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Chapter 9 - Can Somebody Tell Me Who I Am?

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Olivia has questions - does Peter have answers?

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She stood quickly and the blanket fell off her, immediately exposing her to the cold.
Her curious blue eyes, drove hard into Pete's and questioned his words.

"You're her!" He added.

"I'm who??....Who am I?!" She asked hurriedly.

"Oh my god!" Pete said, putting his hand to his mouth.

"Who am I Pete??" She asked with a worried tone to her voice, she gripped his arms and he snapped out of his daze. He withdrew from her and started stepping backwards.

"Peter!" She called angrily. He turned and rushed away.

"Who am I??" She cried to him once more. He looked back at her, his eyes having a look she'd never seen before.

That low growl of tarmac on the bus tires stirred her awake. First invasion was the daylight, bright sunshine, really white, really beautiful sunlight. Her eyes winced at the power it had over her sleepy demeanor. Secondly, very strong arms around her middle, so tight, she couldn't move.

"Patrick!" She whispered.

The softest moan came from his lips, his eyes frowning a little. Probably questioning the rude intruder of his long awaited sleep.

"Patrick!" She whispered again, she touched his face softly, his eyes shot open suddenly and he stared at her.

"Hey! Shhh -it's ok!....hey!" She smiled gently as he engaged his brain with who it was.

"Olivia...." He said slowly and sleepy.

"You have a tight grip!" she said softly.

He moved his arms and smiled, rolling on to his back, Olivia shifted slightly however misjudging the lack of room she had on the bed in the bus, a loud squeal followed and thud as she hit the floor.

Patrick peered over the edge of the bed and looked at her, grinning, another head peered over the other side, staring. Peter.

"Hi!" She whispered and looked at them both. Patrick helped her get up and she moved into the other area, pulling her mass of hair over her shoulder and twisting it habitually.

Pete walked into the area silently and looked at her kneeling on the seats, facing the window, watching the landscape roll by completely anonymously.

"Weird night." He said in his gruff morning voice. She turned to him quickly, snatching a glance at him in his jeans and T-shirt and looking back to the far better view.

"Indeed." She said, squinting as the reflection of the sun hit a body of water they were passing by.

He stepped over the mess and knelt down next to her. She kept her chin up in an attempt to avoid engaging with him in any way, for fear she might just lose it.


"-Don't talk now." She said coolly. Then she looked at him, his fine distinguished features.

" were my friend....a friend I've had for a long time....someone I thought I knew........" She said, he could see the tears glassing her eyes.

"Now you're just.......You're just another person that I don't know." She said, the tears fell from her eyes quickly and dribbled down her cheek.

"And nobody will tell me who I I don't even know myself!" her broken voice conveyed the confusion, the distortion to her reality.

Pete just stared at her, he gently wiped a tear with his finger and rubbed her cheek softly.

He couldn't say anything.

His two fingers trailed down her cheek, his eyes following his fingers as she sniffled softly. They stroked down her lips and his head turned gently as he watched his finger smooth over her soft skin, down her throat, her eyes fixed on him. Over her gentle curves of feminine bones and stopping at her chest.

"What are you doing?" She asked. His eyes slowly drifted back up to hers. She sniffed again.

It was like he snapped out of it and his pupils shrunk back, he pulled his hand away quickly.

"Sorry..." he whispered softly.

"It's ok." She replied.

They looked at each other again, her eyes surveying the contours of his face, her hand involuntarily went towards them and she smoothed her fingers out over his unshaven skin. She just smiled but not the variety that made him respond back. His face stayed solemn, stayed somber and his eyes stayed on hers as she stood up and made her way back to the sleeping area.

Pete was troubled, badly troubled. Troubled further by the fact he was already a troublesome thinker, and ever critical of every thought.

He could hear Olivia whispering to Patrick in the bed next to his, the curtains weren't even enough to shield the privacy they all wanted.

Patrick let out a little laugh and whispered back but the words were inaudible. Pete was silently thankful for that.

He put his hands on his head and closed his eyes.

You're restless Peter...

"Yes..." he said silently.

This concerns Olivia....

"Yes...." He replied.

She is confused Peter, she cannot see the more important sense of her abilities.

"What?....That she is supposed to be with me rather than my best friend, who, is absolutely deserving of her more than I ever will!"

We haven't called her yet....she is still developing as a young woman, she still has things she needs to learn...

"Then take away the desire you have put in me to be with her, because it isn't right!"

No Peter, it's her. Be patient, her feelings will change. Soon we will call her, she will understand and she will have that same desire to be with you.

"No, I don't want this! Don't you understand??"

You don't want it because of your friend Patrick, you want Olivia.

"No...No!" He said in his head, he shook his head from side to side and clawed his fingers down his face.

The eruption of her giggles made him open his eyes wide. His head turned in the direction of their bed, the curtain masking the evident activities they were up to.

"Shhhh!" Olivia laughed gently.

She pulled Patrick's head into her shoulder hard to mask his unkempt dialogue. His gentle moves were reflective of the confined space there were in and the drama they had experienced the night before.
Olivia gripped his arms firmly and as she opened her eyes to look at her lover, frowned quickly, the dark hair. Thick, dark, hair and darker skin. Peter.

"No..." She whispered subconsciously.

"Huh?" Patrick asked, their hips still gently moving.

Opening her eyes, she saw the brown tones of his hair soft hair, his creamy skin, all his features, they were back.

"Oh Patrick..." She whispered, little did he know, in relief. He kissed her timidly.

But it wasn't enough. That intrusive moment had interrupted their flow and her expression of love to the man she was with. It had infected it, like a virus, and now, it didn't feel quite right.

Something had changed.

She took his face gently in her hands and looked at him, dead in the eyes.

"Patrick..." She whispered,

"Yes?...." He whispered, he kissed her lips clumsily.

"I love you."

"And I love you Olivia." He whispered back.

Just to make sure to herself she repeated it.

"I love you so much." She said firmly.

Pete turned over and closed his eyes tight.

This chapter is dedicated to the virus who has been hosting inside my body for 7 days now. I hope my body has been a nice place to live but seriously, you can go now. I don't love you anymore. blows nose
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