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To Destroy a Monster

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The Titans battle Changeling to end his reign of terror. But what will happen after all is said and done?

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Chapter Eleven: To Destroy a Monster...

It was early the next morning when Gar Logan, Beast Boy, woke up in his old room in Titan Tower. The sun had just come up and shown brightly in the windows. He rolled out of bed, still tired and weary from the previous night's events.

It had taken him a long time to tell his story, even longer to tell them all of Changeling's strengths and weaknesses. Still, he wasn't sure if he could do it, wasn't sure if he could face this monster that had formerly been a part of him. Still, there was a small glimmer of hope that he could face 'himself' and win.

He went out onto the rooftop and sighed, "I don't know about this," he said to himself. "I just don't know."

"There are many times when we doubt ourselves, Gar. We just have to hold on and hope for the best." He turned and saw Angel, his Raven, walking up to him.

"How are you?" he asked, looking at her.

"I'm fine," she replied.

"Since when did you become such an optimist, Raven?" he asked, somewhat teasing, she wasn't exactly one for optimism, he remembered, smiling.

"Time changes people Beast Boy, sometimes, for the better."

"Sometimes for the worst," he said. She knew what he was talking about.

"You can't blame everything on yourself, sure you made some bad choices, but none of us knew you'd go off the deep end." She sighed, "If I knew what you would do, I would have never left you." She turned away from him, "In many ways, I blame myself for what happened."

"We shouldn't blame ourselves you know," Beast Boy said.

"I know," Raven replied, "What do you think will happen to us?" she asked, looking back at him. "I don't know, Raven," he gently slipped his arm around her, "but whatever happens, I'll always love you."

"I know," Raven replied, returning his embrace. "Just promise me you'll keep yourself safe." Beast Boy smiled, "Have I ever played it safe, Raven?"

He kissed her tenderly, he ran his hands through her hair. She pulled him close and let him love her. She tilted her head slightly, giving him a smile as she pulled away.

Just then, Beast Boy's communicator went off. "Beast Boy, Changeling's been spotted," Robin's voice said.

"Where?" he asked. "Heading towards...the Brewers Cafe."

"Great, he thinks I'm there...I can't let him hurt my workers," Angel's voice was calm. "We have to go now."

"Let's get going," Beast Boy shut his communicator off and walked with Raven down into the Tower. They found Nightwing, Starfire and Cyborg ready to leave.

"It's time to end this for good," Nightwing said. "Beast Boy, I'll take Changeling-"

"No, Nightwing, I'm taking him myself. It's my responsibility. I have to take him down." Beast Boy stared at him hard. "I need you all to help me. He'll have all his elite waiting for us. I need you guys to handle them. I'll handle Changeling."

"Alright, we'll stand with you," Nightwing smiled. "For old times sake."

"Yeah," Beast Boy grinned for old times sake..." They put their hand in the center of the circle they had formed. "Once a Titan..."

Nightwing began, "Always a Titan," Beast Boy finished.

"Titans, let's go!" Nightwing ordered and they began to walk out.

This was Beast Boy's rite of passage. To atone for his misdeeds and his cruelty, he'd have to face his inner demons...

Changeling's thugs stormed the Brewers Cafe. There weren't too many customers and Kevin was behind the counter. "Whoa, what the-" he began.

Changeling grabbed him by his throat. "Where's Raven?" he demanded, squeezing his neck.

"I don't know no Raven," Kevin gagged out. "I don't know-agh, what you're taling about?!"

"Where's Angel?" he asked. "Angel?" Kevin looked shocked. "Angel hasn't come in for work...She's no here."

"You're lying!" Changeling roared. "Tell me where she is!"

"I don't...Know! Honestly, I don't!" Kevin pleaded.

"And if you did, fool. Would you tell me?"

"No," Kevin replied. Changeling threw him across the room. He fell unconscious.

"You want me Changeling?" Raven's voice boomed out, he turned and saw her standing behind him, along with someone he hoped not to see: Beast Boy. He glared at the Titans.

"So this is the last stand..."

"Yes, Changeling. This is the last stand," Raven replied simply, "It's time to take you down."

"We will see who falls the hardest." He turned to his minions, "Destroy them." They all charged the Titans.

The Titans all began running. The clash was titanic. Nightwing used his Bo Staff to smash gang members faces. Starfire relentlessly shot opponent after opponent as they tried in vain to shoot her down. Cyborg flipped and dodged an oncoming fist and used his cannon blaster to return oncoming fire. Beast Boy morphed into a tiger and began slashing his foes, slowly making his way towards Changeling. He was in an intense battle with Raven who was using her powers to hurl chairs and tables at him. The customers were smart and they made a b-line for the door as soon as the fighting started.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven roared out, smashing him with her powers. Beast Boy slammed himself into Changeling, causing him to fall. Nightwing hurled his bird-o-rangs and Changeling barely managed to dodge a well aimed blow for his head.

Cyborg, meanwhile, had teamed up with Starfire and they were blasting away at gang members, who were flying in every direction. "Ya know, guys, for bein' the worst gang in Jump City, ya'll are pretty wussy!" he blasted one and sent him across the room into the wall.

"You have messed up my hometown and now you are all going to die!" Starfire blasted them with lasers from her eyes. Eventually, they realized resistance was futile and they ran out the door.

Changeling saw his men run out the door and he charged the Titans. Raven simply side stepped him and he smashed into a wall. "Well, guys, let's finish this," Nightwing said, stepping forward. "I've got the Sonic of you've got the Boom." They both set off the Sonic Boom.

Changeling, to their horror, dodged it and attacked Beast Boy, who had morphed into a rhino. Changeling also morphed into a tiger and they smashed together with Titanic force. Changeling glared at him, "You are nothing without me!"

"It doesn't matter," Beast Boy replied. "I don't need you anymore."

"Really, Beast Boy?" Changeling scoffed, "You always were worthless."

This angered Beast Boy greatly, he morphed again, this time a rhino. Changeling morphed to, into a cheetah. They charged again, rage filling him, Gar Logan heard Changeling scream in aginy as his horn ripped through his flesh. "So how's it feel to suffer like you let others suffer?" he demanded.

"Doesn't matter," he replied, throwing him off. "Fortunately, know your weakness." Changeling hurled Gar off of him.

Gar landed on his feet and glared, "I have no weakness," he said, teeth gritted. "Oh, but you do," Changeling chuckled.

"You do." He launched himself, to Gar's surprise not at him, but at Raven, who was dealing with one of his many minions.

Raven, distaracted, didn't spot him until it was too late, he grabbed her by her throat an held her in front of Gar. "She's your weakness. Your love for her makes you weak. It would kill you to see her suffer. Your beautiful Angel."

"What do you want?" Nightwing's voice suddenly spoke, all the minions had fled and now it was just the Titans and Changeling in the cafe. "Simple, let me go, and I will let her go."

"And if we don't?" Cyborg demanded, raising his laser cannon. "Consider her dead."

"I won't let you win!" Gar shouted. "Oh, but you have," he smiled wickedly, "I've exploited your weaknesses! You both will die! Suddenly, he threw Raven across the room. Her body slammed into the wall. He jumped on Beast Boy and flesh tore open. There was ripping and tearing as both struggled to gain the upper hand. Suddenly, Cyborg and Nightwing pulled off the Sonic Boom.

It slammed into Changeling again. Gar smiled, "And I've exploited yours!"

With those final words, Beast Boy grabbed Changeling by his throat and threw him across the room, straight into Raven's black aura, sending him into the other dimension. The Titans looked around. The cafe was a mess, but they were safe.

The Iron Fist was in shambles with their leader gone and Nightwing sighed, "So much for that. Come on guys, let's get back to the Tower." He turned to Beast Boy and Raven, "You two coming?"

"We'll catch up in a little while, there's thing we have to talk about," Beast Boy explained. "Okay, we'll be waiting for you." The Titans nodded and left, leaving Beast Boy and Raven alone.
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