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Chapter 18.

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"Does the light not work?" Lilee asked. "Nope, power went out last night. It's really 8." Sneek peak.

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The next day, Lilee woke up in Brendon's arms.

She looked at the clock. '12?' She thought. 'That can't be right!' She mumbled a swear and released herself from Brendon.

She walked into the livingroom to find Ryan reading a book with a flashlight.

"Does the light not work?" Lilee asked.

"Nope, power went out lastnight. It's really 8."

"Oh, the clock said 12 so..."

Ryan nodded. "Looks like no guitar hero tonight guys," He laughed.

Lilee laughed also. She sighed. "How long do you think the power'll be out?"

"Hmm, last time this happened...maybe about"

She noddd. "That sucks."

Spencer was the next one out. "Please tell me it's not 12."

"It's not 12."

"Then uh...what time is it?"


"Power went out last night due to huge storm."

"Good...wait. What are you doing awake at 8? You're usually snoring your ass off!" Spencer laughed.

"Oh, shut up!" Ryan threw the flash light at him without actually throwing it at him.

"That would've hurt you more than me." Spencer said.

Brendon came out.

"Dude, it's dark and I can't see." He said.

"Oh quit your complainin'!" Kara said taking a seat next to Ryan. "At lest you know where your glasses are!" Brendon glared at her. "Now all we have to wait for is Jon to wake up." Kara added.

"We shouldn't wait. Bats wake up earlyer than him." Spencer said.

"Someone say my name?" Jon asked.

"Looks like you spoke too soon." Lilee said.

"Why the hell are you awake?" Brendon asked.

"Well, it's extremely cold and I had one of those drams where I swallowed a piece of gum." Jon said.

"Why? Did you?" Brendon asked.

"No! At least I don't remember eating gum last night."

Everyone laughed. "Well guess what..." Ryan said.


"You know that the last one up makes breakfast?"

"I didn't know that."

"Now you do, so get cookin!"

*-Hours Later-*

Everyone was doing there own thing when the power went on. Spencer jumped.

"Relax it's just the light." Jon said.

Brendon sweared. "Lilee, I forgot about your dad!"

"Oh no! He's gonna kill me!"

Everyone stared at her.

"What? I forgot!" Lilee gathered her things and headed towards the door.

Brendon took her back and gave her a goodbye makeout

"See you soon." Kara yelled.

"Bye everyone!" Lilee yelled back.

"I love you." Brendon said.

"I love you more!"

She kissed him one last time before getting in her car.

About half an hour into the ride her phone rang.

She put it on speaker.

"Hey, daddy. Sup?"
"Nothin...I just wanted to know when you'll be coming back."
"I'm in the car now."
"Oh, okay. See you soon."

Lilee hung up.

"And now for our number one rock hit, Attack! By 30 Seconds to Mars!"

Lilee blasted the radio and started to sing along.

She wondered if she had a chance in the music buisness...

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