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Go Away!

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Theresa learns a lil something from this lady...but does she believe it? How will she face Jay now, at home?

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"Thank Mrs. Shepard." Theresa said when the kind lady offered to walk her home in the warm dry clothes and coat. She was holding the umbrella for the two until they reached the brownstone door.

Theresa got in and handed the lady her coat.


"Don't worry about the clotes deary, you can keep them if you wish I have no use for them, or you may return them if you want hun." She smiled. "Please come by my house sometime just for a chat, i feel lonely sometimes...'

"For sure Mrs. Shepard."

"Thank you," She smiled real big, Theresa could see her warm happiness. "Bye dear." She waved.

"Buh-bye." Theresa waved.

"Thank you for everything Mam!" Theresa called out just before shutting the door.

She turned around and gave a warm grin.

Theresa closed the door and turned around, taking a deep breath. Jay... How could she face himm now?

"Theresa...?" She heard a voice call from the was Jay's.

Her face became furry red and she stomped up the stairs to her room, slamming the door and locking it.

"Theresa?" Jay called out wondering where she had been and questioning about...just everything that was going on with her!

He ran up the stairs and knocked on her door.


"Go away Jay!"

"Theresa, what is it? talk to me."

"No! I never want to speak to you again!!!"

Jay got stunned. What? He chocked. What did he do?

He was hurt and so confused it all didn't make sense to him.

"Ther-" He stopped and decided to turn around.


Theresa lay in her bed so hurt and annoyed...and...ERGH!!!
So couldn't stand this! She covered her head in the pillow.

She started sobbing, she hated Jay! No! She didn't hate Jay? Wait...her mind and heart was bursting! WHat was wrong with her? Teenage emotions? Why ywas her heart acting this way? She had to scream, hurt someone! Yell at someone! Hit something! She needed to let her anger let loose. But instead she remained calm and cried.
The sky outside of her window was still black and grey. The heavy rain became a storm...a big thunder noise soothed everything as Theresa cried herself to sleep.


"What's with her? And what's going on?" Atlanta asked slowly and quietly closing her bedroom door whne she heard all the commotion.

"I-..."Jay looked up at her so confused and speechless. "I-I don't know..."

Atlanta shrugged her shoulder. "There must be something wrong...what did you do?"

"That's just it, I don't know."


"Excuse me." Jay said walking away and dissapearing.

Atlanta watched him as he went away and then at Theresa's door. This was not normal, Theresa was never mad...and now at Jay? She thought she was crazy about him! She wanted to knock on her door, but decided not to and went to go find least he was one person she could talk to right now.


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