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Chapter 8 - Take A Writers Block + DoJ = This Chapter.

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Crystal Crystal Crystal.

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"Hey....." His voice said softly.

"Hey?" He asked again, she snapped out of her daze and looked at him.

"Lost you there." He said with a little smile.

"S...Sorry!" She said swallowing hard.

"Are you OK?" He asked with a frown.

"Uh huh...yeah." She replied, nodding her head indefeasibly. For a few moments, his eyes wandered over her face, something was wrong and he was feeling neglectful that he didn't know what it was.

"So you'll come to Chicago then?" He asked, she looked at him curiously for a moment and then remembered where she was, why she was here, who she was with, everything.

"Of course I will!" She smiled faintly.

He carefully leaned forward and kissed her forehead. Her hands wrapped around him and she held with such tightness. The scenes of where she had just been were terrorizing her nerves.

Her clinginess to him was out of the ordinary, but it didn't mean he didn't like it. Her sudden dependency on being close to him was a security he welcomed.

"You wanna travel with me tonight?" He asked gingerly. She pulled herself out of his warm embrace and looked at him.

"Maybe we shouldn't travel tonight!" She replied, he laughed quietly at her quirkiness.

"We have to travel tonight...." He reaffirmed.

"Are you sure? We couldn't just stay here for tonight and set off in the morning?" She asked.

"No." He said shaking his head, with a little smile.

"We have an interview in the morning." He explained.


"Look, get your stuff, come on my bus tonight." He ordered.

"But what about-"

"-I'll tell them, the less time they have to make a fuss the better!" He smiled. He had an arm slung over her shoulder and he pulled her closer as they began walking again, their feet trudging the thick snow like disobedient children.

He jogged after them, he was still racked with disappointment he hadn't caught them sooner because he knew something was going on, but he had calculated through the logic in his mushy head that it must have been flirting. He hadn't quite taken into account the possibilities of them having a fully fledged relationship.

Olivia turned upon hearing the footsteps behind and gasped silently as she saw Pete, she immediately withdrew from Patrick's side and stood as he breathlessly caught up with them. His pale cheeks robbed of the usual tones but the cold was a thief.

"So...You guys...." He said with the most hideously huge grin smacked on the cocky face of his.

"I knew something was going on - I knew it!!" He said pointing and grinning triumphantly.

"Er..." Olivia stammered shyly, not quite prepared for this in her re-visit.

"I think it's great!" Pete said, smoothing off that awful 'yeah-we-just-got-totally-busted' expression that Patrick and Olivia currently shared.

"See now you have to travel with me because he's going to be interrogating me on the bus..." Patrick said with a resigned tone.

"You should...he won't survive my interrogation techniques...." Pete said shaking his head, Olivia playfully hit Pete in the chest and looked at Patrick.

"Ok..." She smiled, giving a little affirmative nod. Patrick's smile widened, full grin, all teeth, dimples included.

"This is cozy." Pete grinned. His knees were pulled up on the sofa and he was being his usual ostentatious self.

Patrick looked at Olivia, her thumb was in-between her lips, consoling the tip of it as she, in the depths of her unwanted ability to amend the situation, thought of how the hell she was going to get out of this mess.

"We should stop, this weather is dangerous..." She muttered.

"It's fine - Doug is a great driver, he would stop if it got too much!" Patrick soothed, gently rubbing her jean clad thighs.

"It's not him I don't trust!" She snapped. Patrick looked at her with a shocked expression.

"You need to Chill O, Patrick, why don't you take her to the special part of the bus..." Pete said with a dirty smirk on his face.

"Dude...." Patrick groaned and looking back to Olivia's agitated state.

"Olivia...." Patrick called her name gently, he touched her hand softly but she pulled it away.

"Please..." She said exasperated, she looked him in the eyes. The look was enough.

She felt awful, but he had no idea what she was dealing and how could he? He wasn't a freak of human nature that was being tossed around in time to save lives and to stop the decisions of others ruining their lives!

Olivia switched off the drama for a moment, feeling Patrick's eyes on her, she slowly raised her own eyes to meet him.

"Pete, did you want to go to your bed or something?" Patrick asked. Pete looked at him above his copy Vanity Fair.

"No." He said, wondering if he was missing something.

"Well it's late, maybe you should...." Patrick urged him, Pete plonked* down his copy of Vanity Fair and eyeballed him.

"Maybe I will.!" He whined.

"Don't be a drama queen!" Patrick smiled, with a laugh.

Pete stood up and moved like a put out teenager to the back of the bus.

Patrick looked over to Olivia again who was again, chewing her most useful finger on her hand. He pulled her hand out of her protective body position and she reluctantly allowed him to pull her into his embrace.

"If this is because people will know, you should stop letting it worry you!" He said in a whisper. Her head leaned back and she looked up at him, there was so much anxiety in those usually bright blue eyes. He leaned down and gently pecked her lips. Her eyes were still open and staring at him, as if they were searching for something.

He watched her as she moved effortlessly across his lap and taking his face in her small hands, kissed him with such feeling. His eyes closed hard and he permitted himself to receive the affection. He reached up and pulled out the hair band keeping her hair in the bun and her curls escaped like un-just prisoners over her shoulders and back.

"That's better!" He smiled and shoved his hands into the soft mass of waves. Her eyes remained on him.

He kissed her hungrily and the pressure of his kiss, squeezed her lips hard. His tongue forcefully opening her lips and his desire to touch her being very strong. His hands were already pulling at the bottom of her hoody and he had pulled it over her head quick.

His hands took possessive control of her neck and he was kissing her again, her hands reached behind her and leaned on his thighs as he now made his way down her throat.

Olivia quickl shook her head and Patrick paused in his advances.

"No stop!" She moaned firmly and pushed his chest back away from her.

"We need to stop this bus now!" She said firmly and completely detached from the passion induced moves they were just making, he laughed gently.

"You're being weird!.....Olivia what is going on with you??" He asked with a frown.

"Patrick - please listen to me!! Please! I know it sounds insane!!" She explained staring at him with wide eyes.

"What are you talking about-"

"-We need to pull over - we need to pull over now!" she urged in a strong voice.

"We can't pull over, we have to get to Cleveland by morning!"

"Screw Cleveland! You don't know what's going on, this is serious!" She shouted.

"You're being unreasonable Olivia!!" He snapped.

"No!" She barked at him, standing up, throwing on her hoody.

"What the hell??" Pete asked, walking through.

"Patrick please! Listen to me....something bad is going to happen unless we stop this journey - not just a little bad - something awful......"

"What are you a -"

"-Pete don't! please don't! Just trust me!!" She said and it broke into a plea.

"I don't understand." Patrick said, frowning at this absurd behavior from his usually completely rational girlfriend.

"What's the deal, O?! You're acting like complete nut!" Pete frowned at her.

They both looked her, her chest was moving up and down where she had been breathing to awkwardly. Her eyes were closed her lips apart slightly, she let her head fall back and hit the wall of the bus gently. Without warning, her face screwed up and she began crying.

"What's going on man?" Joseph asked, waddling through, ruffling his Jewfro.

He looked at her like the other two were and now with a last ditch attempt, she clenched her fists and mustered up the boldness that was somewhere in her body.

"If you don't pull over......People are going to die." She said with a coldness that brutalized them all.

They were silent, the conviction in her voice was enough for them not to want to ask questions.

Pete moved towards the front of the bus and pressed the intercom button.

"Yo Doug!!" He said in a firm voice.

"Yo Wentz!" He laughed back.

"How 'bout a pit stop man, we got some hell of a cabin fever back here!!" He said, he looked over to Olivia, she was staring at him.

"Roger that." He said.

"And the other bus!" Olivia blurted out.

A silence, as they all stared at her further, she seemed unaffected by their judging eyes.

"Doug, can you radio the other bus, we need to get something from their bus too." He requested, holding down the button.

"Will do." He said obediently.

Olivia could feel the bus slowing and the four of them remained in their awkward stances. As it ground to a halt, she looked to Patrick. If there was person she would be mentally sectioned for on high way on the way to Cleveland, it would be him.

"Thank you." She croaked.

Pete shook his head as she darted towards the door and continually hit the button to open the door. Patrick rushed out after her and found her at the front of the bus. He grabbed her arm and hauled her around and pressed her against the front of the bus.

"What the hell Olivia??" He asked with a frown. Her eyes remained on his for only a split second as she heard the screech. Patrick turned suddenly and they both watched as the car swerved it's back end from left to right, fiercely trying to get control of it's direction.

It ploughed into the central reservation and was facing the oncoming traffic.

It took only seconds for the car to be hit head on and a further 3 cars to crunch into them, one flipping over on it's side.

"Oh my God!!" Olivia cried out and fell to her knee's immediately. Her hands covered her mouth.

Patrick stared at the massacre of metal only yards from they'd pulled over. He quickly looked to Olivia, she was hysterically crying on the floor, her hands visibly shaking at what she'd just witnessed.

Pete rushed to the front of the bus and stared at the carnage.

"Holy Shit!" He gasped.

"That would've been us!" He said, staring at Patrick, who was dumbfounded.

Patrick snapped his senses back suddenly and gripped Olivia up from the wet snow and pulled her into him. People from all directions were running to help but not one of them could move from their point of safety.

"You were right!" Patrick whispered into her ear. She was sobbing hard, her body racking with tears against his.

She held him tight. She wasn't crying because of what she'd seen, she was crying because of who she'd managed to save. Not one of them would know the relief in her heart as she stood gripping Patrick close to her.

The cops handed Patrick another blanket to wrap around Olivia, as witnesses of the entire freak accident, they'd spent the last 2 hours at the side of the highway, going over , and over, again and again, what they'd seen.

2 people had died in the accident, 3 were injured badly, one was a small child. Olivia stood and told Patrick she just needed a few moments alone.

She moved away from the crowd of people and sat on the verge, pulling the blanket over her head.

"How did this happen?" She asked.

You can only do so much and you can only help so many people, Olivia.

"2 people are dead, more injured.....why?"

You could only restrict your involvement in the accident, there is no way you could have stopped the accident.

"Why am I who I am?? I don't want this anymore, I thought you said you'd never let me go through more than I can bear - well I can't bear this anymore. I can't bear the uncertainty of everything, I can't bear responsibility!"

That's not your choice.

"Then you will continue to torture me...."

He's alive isn't he? Isn't that what you wanted?

"He should never have died in the first place!" she said viciously.

You are angry, it's understandable. But you should be thankful things are the way they are now, and not how they were before.

"Thank you ........Thank you whoever the hell you actually are. Thank you for allowing me to go back and try and fix these horrible things that seem only destined to happen, what if one day is doesn't work??" She asked suddenly.

Oh Olivia.

She closed her eyes and grit her teeth together.

You're passion for life and for what's right is exemplary. Don't let your lack of knowledge interfere with that quality. You will see beyond this.

Olivia shook her head and pushed her out of the blanket.

Pete was stood before her. His big brown eyes watching her almost as if he was looking through her.

"You're one too...." He said staring at her.
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