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Welcoming You Back

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Beast Boy asks Raven a very important question. But what will her answser be?

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Chapter Twelve: Welcoming You Back

Quick Sticky: This is not the last chappie! I'll have one more for you soon!

All was quiet inside the empty Brewer's Café. Angel quietly went about silently putting tables and chairs back in their upright position. She didn't say a word; she just kept herself busy. Gar Logan didn't take his eyes off her, he just watched her. He could bring himself to say anything. He'd let her make the first move.

"So, why'd you tell them to leave us alone?" Angel asked quietly.

"Because," Gar replied, "We need some time to ourselves."

"Oh, and what's that mean?" Angel asked, raising an eyebrow.

Gar quietly went over to her, "I think you know." He wrapped his arms around her body. "I love you, I just want to show you how I feel." Gar gently kissed her cheek, trailing them down her neck.

"Gar..." Angel voice trailed off as she stopped what she was doing. Turning around to face him, she pulled him in close to her body. His lips were warm against her skin and she enjoyed his kisses trailing down her neck.

"Shh, Angel, shh, don't say anything..." Gar whispered as his lips found hers. They kissed again, lost in the other's embrace and touch. After long minutes that seemed like eternity, they pulled away, breathless.

"So what did you want to tell me?" Angel asked, looking at him.

"I just wanted to tell you Raven my beautiful Angel that I love you more than anything and that...I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He got down on one knee and pulled out the small box. "Will you...marry me?"

Tears streamed down her face, "Gar...I don't know what to say. This is something I've always wanted...Yes, I will marry you." She reached out and pulled him to his feet.

He smiled, "Then I am the happiest man on earth!" He pulled her into another kiss.

Parting, Angel used her powers to finish cleaning up the café. She locked up the place and they walked back to Titan's Tower. They didn't say much; they both felt there wasn't much to say after what had just taken place. They entered the Tower and made their way up to the top floor where the others were waiting for them.

"So you guys finally made it!" Nightwing said smiling. "What took you so long?"

"Gar Logan..." Angel began, "has asked me to marry him." Starfire looked shocked.

"And what did you tell him?"

"I told him that I would," Angel replied.

Cyborg let out a loud whoop, "Oh yeah, Beast Boy finally popped the question. You go, boy!"

Gar blushed, "Well, that's an interesting way to put it."

"So, have you set a date?" Starfire asked.

"Not yet, we're still working on that," Gar replied. "We'll tell you when we come up with one."

Angel smiled and quietly made her way to her old room. Gar noticed and followed her. She went in and he stepped inside. "Do you want me to leave?"

"No, I'm just thinking."

"'Bout what?"

"A way to welcome you back."

He gave her smile, "I think I can come up with a few suggestions." A smile played across his lips, he pulled her close, she smiled back.

"I thought this would be a perfect way to welcome you back." She kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth, tasting him filled her with a pleasant feeling. Gar responded to the gesture, his tongue dueling hers with intensity.

It wasn't until they pulled away, lungs screaming for air, that Angel finally asked, "Have we set a date?"

"No, when would you want to?"

"A year?"

"I can't wait that long!" Gar looked exasperated.

"Six months?" Angel asked.

"I can wait six months, if that means that I'll have you for the rest of my life." Gar held her quietly.

"You'll always have me Gar, don't you know that?" "Yes, I know that," he replied. "Let's go tell the others."

Six months came and went faster than Gar thought possible. The wedding day was here. His new life could actually begin now. For six months he had spent his time undoing the damage that Changeling had inflicted on Jump City. He felt he owed it to all the people he had hurt and so he hunted down the remaining Iron Fist members and brought them to justice.

He looked in the mirror and straightened out his old Teen Titans uniform. He felt it was appropriate that he and Raven marry in their uniforms, if only to reminisce over the time they had had together before they drifted apart. He sighed and walked out to all his friends waiting for him.

Cyborg and Nightwing were the Best Men, Starfire was Raven's maid of Honor and the citizens of Jump City were there in droves to see the "Wedding of the Century," as the papers called it.

He stood quietly, waiting for Raven to come down the isle. She looked so beautiful, and he'd never been happier in his life. He decided if he died right then, there would be no one more happy than him. Now he had everything he ever wanted.

They both recited the wedding vows and then the preacher said to him, "Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife." Gar paused for a second, and looked deeply into Angel's eyes, "I do."

The man turned and asked her he same question. "Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Angel returned his gaze. "I do," she answered.

"Then I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride. Gar did this with a passion and the crowd voiced its approval. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Mister and Misses Garfield Logan!"

With that, husband and wife walked, smiling down the isle. Life was complete now. They'd found each other at last. The day was over. A new life began for both of them.
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