup Bert, no im not!" a voice yelled from the bus.
"Hey, fuck you man!" Bert yelled back, "He is" he said with a shrug.
"Yeah..."Jeph agreed, "Nasty."
"Hi lily!" Branden yelled from inside the bus, "And fuck you Jeph!"
Bert and Jeph giggled.
"Hey..." Lily yelled back apprehensively.
Suddenly Bert's eyes widened, "Heyyyyy..."
Lily turned around to see MCR's bus driving up in the distance. Her heart froze. She looked at Bert, whose face remained blank.
She remembered his drunk dialing....
She knew he missed Gerard.
As the bus pulled up, lily ran her fingers through her hair nervously.
Bert grabbed lily's arm and pulled her next to him, pulling her tightly to his side. He kept his arm around her, as if it were for support..for protection.
"Lily.." Bert mumbled under his breath, "don't fucking worry."
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