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Time After Time

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Gerard and lily meet again...

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Gerard sat on his tourbus, smoking a cigarette. He blew the smoke out the open window, brow furrowed in thought. Bob sat in his bunk, playing his gameboy. Frank lay on the couch, napping silently. Mikey and Ray talked in whispers in the back of the bus.
Gerard exhaled, the vibration of the bus switching gears pulsing through his body.
He flicked his cigarette out the window. The Taste of Chaos...the taste of....
"Gerard" Frank nudged him awake, "We're here."
Gerard blinked heavily, "What?"
He sat up on the couch and ran his fingers through his hair, taking a look out the window.
"Ah sweet" Frank grinned, hopping out the bus doors.
Gerard yawned and stood up, stretching, shirt rising up to reveal his pale stomach. As he smacked his lips in standard post-yawn fashion, he looked out the window at the tour bus next to him.
He stopped breathing as he read the lettering.
Saint Lily.
He had thought about seeing her...but now that it was time to, he didn't know what he would say..
Gerard was startled to see bert leaping onto his tour bus. Before he knew it was tackled onto the carpet and bombarded with wet kisses.
"Oh I've missed you so!" Bert cried kissing and straddling a weary gerard.
"Good to see you too, bert, can you get off please? I think you've sprained my back or-" Gerard began, struggling to breathe under bert's weight.
Bert grinned and sighed, "Sprained? No no no...couldn't have you been?"
Gerard took in a deep breath and looked at the ceiling, "I've been good...busy.."
Gerard shrugged.
Bert nodded, "Yeah..busy shit...I know what you mean..." Bert trailed off and looked around him, "Your tourbus is pretty sweet....did you guys clean it or something?"
Gerard pursed his lips, silently objecting to bert's presence atop his stomach, "Yes" he said impatiently.
"Ooooh" Bert smiled, "You wanted me to get off..sorry." he smiled, scratching his head.
Gerard nodded.
They sat in silence, bert looking down at him with a perplexed look on his face, "Did you lose weight?"
Gerard closed his eyes in frustration, and smiled, "Yes bert, a bit, now-"
"Well welll wellll, look who found their way. Did you follow my trail of bread crumbs, gretel?"
Gerard's eyes flew open to see Lily standing in the doorway, arms crossed.
She smiled, laughing quietly at the scene in front of her.
Gerard put his hand over his face, "Hi lily" he mumbled, trying to push bert off with his free hand.
Bert gave lily a wink and sprung off of him, extending his hand to help him up.
Gerard smiled weakly, and brushed off his clothes. Lily put her hand over her mouth, trying to hold back her laughter.
"Hey" she smiled, holding out her hand.
Gerard looked at her hand, confused, and took it in his own, shaking it awkwardly.
"Nice to see you. Sorry my greeting isn't NEARLY as interesting as bert's. " She added, elbowing bert softly in the ribs.
"Yeah, its ok...less painful.." gerard said with a forced smile...why was she touching him?
"WELL lily," bert said, pulling her tightly to his side, "Maybe in time.."
Gerard laughed, eyebrow raised: Since when were they so close?
He felt something crawl inside him as bert leapt into an impromptu version of "Time After Time".
It clawed at his insides as lily tilted her head back in laughter. As bert got down on his knees and belted the chorus.
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