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Jolinar talks to Jack O'Neill and Teal'c.

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Jack O'Neill was the first to visit her. He dismissed the guard, and turned to Jolinar. "So, you and I got to have a little talk." He paused briefly, as if searching for the next words. "You really screwed up here, you know. I mean, you really blew it."

Jolinar shook her head, as she knew what he was doing. It might have work on a Goa'uld, so full of pride they were. "You are weak."

"Who's behind bars right now?"

"Your tactics will not work on me," Jolinar informed. They irritated her, yes, as she had her pride. It also slightly irritated her to be treated as a Goa'uld, but she had been acting as one, and was used to it from all the times she was a spy among the Goa'uld. Insulting her would not get him more information.

Tell him, Jolinar, if you are telling the truth.

No, Samantha, he would not believe me. He would only think that his tactics are beginning to work.

Jack stepped closer. "Not buying it, huh?"

"You must let me go."

Jack slowly came to a stop. ""

"You really have no idea why this is happening," Jolinar said, partly in surprise to how clueless he was, and partly to inform him there was more going on than he realized. She turned away to sit on the bed.

"And I guess you don't feel like telling me," Jack said to himself. His voice had a hint of disappointment.

Jolinar stared at him from her bed, and folded her arms to make her point.

The staring contest began.

Jolinar wasn't sure how long they stared at each other. Samantha Carter had stopped paying full attention to the staring, and was again trying to look through Jolinar's memories. All she was getting was fleeting memories, which was about all a host could get when not being aided by the symbiote. Though Jolinar didn't help her, she didn't stop her either. She was torn between wanting her host to believe her, and not wanting to share too much information about the Tok'ra.

Jolinar finally broke the silence. "Let me go." She felt Samantha return to full attention to what was going on. Jolinar stood up. "Let me go through the Stargate. I will find another host, and send your friend back to you."

"You can do that? Leave a host without killing them?"

"Yes, it is possible, but not easy. I could die, but I promise I will try."

"The Nasyan man died when you left him."

Jolinar shook her head slightly, closing her eyes in guilt of not being able to save him. She opened her eyes again. "The Nasyan man died first. That is why I left him. He was beyond my natural abilities to heal."

"What were you doing in him in the first place?"

Getting off topic. Jolinar redirected the conversation. "Carter's mind would be intact. She would return to you, as you knew her before."

Jack reacted only slightly, seeming to have some hope. "You know I can't trust you."

"I could have killed you and many others when you stopped me from going through the Stargate."

"You didn't want to die yourself."

"They would not have killed me. I am too valuable."

"Which is exactly why we'll never let you go."

No! You must! Jolinar watched as he turned away, starting to leave. She felt panicked. "I have done nothing to harm you! But you would not let me go even if you did believe me." Her thoughts went to the Ashrak. He is going to kill us! We are trapped here, and he is going to find us, and kill us! Can't stop him. They must believe me.

He won't believe you.
Samantha's voice sounded both relieved and disappointed on the same time.

Then you tell him! Jolinar pulled back control, and shared her most recent memories with her host, the memories of running from a hunter, and why she had taken control.

She first felt Samantha's shock of being given control, and sudden new memories. "Oh God!" Her host looked towards her commanding officer. "He's telling you the truth! Please, Jack."

He seemed to hesitate, giving both some hope that he might stay, but then knocked at the door.

"No, Jack, please! Don't leave me, please! Give me a chance! Don't leave me like this! Please!"

Jack left them.

Jolinar felt angry as she watched him leave. "What will it take?"


He will never believe me. He didn't even believe you. You are not surprised he had no belief that it was you? Jolinar stated the question to her host, who had been quiet since Jack O'Neill left.

Samantha's mind went over her own words, finding fault in them.

Jolinar frowned slightly. He would never believe you because you called him Jack? Jolinar inwardly cringed at her own ill-timing. The memories. If I hadn't given them to you while you were speaking, you would not have been influenced by my thoughts. Like everything lately, the fault is mine. Jolinar thought over her other options. The Jaffa.

His name is Teal'c.

Yes, Teal'c. He will have heard of the Tok'ra, and perhaps even of myself.
Jolinar stood up, and looked towards the guard. "I wish to speak with the-with Teal'c."

The guard said nothing, and opened the door, giving the message to someone else. Jolinar stood there, waiting, hoping Teal'c was still on the base.

In a few minutes, Teal'c was there. He turned to Jolinar. "You have requested my presence?"

"Jaffa, you must convince the humans to let me go."

You really think that is going to work? Samantha asked. Let me talk to him.

Jolinar had a brief thought of accidentally influencing her host into calling her friend "Jaffa," and him leaving, never to believe what she had to say either. No, but I do plan to tell him more.

"They will not let you go," the Jaffa responded.

"They are impressive. The Tau'ri have become very powerful in the time since the Goa'uld reign here. Certainly the System Lords will not allow this to go unchecked. I can provide the humans with information that can help them defend against attack."

"They are more powerful than you know. Already a Goa'uld attack on Earth has been thwarted."

Really? "Then a more powerful assault is already being planned." Memories of the attack came as Samantha thought of it after Teal'c's mention of it.

"They are not fools; they believe you are here to plant the seed of that destruction."

Jolinar stepped closer. "Not all Goa'uld are the same. There are a few that oppose the System Lords, and their ways. You must have heard of the Tok'ra."

There was no reaction on the Jaffa's face as he too stepped forward. "Every Goa'uld seeks power for his own reason, and would betray his own brother to achieve it."

He does not believe the Tok'ra exist? He must! "Some seek power for a greater purpose. Not every Goa'uld is an enemy to the people of this planet. The Tok'ra are real, no matter what Apophis has told you."

"I have yet to meet one."

"You have now. I am Jolinar of Malk-Shur." Hope he has heard of me.

The Jaffa's eyes widened slightly. He walked toward the door, and looked towards her, though in surprise or disbelieve, Jolinar did not know, but she took his seeming wanting to hurry as a good sign. It seems he has heard of me.

To be continued...

(A/N: I wanted to speak briefly about this part, to be more precise, Jolinar letting Sam out briefly. Some people believe it was Sam. Some people believe it was Jolinar acting as Sam. I watched the scene a few times before writing it, and saw evidence for both. So, read on if you are curious...

Evidence it was Sam

--It looked like a change. It seems odd for Jolinar to fake that when Jack was turned away from her.

--The words "He's telling you the truth!" Besides the Nasyan man, Jolinar has been "female" for at least a hundred years. It seems like Jolinar would refer to herself as a female even if pretending to be someone else. We also know that until Martouf told Sam otherwise, she did refer to Jolinar as a male.

Evidence it was Jolinar

--Calls Jack "Jack."

--We never saw Sam again until Jolinar was gone.

I hope I made good reasoning for Sam calling Jack "Jack" and why Sam isn't allowed out anymore.)
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