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Ok, I'm going to try something completely different now. The academy has a wake athon! Will they last the whole night?

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Hey everyone, me again! I'm thinking of deleting "Don't Forget Me"...I'm probley heading for a trainwreck, lol. I decided to try to do another comedy. Woah, what a combination, I love writing dramtic/dark/romance and then comedy. What's even more funnier, is that I hate romance! But you never guessed that, huh? LOL

ANYWAYS, nearvous cough here's the prologue before you guys fall asleep. Thanks again for all your great reviews and ratings, you guys ROCK! Love ya all! :) Congrats on getting this board over a 100 stories!!!!

It was a cold day in the academy in early Decemeber. Even the academy was cold, and everyone where wearing their jackets inside. Everyone was assembled in the acadmys big gym for training. Delilah and Julius sat down in the chairs somewhere in the middle, near the edge of the row. Everyone was chatting, which got Julius and Delilah really annoyed.

"Why do you think Al asked us all come to the here?" asked Delilah, looking around the gym.

"What?" Cried out Julius over the shouts of laughters of the other teenagers, "What do I think about Al in his underwear?!? DELILAH, THAT'S GROSS!"

"NO! That's not what I said!" Delilah cried out in fustartion before whispering, "no use. It's too loud."

Both Al and Scarlett approched the large stand before them.

"Quiet, everyone, quiet please!" Al cried out into the mike.

When no one answered but with talking to their friends and other agents, both Al and Scarlett sighed. Scarlett went up to the mike.

"Don't make me make you guys take turns washing Al's clothes again." She warned.

Everyone shut up. Al's clothes stunk were bad. Well, more like bath robes. He had ten of the same robes.

"Thank you." Al said, taking back the mike. "Guys, you know we're all about helping others. So, we thought, why not make a fundraiser?"

"Oh, God," half whispered half muttered Julius to Delilah, "probley have to sell chocolates or something."

"What do you think this is?" Delilah asked raising her hands in the air. "Girl Guides?!?"

"Delilah Devonshire, Julius Chavalier," Al said.

Everyone looked at them, making them both blush.

"Would you mind waiting for conversation after this assembly?" Al said.

"Sorry, boss," muttered Julius and Delilah at the same time.

"Wait," Scarlett said, taking charage again. "Kittens, since you are so anxious for attention, please come up here."

Julius and Delilah walked up with their heads down, icnoring others stares. Why did Al and Scarlett always picked on them? They thought they were their favorite agents! After what seems an hour to De and J, they made it and where beside Al and Scarlett.

"Now, we're going to raise money for cancer, man!" Al said, studying Delilah and Julius as if he just met them. "We can't have you guys falling asleep on us. So, Scarlett made an invetion to prevent this."

Scarlett pulled out two small, black microchip as big as a ladybug. Delilah and Julius raised an eyebrow when Scarlett put one on the back of both their necks.

"Delilah, try to sleep." Al asked her.

"Hm?" Delilah replied, not paying attention. "I'm not tired."

"Just do it, man." Al said with his eyes piecing.

Delilah gave in, and close her eyes. She got into a relax state untill she felt a sharp pain in her neck. It felt like she got electracuted. She must have jumped or had a funny expression on her face, for everyone was laughing.

"Julius, try to take yours off, Sug." Scarlett said.

Julius isn't the brightest student, but he was bright enough to know he was probley going to get shocked.

"Uh, I believe you. I'll get shocked." Julius said with shifty eyes of nearvousness.

Delilah smirked, as she tried to pull the bug off his neck. Julius yelped, as he also got shocked. The gym bursted out with laughter. It was fun seeing the best agents of the academy getting shocked.

"Only the big man or myself can take these babies off," Scarlett explained. "So don't hurt yourselves, my Kittens."

"We will begin tomorrow. We'll have pizza, pop, everything. So, like, party on, dudes!" Al cried out, putting his two thumbs up.

Both Delilah and Julius rolled their eyes, and the gym was full of moans a groans.

Neither did they know it was going to be a night they'd always remember.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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