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Locked Up Inside

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Wake athon begins, and chaos already breaks lose!

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The time was somewhere near ten pm and already the wake athon was dull. The pizza still wasn't delieverd. Scareltt was giving heck to Al for ordering once again to a private school, and Al was complaining how the pizza should be free.

I grabbed a can of my favorite pop...rootbeer, and Delilah grabbed a diet pepsi. Her favorite pop is 7 up, I know this.

"Why'd you grab a diet pepsi? I thought you hate pepsi?" I questioned her.

Delilah shrugged, as she opened her can and sighed. "I decided to go on a diet."

"Delilah, don't," I said with concern. "You're beautiful..."

I blushed when I realized what I had said, and Delilah studied me with curiousity. Then I had a close save by saying, "the way you are."

"Thanks." Delilah replied, but of course not believing it.

"Delilah, since when did you care about what others think, or why are you going on a diet out of nowhere? Just because if you're skinny doesn't mean your beautiful."

"Julius, please..." Delilah moaned.

I decided I wouldn't talk anymore. Delilah ended it there. I kneh wow stubborn Delilah was and there was no reason to waste my breath. Ursula, Emmet and Nosey came and sat beside Delilah amd me. That was wierd, Emmet and Ursula never want to sit with us, and we never want with them. Delilah felt the same way, I could tell, but we both didn't say a word. Everyone put Delilah was eating popcorn, which bugged me. Many times I offered her some, but she only refused and gave me a stare. After the third time of asking, I just gave up.

Man, if only she saw herself the way I saw her...beautiful, unqiue, smart, and I'm nothing without her. Hell, I can't even make a cup of coffee without her. Last time I forgot to add the water. In conclusion, the coffee maker stunk just like Nosey.

Delilah stood up. "I'm going to get a blanket. I'm cold."

As soon as she left, my teeth began to hurt.

"Oh, crap," I half whispered half muttered, "I got popcorn stuck in my teeth. I'll be right back."

I walked into the washroom, leaving the door wide open, and found some dental floss. It felt much better getting it out, even though my gums were bleeding a little bit.



After I got my blanket, I realized I had to use the washroom. I quickly put down my blanket, and ran to the washroom. It took me to walk into the washroom to realize Julius was in there. I blushed.

Julius laughed. "It's ok, I just had to floss my teeth. It's better, now."



Without Delilah knowing, I was following her. Maybe she might do something stupid and I can get her back for all that she did to me. In my hand was a little purple gadge that Scarlett gave me. It makes it so the thing or person stunned by it can't moved. Perfect.

My eyebrows raised when I heard Delilah and Julius laughing in the washroom. I peeked in, to see Julius throwing away his dental floss. Delilah and Julius were defently were flirting with each other. I could see it in their eyes and body launage.

I smirked. I had the perfect idea. I quickly slammed the door shut, hearing Delilah and Julius gasp. I quickly used Scarletts device. A green line came out, and touched the door. Now it was immoblized. They were stuck in the washroom.
I bursted out laughing and ran away.



"Who shut the door?" Delilah asked me.

"When I find out you'll be the first to know," I told her.

I went to the door, and tried to open it. The door refused to budge even an inch.

"Delilah, we have a problem..."

"Yes, Julius?"

"...We're locked inside the washroom..."


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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