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...And This Is Why I Hate Ursula

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"'re telling me we're locked in the bathroom? We're spending our night in the freakin' washroom?" I cried out to Julius.

Julius sighed. "How many times are you going to ask me that? The answers not going to change."



"You know why I came into the washroom?"


"I had to use the washroom..."

"You're not using the washroom while I'm in here." Julius said firmly with embarressment in his voice.

"But I really have to go!" I moaned.

Julius sighed. "Fine. Hurry."

Julius turned on the shower water so he wouldn't have to hear me. He also plugged his ears and faced his back towards me. Man, this is embarrassing...having to use the washroom when a boy's in there with you! The one you have a crush on!

I turned Julius to face me after washing my hands and making sure I wasn't blushing. I turned Julius around, who was surprisingly more mature than I expected. I expected him to freak out like the little boy he was.

We both sighed and layed on the ground.

"Should we go bang on the doors till someone hears us?" Julius asked.

"No." I told him, then bursted out laughing. "I don't want to sound like a caged animal. And I don't mean that as a simile. You really are an animal."

Julius gave one of his famous mocking laughs as he rolled his eyes. He playfully shoved me to the ground. I pretended to be offeded by letting out a false gasp of surprise, and pushed him back. Oh, now it was on!

Julius shoved me to the ground. He then sat on my stomache, pinning down my arms. I laughed, as I kicked, trying to get free. It was useless. Julius put his face right next to mine.

"Do you give up?" He asked me.

"Never!" I cried out.

I then spat right in his face. Julius let out a grunt of discust, leaving us both laughing and play fighting. He was still on top of me.

The door slowly opened. We heard Scarlett's voice. "Children? Ursula told me the door was locked, or something, I opened it for you..."

Her mouth dropped to the floor when she saw Julius on top of me.

"It's not what it looks like," Julius said before him and me bursted out laughing.

Scarlett didn't say a word- she jsut walked out of the washroom, acting like nothing happened, which made Julius and me laugh harder.

Julius helped me up to my feet, and we got back with the rest of the gang. Before we got there, Julius and me were talking.

"Ursula told Scarlett we were locked in the washroom...she must have locked us in there, don't you think?" I asked him.

Julius chewed on the thought. "Yeah, you're probley right. We'll get her back."


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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