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A New Friend

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A kind lady has offered Theresa some clothes and hot tea when she see's her in the rain crying and tripped. Theresa now has learned a bit of sad information from her. What's going to happen next? ...

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"So my dear, can you tell me what's wrong? You were crying your hard out there." The lady took a seat next to her.

Theresa looked down at her tea, sadness struck her eyes again.

"You do not have to tell me my dear, but most people prefer talking with someone to let out the feelings." The lady put a hand on Theresa's shoulder.

"I-" Theresa bit her look now facing the woman but her eyes were concentrated everywhere else.

"Take it slowly dear." The lady gave her concerning yet listening eyes as if Theresa were her own daughter.

"Have you ever like this boy...and...and just-" She looked up and down at the lady, the woman, Maria Shepard, seemed like she was just the person Theresa could just talk to, she just calmed her down...

"A boy...oh honey, yes, I've experienced many heartbreaking and overwhelming experienced with boys." She smiled at Theresa.

Theresa smiled back. "Well I liked this one so so much! and-" The woman cut her off.

"You liked? Or you do like...?"

"I-" Her tongue got caught. Did she like him still or did like? Of course she still liked him what was she saying? She knew in her heart she still liked him, he just hurt her so much...

"I don't know anymore." She moved her eyes this way and that full of fustration.

"You know it's okay dear."

"I like him so much he gives these weird sensation in the pit of my stomache and heart." Theresa touched the place where her heart was. "My heart makes these leaping movements and I- I just can't help it but be obsessed over him. I've been obsessed about many boys...but this one...this one's completely and I mean completely hurts and it heals! I'm so confused!" To the woman it seemed like Theresa just threw herself in the air and collapsed.

But Theresa continued on. She knew this woman was all ears and Theresa just wanted someone to talk to.

"It's like I'm dying and then reliving!"
The woman wanted to know if this was teenage problems or she was just completely and alterly obsessed about a boy she might even love at suc a young age. She always thought the teenage years were the best years to fall in love, especially through all the emotions and things they go through when they're growing so fast. It was amazing to meet someone so much like her own daughter she just had to smile.

"It's like this warm sensation that makes you feel like you know you are know nothing else matters in the world...not anger...not anything. Not anything can bug you or stop you from doing anything with all this excitement and this amazing feeling..." Theresa's voice got softer now.

"Wow, dear better slow it down there..."

Theresa smiled at the woman.

She grabbed their tea and put them on the counter.

"So if you like this boy so much...what happened? Why is our heart full of pain now?"

"He hurt me...surprisingly he did...I thought he liked me too, I was wrong. My hope and faith got shattered when he said he didn't like me...and he sounded so sure it hurt. He made it sound like I was least person he'd ever like..."

"You know honey." She said washing the dishes.

"Boys do that when they really really likes a girl they sincerely love. They lie to you and everyone else...saying they do not like you when in they're very heart's they know they do. If they truely don't love a girl in return or even just like them, they would try to hurt your feelings just so you would stop liking them."

Theresa didn't want to believe this. "Sure..." Theresa said.

"That's what my daughter said too when I told her this."

Her daughter...Theresa thought. What was she like?

Maria stopped washing the dishes to go over to the shiny white fireplace. She carefully picked up a picture and handed it to Theresa.

She was a brunette, the brown where in the sun it seemed red and in the moonlight it was blonde. The girl was beautiful...her eyes were green just like Theresa's. She did sort of look like Theresa, even though they were no where near being related. The girl looked alot like her mother too, Maria. There was another part of the girl which must have been her father's hansome look. The girl seemed happy...which Theresa usually was...

"She's real pretty." Theresa said.

"She ought to be she looks just like you doesn't she?" Maria gave a smile with her compliment.

"nah...she got her charms from you...and your husband...I can see many beautiful resemblences." Theresa smiled back.

Maria had taken out some cookies and looked up with a little grin.

"Your a real sweet girl, you know that...Theresa isn't it?"

"yes...and thank you."

"It's so hard to see such a beautiful girl sad tripping on the sidewalk..."The lady started.
"If this boy is kind and would never hurt you, you of course you would like him. But when this boy wants to truely show he does not like you, there's no doubt he actually does. But if he takes this calm, he does not. Of course considering he's a kind boy he wouldn't try to hurt you."She said.

Theresa thought for a moment.

She looked at the chocolate chip cookies and back at the lady who was giving warm kind eyes and eating her cookie. Theresa took one.


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